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Added: 17/04/2006 - 04:59PM
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Last updated at 16:56, 20 Nov 2007 Uploaded at 16:59, 17 Apr 2006

This is a utility for viewing the files contained within an oblivion bsa archive and unpacking them.

This utility requires .NET 1.1.

This is a standalone version of the BSA browser from obmm 0.6 beta 2. In order to target .NET 1.1 instead of 2.0, a couple of minor features have been cut out. See the readme for details.

To use, just run the exe file. Click open and select the bsa archive you want to extract. A list of files contained within the archive will be displayed. You can extract a single file by double clicking on it, extract multiple files by selecting them and then clicking extract, or extract the whole archive by clicking extract all. You can also sort the files contained in the archive using the combo box to the right. Select the variable you wish to sort by, and click sort. (It isn't kept sorted automatically, because otherwise it takes several minutes to open large BSA archives, such as the compressed textures archive.)