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Added: 10/04/2010 - 03:12PM
Updated: 24/04/2010 - 05:36AM

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Last updated at 5:36, 24 Apr 2010 Uploaded at 15:12, 10 Apr 2010

UPDATE: I've removed all support for NPC spell deflection, which didn't work anyway. I'll be fixing it soon, but since I have it improved and all that, I thought I would upload it so people could use the better version sooner rather than later. The block skill improvement from deflecting is also removed, but I'll also add that back once I get it working. The file uploaded now works perfectly for just the player deflection of spells, and is more reliable than it was before.

Future plans include adding full support for NPC spell deflection, where they will actively deflect spells based on their skills, instead of it just being a coincidence, straightforward block skill experience, and a system for deflecting spells by hitting them mid-flight with your weapon, which will improve that weapon's respective skill, which NPCs will also use(Although rarely, and based on their skills, to keep balance) It is planned to have full support for everything included, so companions will be able to deflect spells with their shield or by attacking the projectile, and gain experience from it, as well as enemies. It's my belief that a mod should be as complete and bugfree as possible.

This mod allows you to deflect spells using a shield reliably.

Using it is very simple. Get a strong shield, with an armor rating above 12. Block an incoming magical spell, and it will deflect. Your position, and the position of the magic that was cast, factor into where the deflected spell goes. It's very easy to get the hang of, and in tougher fights with spell casters, extremely useful.

Your shield will be damaged based on your block skill. At block level 80+, your shield will be damaged by one durability with each spell cast, whereas below level 20 in block will give you 25 damage to your shield.

(Not included in this current version)The more you deflect, the higher your block skill will get. 100 deflects at below level 20 in block will increase your block skill by one, from 20-40, it takes 200 blocks to increase your block skill, from 40-60, it takes 400, from 60-80, it takes 600, and from 80-100, it takes 800. This is separate from your block skill progress bar.(Not included in this current version)

(Not included in this current version)This should also work with npcs, who will be able to deflect your magical attacks, but that happening is mostly coincidence, still it is very cool to play pong with a dangerous fireball.(Not included in this current version)

No conflicts with my 218 mods.

Load order shouldn't matter. Put it somewhere in your other script mods.

Use this mod however you wish, in your own mods, on other sites, etc. Modify, redistribute, whatever you like. You don't have to mention me, or give me credit - That's not what modding is about. Use this however you see fit. You download it - It's yours. I don't have anything included in this mod that marks it as my own in any way.