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Murias359 aka MorannMacKay made a video featuring "Mondstein". Thank you so much!


Name: Mondstein - female companion
Author: Mondstein
Version: 1.0
Date: 10. April 2010
Category: Companions other

This is the Read Me

Mondstein is back. This time she will accompany you and fight by your side against the hordes of evil. She is a talented witch and defeats those, who oppose her, with fire and ice. Always at her side is Clover, a cute little pig and her best friend.


- she has now facial expressions
- added a world model for her dress
- she has a battle voice now
- now you can tell her to summon/unsummon Clover
- I reduced the absorb magicka enchantment (10 points instead of 50) of her dagger
- you don't need to recharge her weapon anymore

If you have installed version 1, remove the .bsa and the .esp before installing version 2.


- I am working on her dialogue lines right now. She will comment on the weather, the quests you are doing, the places you visit, people you meet etc.


You can find Mondstein in Olav's Tap and Tack in Bruma.


Mondstein is a female companion.


She will follow you casual, armed or armed and stealthy (as you command her). She will wait for you (in casual wear; wandering around a bit) and stand guard (in armor, if you give her one; not wandering).

Home and Sleeping

You can show Mondstein her home and where she can spend her spare time (these commands will place markers, so she knows always where she has to go, if you send her home). If you send her home, she will perform random daily routines.

You can also tell her to sleep (she will do this either in underwear or nude; this depends on the body mod version you have installed) She will use any bed that is empty and not owned. If there isn't a bed available or she simply can't use it, she will wander around (so giving her a sleep command in this situation is not a good idea).
If you wake her and check her inventory, it will be empty. If you tell her to follow you or if you wait till she wakes up on her own or if you summon her and ask her to follow, she will get dressed and her inventory is back again.


In combat she will use her enchanted dagger (absorb magicka; I deleted the weapon shader, so if you have a weapon with an absorb magicka enchantment it won't have a weapon shader anymore) or ranged spells to fight her enemies.

Mondstein will level with the player. Her pig Clover is always 3 levels below the player and can only reach level 30.

Mondstein, Clover and Aramis are marked essential (this means, that they won't die, they will just get knocked out and are back up in a few seconds) and ignore friendly hits in a fight. They are also 100% immune against poison, disease and magic and can breath underwater.


You have full access to her inventory. She will never get over encumbered.


Before you enter a Oblivion gate or any other gate (for example the gate to the Shivering Isles), tell her to wait, go alone through the gate and summon her. Otherwise she will loose her inventory. Repeat the procedure (or send her home), before you leave.

In the arena: summon her and re-summon her once you leave.

Other Functions

She will sit down, when you sit (if there is an empty chair).
She will go into sneak mode, when you sneak.
She can cast several spells: restoration (target and self) and fire/ice target spells.
When you first meet her, you get a spell to summon Mondstein.
Mondstein will summon her red toy-horse Aramis (named after one of the three musketeers) when you mount your horse.

Since she has no facial expressions (I didn't like her smile, it looks awful with the head mesh) I decided against voicing her.

Very important: Put her always last in load order.


1. Extract the files to a temporary location.
2. Examine the folder structure and make corrections where necessary.
3. Copy files to (install folder)\Oblivion\Data\
4. Start Oblivion Launcher, click 'Data Files', place a checkmark beside the .esp file.


1. Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the .esp file(s).
2. Delete the files/folders associated with the mod.


Oblivion Patch

HGEC female body replacer


Clover - the lucky pig (you don't have to deactivate this mod, when you activate "Mondstein - female companion", because the pigs have different Reference Editor ID's).
Play "Clover the lucky pig" before you start with "Mondstein - female companion". Otherwise the dialoges won't make any sense.

Sensual Walks for female NPCs This mod is sensual walks ready. So if you want Mondstein's walk to be hot as hell, please install this mod.


"Oblivion Improved" causes massive problems. If you want to play "Mondstein - female companion" please uninstall "Oblivion Improved" completely.

Known Issues or Bugs


If you should find something, please tell me, so I can fix it.


You can contact me on Tesnexus or Tesadventures (Username "Mondstein"). Please put "Mondstein" in the subjectline.

Credits and thanks to ...

Sultericdrums - he gave me the permission to use his "Stoker Wolff" as a base for this mod (incl. AI)

Shavn - for the AI engine Mondstein is using
Jumonji and ThePriest - Mondstein's AI is based on their work

mbass - for creating the awesome clover leaf mesh

Mr_Siika - for his farm animal resource
Ssenkrad and CorePc - for the sound
AlienSlof - for her horses

Xenius - for the beautiful Daywalker race and the Moon Elf eye texture
Navetsea - for the original body textures
Throttlekitty - for the Head06 resource
CapsAdmin - for the Lattamer textures and PSD resource
Sinblood - for the white teeth textures
Scanti - for the merged mouth and teeth and the blank EGT resource
Navetsea - for the body textures
Ren - for the eye meshes and hair meshes and textures
Exnem - for the Female EyeCandy Body
RAIAR - for the HGEC Body

Sulpyun - for the facial expressions fix

NPR - for the Amy AM Set
Geechan - for making the black Amy AM outfit playable
Hentai - for the dark rose armor
Retma - for the original bare shoulder dresses
mkat101 - for the conversion of these dresses to HGEC

Gizmodian - for the Vicious Heart dagger

Surazal - for the permission to make this mod sensual walks ready
Mur_Zik, Umpa, Alien Slof - for the walk animation

Edgar Allan Poe - for his poem "The Raven"
Keshyngul - for KORE Modders Resource Book

Chingari - for betareading
XTR3M368 - for betatesting, proofreading the dialogues and placing the idea in my head that Mondstein would be a great companion
Wolfy - for betatesting

Obsidiandawn - for the Arcane Circles brushes

Bethesda Softworks - for creating Oblivion and the CS
NIF File Format Library and Tools - for Nifskope
Mental Elf - for TES4Files
lHammonds - for the Readme Generator

Also thanks to all on TESAdventures for their help and support.

If I have forgotten to give you credits, please send me a PM and I will put your name immediately on the list.

Tools Used

TES Construction Set
Wrye Bash
Readme Generator

GIMP Normal Map Plugin


Do not redistribute or port this mod (to other games) without asking me for permission first.

If you want to use something from this mod, please read the Licensing/Legal terms of the original authors and do what is stated there.

The textures I created are free to use, just give me credits.

Characters, storyline and story are copyrighted by me. You are not allowed to use these, unless I give you permission. You also need my permission, if you want to alter the characters/dialogues/storyline/story or translate this mod.

Author's Note

Don't ask me to change anything on Mondstein or her story, because I won't do it.


Use this mod at your own risk! Don't blame me, if it blows up your computer.

Last but not least

Pictures (I would love to see screenshots of her adventures) and comments are much appreciated.
Don't upload your pictures twice, when they don't show up immediately. I have to verify them first.

Thank you for downloading and have fun!