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Added: 06/04/2010 - 05:01AM
Updated: 06/04/2010 - 05:12AM

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Last updated at 5:12, 6 Apr 2010 Uploaded at 5:01, 6 Apr 2010

Requires Oblivion to be patched to the newest version and the Shivering Isles expansion.

Players can explore the Underground Empire in the wake of the first explorer searching for six treasures. While not a complete remake of the original game, the Zork Mod boasts a good number of characters and locales found in the original. Players who are familiar with Zork should be able to navigate the mod with relative ease - although a map of the maze will sure come in handy!

Start the adventure by fast traveling to the Zork location on your map. The quest is given once you check the mailbox. This mod requires you to not use outside items, lightsources, or nighteye effects because these may break the immersion and experience. We have included a script to remove all non-quest items at the start of the adventure for you. Please make a back-up save before accepting if you wish to keep your items!

Since this is in beta there are a few issues. Balancing hasn't been thoroughly finished, and therefore some monsters may be too powerful/too weak at this point. The cyclops escape animation still needs polish, as do many other aspects.

One last note: this is not a typical Oblivion mod, and therefore should not be treated like one. You won't get rich, find gamebreaking items, or amass a lot of experience. This mod is meant for those who wish to see a throwback to the original game. With that in mind I hope you enjoy!