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Adds 4 new Unique shops and Merchants to the Market District

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Clintmichs Market District Merchants

This mod adds 4 Unique Merchants and shops to the Market District.


1. Fire and Steel Armors-sells unique and enchanted armor

2. The Sharpest Blade-Sells unique and enchanted weapons

3. An Alchemist's Paradise-Sells all ingredients from Tamriel and the Shivering Isles,a few potions and all apparatus's

4. Master Magic- sells all Master level Spells


1. Copy the esp. file into the oblivion/Data directory

2. Merge the Meshes and Texture files with oblivions Meshes and texture files located in the oblivion directory

3. Check off the new esp in the Data folder when you start your game. Or Check it off in oblivions mod manager if you use that.

4. Enjoy



This mod requires the Shivering Isles expansion


Special thanks to Exanimis for the Genericsigns resource
and Mojodajojo for the Alchemist Sign Resource

version 1.0