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Twenty-eight additional quests for members of the Order of the Virtuous Blood after the vanilla quest ends. Kendrel the Vampire Huntress, OVBE - Order of the Virtuous Blood Expanded, and Caldera Update merged in. Compatible with Bloodlines.

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This mod expands the Order of the Virtuous Blood by adding 28 additional quests which become available after you have beaten the vanilla Order of the Virtuous Blood side-quest.  This mod is the result of merging "Vampire Hunting - Order of the Virtuous Blood", "Kendrel - The Vampire Huntress", "OVBE - Order of the Virtuous Blood Expanded," and "Caldera Update." Three mods about the Order of the Virtuous Blood and a Morrowind mod where some of the action is going to take place after mod construction is finished.  It has been revised to make it compatible with "Bloodlines."  khamuy made a patch to make it compatible with "StarX Vanilla Vampires Revised." There are new NPCs, playable Ordinator armor, wooden stake weapons, additional dialog, a system to sell vampire dust in large quantities more rapidly, more books, and lots more vampires in the world.

Cyrodiil is suffering from a plague of vampirism.  With the Oblivion crisis, the attentions of the authorities have been focused elsewhere, and things are starting to get badly out of hand.  You may encounter vampires at night on isolated country roads, and even walking the streets of the cities.  There are customized boss-level vampires the quests will lead you to seek out and destroy.

Vampire hunting is not without its risks.  It really isn't safe to get infected with porphyric hemophilia over and over.  You must have a pure heart and a steadfast resolve if you are to avoid turning into one of the things you are fighting so hard against.  If the work does not destroy your body, it still might destroy your mind and your soul.  But if nobody is willing to take the risks and make the sacrifices, things may become very bad for Cyrodiil indeed.  

This mod provides an amazing amount of play-time.  The last full play-test logged 45 hours of in-game time on a brand new character who fast traveled a lot and sometimes ran past enemies rather than fighting in order to quickly reach the quest targets.

To start the vanilla quest "Order of the Virtuous Blood," which you must complete before playing the mod, you must achieve a fame rating of five (5), go to the Imperial City Temple District, and talk to Ralsa Norvalo.  The new quests in this mod are what come after the vanilla quest.  After the vanilla Oblivion side quest, talk to Roland Jenseric to find out about the new quests.         

If you have already completed the "Order of the Virtuous Blood" quest at the point when you activate the mod, you just need to go to the headquarters of the Order of the Virtuous Blood in Seridur's Basement and talk to Roland Jenseric.  Roland keeps a schedule, and is only there during certain hours.  So if you don't see him, you might have to wait for him.         

To start the quest with Kendrel the Vampire Huntress you must not be a vampire, must be level 10 or higher, must have completed the 'Order of Virtuous Blood' quest, and must have joined the Order at its end. The quest will kick in after about 10 days have passed.         

In this quest, the player receives a letter from the Order of Virtuous Blood written by Gilen Norvalo, in which he asks for help again. He says that a famous vampire hunter came from Morrowind and contacted them by way of his daughter, telling them that he discovered that a cult of vampires, related to the Quarra Bloodline, is reuniting with its leader, a powerful and cruel vampire which once threatened the existence of the entire Imperial City. The vampire hunter's daughter said that the pack of vampires he was tracking brought him to Cyrodiil, but not knowing the land, he eventually lost their trail and needed help. Since Gilen, Grey-throat, and Jenseric are too weak to fight vampires themselves, Gilen decided to send the player a letter, asking for him to deal with this situation. The vampire hunter's daughter is waiting for the player at the Tiber Septim Hotel.         

This quest is a humble but honest homage to Joss Whedon's iconic TV series "Buffy the  Vampire Slayer."  It is an effort to create a lore-friendly story and pay tribute to the TV show.The intent was to create an atmosphere that could be related to the series in its sense of humor,flavor, and style.  

To start the OVBE quests, you must complete the vanilla "Order of the Virtuous Blood" quest,sell ten units of vampire dust to Roland, wait one day, and then go visit both Roland and Gilen in the headquarters of the Order.  

To start the six newest Vampire Hunting - Order of the Virtuous Blood quests, talk to Roland after you have recruited four people in the "Happy Hunting" quests.  He will tell you who you need to talk to in order to receive the first of the quests in this new series.  If you update to this new version from an old one, you can go do these quests anytime after you have recruited four people in the "Happy Hunting"quests, even if you have beaten all the quests in the old version of the mod. 
This mod uses vanilla voiced dialog as well as custom silent lip-synced dialog.         

This mod uses a lot of minimally modded vanilla locations across Cyrodiil.  The adventures will take you many places all over the map.  There are also two Morrowind worldspaces included.         

Instructions on where to look for the vampires can be rather vague.  After all, the vampires avoid being seen and don't want to be found.  So you may have to visit several dungeons before you find the right one.  The mod was designed this way on purpose.  There will not always be a quest marker on your compass bar leading you around like a puppy on a leash.  If you really can't find the right dungeon or are in a big hurry, you can refer to the spoiler document which is included with the download.         

The mod adds a player-owned non-respawning chest to the headquarters of the Order of the Virtuous blood.  You will be visiting the headquarters at the beginning and end of each quest, so it is handy to have a place to stow your stuff.         

The containers in Vando Manor do not respawn and are safe to store your belongings in.                 

This mod is compatible with Bloodlines   http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=14601 You will need the patch available at the download point of this mod.   

The vampires have been set to be compatible with OOO.  Attempts have been made to make the Cheydinhal Mage Guild compatible with OOO.