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This MOD simply changes the texture and 3 meshes of the Forge.

Permissions and credits

This MOD simply changes the texture and 3 meshes of the Forge.


Copy the Textures and meshes folder to your Oblivion\Data folder.

After that, "ArchiveInvalidation" is done by using OBMM.

changes the textures List:

Anvil Castle Blacksmith Quarters
Anvil Morvayns Peacemakers (& meshe)
Bruma Hammer And Axe (& meshes)
Cheydinhal Fighters Guild Basement
Chorrol Fighters Guild Basement
Chorrol Fire And Steel (& meshes)
Cloud Ruler Temple Armory
Skingrad Fighters Guild Basement
Skingrad Hammer An dTongs Basement

and, the some fireplace and forge.

Weather - All Natural Fixed:

This File is Natural Interiors meshes Fixed. If "All Natural" is used, This File is used.

If "All Natural" is 0.9.9 befor version, "chorrolhousemiddle09interior.nif" that exists in the main file is used.

Use limitation:

Weather - All Natural Fixed File:
Please do not modify without permission of this MOD, and do not redistribute it.


Thanks to Brumbek.
He is the current developer of All Natural with Natural Interiors meshes (anvilhousemcinterior03.nif,brumahousemiddle4int.nif,chorrolhousemiddle09interior.nif).

Version History:

1.1 Changed the interiors meshes and Textures.
- Anvil Morvayns Peacemaker
- Bruma Hammer And Axe
- Chorrol Fire And Steel

1.0 Initial Release.