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A spell that will heal specific people, regardless of distance, no targeting required.

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****You must do a cleansave if upgrading from version 0.75****

Name: Heal Companion
Version: 0.85
Date: 6/10/2010
Category: Spell/Miscellaneous
Author: Joben


Oblivion 1.2.416
Oblivion Script Extender v0018 beta 2 or later.
Homepage: http://obse.silverlock.org


A spell that will heal specific people, regardless of distance, no targeting required.

This mod gives you a spell and 3 special gems.

You give the gems to companions, when you cast the spell the companion(s) holding the gems get healed.
It's a 'smart' spell. You don't need to aim at them, and you don't need to touch them.
It won't waste your magicka healing a companion that already has full health; it only heals the wounded.

When you cast the spell it checks each companion with a gem.
If they're not at full health it spends your magicka to heal them and cure Paralysis if they have it.
It will repeat this process until they are fully healed, you run out of Magicka, or the spell ends.

The total amount time the spell lasts depends on your Restoration skill (4 seconds max).
The healing is divided up among the companions based on how much each of them needs.
So if one is severely injured, it will all go to him. If three are injured it will be spread among them.

Known Issues:

Weirdness may occur, particularly if Fortify Health effects are added or removed it may confuse the script. If are messed up it should get fixed when you sleep. If it doesn't, come tell me about it.


6/10/2010 - Tweaks

Increased spell cost somewhat.
Each gem is a different color now for no particular reason.
Misc. script optimizations.

3/13/2010 - ReWrite

Can heal up to 3 companions
Better magicka cost handling, drains magicka as it heals, stops healing if you run out.
Does not waste magicka on a companion with full health

3/10/2010 - 0.75 - Initial Releases


Joben @ TES Alliance, or the Bethsoft boards
SrJoben @ the Nexus


Thanks to Bethesda for creating Oblivion.
Thanks to InsanitySorrow, HeyYou and WillieSea for the help and suggestions.