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Add a variety of new resources for anyone to use.

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Name: Crimson Covenant - Resources
Version: 1.0
Date: 3/2/2010 7:46:51 PM
Author(s): Crimson Covenant

Adds many new types of resources.

Bear Rugs:
Adds a Black Bear Rug, Polar Bear Rug, Grey Bear Rug, Dire Brown Bear Rug, Dire Black Bear Rug, Light Brown Bear Rug, and a Brown Bear Rug.

Farm Objects:
Adds a new pitchfork and hoe. Apple Crate, Orange Crate, Potato Crate, Eggplant Crate, Mango Crate, Cucumber Crate, Cantaloupe Crate, Grapefruit Crate, and an empty crate.

Druid Staffs:
Adds 6 druid staff each with a different color.

Unique Shields:
Adds 2 new shields.

Townguard Armor:
Adds the Symbol Armor and the Phoenix Armor with shields.

Ore Veins:
Adds Ebony, Glass, Adamantium, and Stalhrim Veins. Also includes the Gems to go with the Veins.

Boat Ramp:
Adds a ramp like the one used in Morrowind.

Dragon Eggs:
Adds 5 different colored dragon eggs. The colors should come close to the colors of the dragons created by SaidenStorm

Hammers: Adds 1 unique hammer as of now.

Feel free to use any of these resources however you want.

TES 4 Oblivion

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Must be put in using the CS

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Crimson Covenant

Feel free to upload your images. We would love to see what you can do with these resources.