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Makes seven of the Vanilla wells accessible.

Permissions and credits
The Well Diver 1.2(4)

3. What does it do and where to begin?
5. Credits

1. Requirements: Latest Oblivion patch + The Shivering Isles plugin
2. Extract\copy the files into your Oblivion\Data directory (default:C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data)
check the WellDiver.esp in the oblivion launcher (or whatever custom launcher you might be using)
3. This plugin adds seven (since version 1.2) multileveled dungeons with some custom creatures.
To find out where this dungeons are situated, go to City-Swimmer's house in Bravil and read the book "The Well Diver".
This Mod aims to be lore-friendly, so you won't run into any green bearded dwarves or earthly divinities.
4. This mod doesn't alter any landscapes (except replacing static wells with accessible ones) so it should be compatible with almost any other mod. WITH ONE EXCEPTION:
There's a conflict between the Ayleid Steps and this mod concerning the well at Gottshaw in. I released a quickfix esp, that will hopefully work. I cannot confirm since I don't personally use Ayleid Steps.

5. Credits for resources:
MrSiika - Rock and Cave meshes, Durzogs, Bats
Meo - Settlement resources, basement set
elveon, Malo, mikal3, AlienSlof - Tarantula
Cryonaut (model edit / rigging), Xmarksthespot (UVmapping), Grimeath (texture) - Big Spider
Da Mage - Mine Rails
Xiamara - Sofas and pillows
Phitt - Old School Dungeon Set, Loreless creature pack
Najaknevrec and Gizmodian - Underdark Robes
Usher - Daedric Ruins
Demonizzer - Masks
Kafei - Circlets
Nicoroshi - Talon of Akatosh (Chrysamere Mesh)
Alasdair - Nordic Tombs
Ancestral Ghost - Skeleton helmets
Darkness Eternal - Canopies
Andragorn - adventurer's cuirass (SHDW retextured)
Darkninja - Skull candle
Dianne - Skull pile

My deepest apologies if anyone who deserves credit is not mentioned here. This mod would be nothing without the hard work of some very talented modellers. And big thanks for Phitt for pointing out some of the bugs and glitches found in the earlier versions.

This mod is to be freely translated to other languages and it can be implement into other mods as long as they are properly credited.
Changelog 09.04.2010
Added three more wells + fixed some bugs in the previous ones

01 - 07.01.2011
One well added (1.2).
Fixed the fog values and removed some dirty (yet unharmful) edits and lowered the uber-stats for the chrysamere. Entering the wells should be considered tresspassing now. (1.22).