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This mod populates Cyrodiil’s waters with the fish resources created by Sjors Boomschors, they have been edited to work along with the Alive Waters mod by Windsurfer. Includes Fishing Fix by Caxton, this script fix enables fish from AW and Fish! to be caught with The Player Fishing Mod by Sarkandar.

Permissions and credits
(re-release by request)
To get the most from this mod please download AliveWaters
and the Player Fishing Mod
to see the fish better I like the Blue Lagoon Water mod

Or as an alternative:
Fish is now available as part of a merged omod called "Fishing in Cyrodiil" which includes AliveWaters the Player Fishing Mod and several fixes, this omod is an optional download provided for convenience if you would like to reduce clutter, it requires no other downloads and if you wish to use it uninstall the stand alone versions of the mods first.

Just to be sure users understand the files, a description:

Main file: the stand alone version of Fish that includes the floating fish bugfix, can be used alone or with AliveWaters and the Player Fishing Mod.

Old file: this is the original version of Fish without the floating fish bugfix

Update file: this is the floating fish bugfix, only need this if you use the old file

Optional file: this is the newest version of Fish which includes AliveWaters and the Player Fishing mod, if you use this you don't need any of the other files or mods

Hope this helps;)

Current users please post your screens, votes and endorsments are appreciated, thankyou.

EDIT* Corepc brought to my attention that the issue of floating fish had been resolved in the MMM version so I have updated this version as well, users can download the new omod or an updated esp.

This mod is intended for non MMM users, do not use with Diverse Waterlife.

Fish v1.1

This mod populates Cyrodiil's waters with the fish resources created by Sjors Boomschors and can be best described as an addon for Alive Waters by Windsurfer. The mod is fully functional without AW but you're missing a lot if you don't use it. (optional version "Fishing in Cyrodiil" includes the full version of AliveWaters)

Version History
V1.0 - initial release
V1.1 - removes unnecessary files, general clean up, adds 2 new sizes of catfish to LL so optional esp no longer needed
v1.1 esp update - added Fishing Fix by Caxton, this script fix enables fish from AW and Fish! to be caught with The Player Fishing Mod by Sarkandar.

-Added ingredients to the SB fish and set the ai packages to match AW.
(the fish share the same script)
-Added the fish to AW compatible leveled lists.
-Added some ingredients to vendors.

Mod now contains 41 fish and ingredients. Most fish have a fillet, some have scales, fins or a poison.
(please don't complain about the alchemical effects, if you don't like em change em!)
Fresh water fish spawn in the rivers and streams, saltwater fish near the Gold Coast and south of Leyawiin
(optional version "Fishing in Cyrodiil" includes all the fish from AliveWaters bringing the total number of fish well over 50!)

Included fish:
-Black Moor
-Blue Marlin
-Cherry Salmon
-Dolly Varden
-Flathead Mullet
-Giant Guitarfish
-Humpback Red Snapper
-Large Mouth bass
-Leopard Shark
-Mangrove Red Snapper
-Bluefin Tuna
-Weather Fish
-Angel shark
-Rainbow Trout
-Red parrotfish
-Sandbar shark
-Skipjack Tuna
-Three Spined Stickleback
-White Spotted Char
-Yellowfin Goby
-Yellowfin Tuna
-Yellowtail Clownfish

You might get warnings about file overwrites when you install this with AW it's ok a few identical files exist in both mods, namely the ai script, the fillet nif and icon.
Sometimes you might need to swim around a bit before you will see any fish, take my word for it there are a lot of em.
Also on occasion you might see a fish lying on its side, when you get closer it will perk up and take off.
And lastly a note on performance, I have a very modest pc and little trouble running this mod as well as AW so unless your pc is ancient go ahead and give it a shot, you won't be sorry!
I'll leave the fish and their ingredients for you to discover.
The Player Fishing mod by Sarkandar will now work with Fish! and Alive Waters, as with real fishing catching fish in game takes time and practice, read the fishing mod instructions
carefully and keep trying it will work.

OMOD Format
Please use archive invalidation!
I also recommend using the Wrye Bash bashed patch.
Use at your own risk!

All credits go to:
Sjors Boomschors - fish resources
Windsurfer - ingredient nifs & icons, ai script and LL spawnpoints
Caxton - script fixes
All I did was adjust the ai and add the fish and their ingredients to the world.

Have fun!