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A war mod.

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Did you want to fight the battle of Kvatch before the hero of Kvatch arrives? Now you can. You can be a swordsman, archer, use a mace, or just use your magic spells. This is a war mod. What happens is that you will be apart of the Kvatch Army and fight the daedra. Once a guard or daedra dies they will respawn at a random spot. The battle will never end. It is like Firefight from Halo. To start this mod you will get a spell added to you when you load your saved game and just cast it to start the battle. Then you will be in Kvatch and all the items on you will be removed and you will get your Kvatch Armor, longsword, bow with 50 arrows and a mace. Then fight the battle. You must be at level 10 or higher to use this mod. If you do not have a saved game that is at level 10 or greater you can download the Kvatch Guard saved game.

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