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This is a large dungeon based on the Scarlet Monastery in World of Warcraft, complete with accurately scripted boss battles and fine loot from the bosses and occasional rare drops from trash mobs. All 4 wings are included, plus exterior & vestibule.

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The Scarlet Monastery

This is a large dungeon based off of the Scarlet Monastery in World of Warcraft, complete with scripted boss battles and fine loot.


Oblivion Patch 1.2.416 (Found at here.)
(Bring your own sword, mace, staff, flail, double-bladed battleaxe)

The dungeon has all four wings of the monastery, accurately named mobs, and plenty of miscellaneous things for you to stab. The entire dungeon (4 dungeons) is recreated as closely to WoW as possible, with some thing slightly wrong due to me trying to keep filesize down by using Oblivion parts. Also included: My (decidedly pitiful) attempts at creating new sets of armor and clothing! It includes two sets of armor, and three new robes, as well as a special cuirass for Mograine. The boss battles have been scripted to the best of my abilities and as closely to the real thing as possible: Whitemane will stun you and rez Mograine, Herod's death brings on the swarm, etc. Outside is a Stone of Reset, so you can run the dungeon over and over again (If you're one of those people who have to see all the possible boss drops).

The entrance is right beside Sercen Camp. Check the screenshots for more information. Literally, Sercen Camp is right down the hill beside it.

This should be compatible with all mods that don't modify the area near Sercen Camp.
-Incompatible with the Dremora Companion mod. Use the alternate .esp available for download if you use that.
-Not incompatible with UL as far as I've heard.

1.0 Released
1.1 Changed the class of one of the mobs
1.2 Removed lighting in the GY mausoleum
1.3 Adjusted boss difficulty, changed Bloodmage Mantle to actual shoulderpads, added collision boxes to certain places, and other stuff,
1.4 Added Mental's Mograine's Might mesh to the mod,and altered it to make it 2 handed.
1.5 Fixed the graveyard lag? Also corrected some normal issues

The Mograine fight may become buggy if you really try to find a way to mess it up, but if you stay near Mograine and near the altar, it'll work perfectly. Also, my WoW account timed out months before I started this, so I'm reliant on Google images. Please, no complaints on "This should be 2-handed!"