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== Phitt's Artifacts V1.1==

I felt that the loot you find in dungeons is quite boring. The only interesting things you ever find are weapons and armor. But you can only wield one weapon and you can only wear one armor. The better your equipment becomes, the less likely it is that you find new equipment that is better than what you currently use, especially when using mods. So what else can you find? Potions, scrolls, ingredients and soulgems are useful, but not really exciting. Other than that all you find is random clutter like paintbrushes or calipers. Neither useful nor exciting.

This mod attempts to change that. Now you can find 26 different artifacts, each with a unique effect, in 43 different dungeons (some artifacts exist more than once, but most are unique) all over Cyrodiil. All artifacts are miscellaneous items - no weapons, no armor, nothing you can equip, drink or eat.

Since I don't want to spoil the fun I won't tell you what they do or where they are in this readme. If you fight your way through the dungeons of Cyrodiil you will find an artifact from time to time, then you need to find out yourself what it does. They are hidden, but I didn't choose any spots where it is almost impossible to find them. Just keep your eyes open and you shouldn't have any problems finding them.

I plan to add new artifacts as time goes by, so if you have a good idea and know how to script it I would appreciate your help.

If you can't wait to grab the artifacts and want to spoil the fun in finding them the regular way you can either read the PTArtifacts_Spoilers.txt, which has a description of each artifact along with the location listed, or you can use the console to teleport to a cell I made for testing that contains duplicates of all artifacts. To do so type 'coc PTADummyCell' in the console. If you teleport to that cell make sure you don't kill the naked guy and the rat in there, else it will break some of the scripts.

= Installation =

Put the PTArtifacts.esp and the PTArtifacts.bsa into your Oblivion\Data folder. Check the esp in the data files section of the launcher. To uninstall remove the two files.

= Changelog =

v1.0 - initial release

v1.1 - added three new artifacts, two unique and one that can be found more than once
- fixed a possible bug with the Board of Elevation

= Compatibility =

This mod adds items to vanilla dungeons. Mods that alter vanilla dungeons may make it impossible to find the items since the place where I put them may not exist anymore.

= Known Bugs =

Not really a bug, but some of the items have a triggerzone collision on them that is larger than the regular collision. When you move another item close to one of those items by using the grab key the collision will block that item as if it was solid. This does not happen when you move the item with the triggerzone itself or if another item comes close without being grabbed by the player (like throwing it for example). It is nothing serious, but it makes placing items next to one of the triggerzone items harder (if you decorate your house with them for example). The items in question are the Dwemer Mines, the Ayleid Soul Sphere, the Heart of Darkness and, to a minor extent, the Board of Deceleration. Best is if you simply place them last.

= Permission =

If you want to use any of the meshes please contact me @ Bethsoft forums, username is 'Phitt'.