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Added: 12/02/2010 - 07:53PM
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This is a small collection of compatibility patches which I have made mostly in 2009 by request from others. Most of these were made with the expectation that they would be hosted by others, along with their own mod, yet this does not seem to have happened (maybe I'm just not looking in the right places).

So I'm putting them here, for whoever might need them to download.
It's entirely your choice to use them or not.

These are ONLY patches, you still need to have downloaded the conflicting mods separately. I have provided links to some of these mods.

Brew House - Kvatch Aftermath
Conflict resolved: The building added by Kvatch Aftermath outside Anvil is in the same location as Duggan's Farm Equipment shop added by Brew House.
This patch resolves the conflict, moving Duggan's Farm Equipment to the other side of the road. Nothing from Kvatch Aftermath is changed.

This patch is now obsolete, upgrade to Brew House v1.5.2 or higher if still using an older version, and you won't need this patch.
Originally requested on Dragon Captions forums, patch created in February 2009.

Castle Seaview - Dragon Captions - The Imperial City of Sutch Reborn
Conflict resolved: Landscape editing overlaps around Castle Seaview.
This patch smooths over all land height discrepancies and land tears.
Originally requested on Dragon Captions forums, patch created in October 2009.

Hoarfrost Castle - Origin of the Mages Guild
Conflict resolved: Both mods add a new room to the Cheydinhal Mages Guild Basement, in exactly the same location, so that they overlap.
This patch moves the new room added by Hoarfrost Castle to a new location in the MG Basement, so that it no longer overlaps. Nothing from or needed by Origin of the Mages is changed.
Originally requested on Dragon Captions forums, patch created in February 2009.

Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul - The Necromancer
Conflict resolved: The Necromancer has some landscape issues with OOO, specifically between the Tower of Imperfection and Bandit Camp nearby.
This tiny patch repairs these landscape issues. Nothing from The Necromancer is changed.
Issue listed as "unresolved" on FCOM Wiki page. Patch created in December 2008.

Midas Magic - Nibenay Castle
Conflict resolved: A cave entrance from Midas Magic was buried or left floating (I can't remember which now, I made this patch a while ago) due to land height changes by Nibenay Castle.
This patch repositions the cave entrance suitably on the ground.
Originally requested on Beth forums, I believe - I can't remember. Patch created in April 2009.

Stirk - Any other mod which conflicts
Conflict resolved: The new ship in Anvil harbour overlaps with things from other mods (such as Better Cities as one example, there are some others).
This patch disables the new ship and moves the captain onto the docks.
Originally requested on Beth forums. Patch created in February 2009, updated by Arthmoor in February 2011, and updated by me in October 2013.

Reclaiming Sancre Tor - West Roads
Conflict resolved: the end of a road linking to The Gold Road just east of Skingrad is lost, and land tears appear around the horse enclosure from Reclaiming Sancre Tor.
This patch repairs the tears and restores the road, splitting the horse enclosure into two enclosures.
Replaces the patch for Unique Landscapes: Skingrad Outskirts, Reclaiming Sancre Tor and West Roads which became obsolete in May 2017.