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Reaper's Anequina's Manor V_3
By: Reaper9111

The Mod:

This mod add to the Anequina's Desert a beautiful manor that the player will claim as his own via a Real Journal Quest.
This mod add to the game a brend new amulet (Custom made) the amulet is not enchanted in this release.
This mod add to the game a retextured armor witch is also not enchanted.
This mod add a quest to obtain the manor as your new home in Elsweyr.
The quest will start when you first try to enter in the manor...
The manor will not have a map marker visible whe you load the mod, you will need to find it. (in the middle triangle of
Dune/ Orcrest/ Corinthe, just in front of the Moon Temple)

New in V_3:
V_3 Folder is more of a Bug fix release...

- Fix the Key Container that was not accessible in the Ruins
- Fix the Lizard mount making the player go small when mounted
- Fix Invisible Pet in the Manor
- Fix A Container name in the Ruins
- Added Persistent Ref. to some furniture to be Compagnion Friendly
- Added a Tea-Set in the relaxing water pond outside the manor

New in V_2:

- The quest has been re-work and is now a journal quest.
- The manor and manor basement has been revamp a to z.
- The pyramid now have a 2 level unique interior to explore.
- A Summonable Lizard mount has been added to transport you ass around Elsweyr.
- A feature that let you create you own Perfume.
- A feature that let you mold Silver Bar and Gold Bar.
- A static Repair Station.
- An Ingredient Sorter for Tamriel/S.I./Anequina
- And More...

Know Issue:

No More issue with the mod !


First Release !


- A brend new amulet meshes
- A retextured armor
- A retextured manor with the color of Anequina's Desert
- A scripted set of weapons
- Static alchemy station in the manor
- Lots of safe storage in the manor
- A quest to gain owership of the manor


- You guest it, You will need "The Desert of Anequina V_2" to be able to play this mod.
You can find this mod here:
- The latest patch
- Shivering Isles

Last Word:

Everything has been tested and work just as expected, No Bugs and No Conflicts !
This mod will not conflict with anything as long as an other mod doe's not modify the 2 area modifyed by my mod.
It is possible that i updates this mod in the future to "expend it"...Keep in touch !


- Iliana :for the great "Desert of Anequina", Witch this mod depend on !
- Aziraphale :for the "Brend New Amulet Meshe", Thank friend !
Various Meshes & Textures
- Arynn
- Alienslof
- HelBorne
- parman
- Korana
- Lady Li
- Xiamar
- xXxDarknessxXx
- Liquidgraph
- Bethesda
- TesNexus
- Tes CS. Wiki

-Activate the manors Door.
-Get the note in the manor Stairs (last stairs)
-Head to the Moon Temple just in front of the manor.
-Speak the one of the priest about Esmeralda.
-Head the the pyramid. (behing the Moon-Temple)
-Investigate the small Camp next to the pyramid.
-Make your way inside the pyramid. (each Key(s) are in some chest(s), just find them !)
-Investigate the Corpse of Esmeralda, that lies on the ground, just before the last chamber.
-Make your way back to the Manor.
Good Luck ! And Please ENDORSE THE MOD... Hehehe Thanks !