Armor of the Galadhrim by Arynn
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Plugin: Arynns Galadhrim Armor
Author: Arynn
File size: 36 mb
Dependence: The Skeletonbeast.nif or the added Skeleton.nif
must be used instead of the original Skeleton.nif,
otherwise the coat is wrong shown.
Language version: English/German (choose the esp you need)
Oblivion patch version: 1.2.0416

How does Nirn look outside the borders of Tamriel? Are there other islands
except the known empires of Akavir, Yokuda, Pyandonea and Summerset?
Or even unknown continents?
Obviously - since in Leyawiin the ambassador of foreign people is staying.
He expects urgent news from his native country which should be delivered to him by ship. However, this ship is overdue.
What has happened?
Go to Leyawiin and speak with the ambassador. Find out what happened to the ship, his crew and his passengers. Your reward will be unique.

This modification adds a brand-new armament into the game, which is inspired by the famous movie "The Lord Of The rings". It consists of a suit of armour, greaves, boots, gauntlets, helmet and coat. In addition, the player receives a long sword, a claymore and a dagger.