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adds 7 sailable ships to tamriel...

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Side's Sailing Ships

VERSION 0.9 beta

OBSE v0018 (


this plugin adds sailable ships to your game. you can sail anywhere, take companions with you, wander around at the deck while sailing...
while sailing you can do many productive things like reading a book or brewing some potions, looking at the map, etc... in other words: your ship will continue to move while these menus are open and time will pass!
the speed of your ship depends on the wind speed and the model. there are 8 different ship models from very small and agile to really big and representative. you can puchase it from Winried at his hideout, an ancient ayleid harbor south of anvil. (business hours from 9am to 5pm)
you control your ship with keys intuitively and user-friendly. to get further instruction buy a book named 'Sailing a Ship' from Winried.
in some taverns you can hire mates that are able to navigate the ship to a known harbor. (waterfront: bloated float, anvil: flowing bowl, leyawiin: five claws lodge, bravil: lonely suitor lodge)
once you show them to which ship they belong (by simply going there with the mate following) the mates stay on board until you tell them to follow again. you can pay them for several weeks. if you don't pay in time they travel back to the tavern.

recommended mods:
under the sign of the dragon (
this will add more land... and for my ship much more important: MORE WATER to the game!

this is a BETA version! some things may not work as you expected, so please save your game before you start sailing!
always save before you enter or leave a cabin, the game may crash (if you have companions with you)! the script on the doors are workarounds, oblivion is not designed to move doors around...
this mod does NOT cause CTDs (except the one mentioned above), save game bloat or corruption.

CHANGES since last version:
- FIXED: you can bring companions with you to the interiors and back. ANY npc that is following you and is friendly to you will get teleported to the door 10 seconds after you entered the cabin. (the last version had several issues with the doors. some companions caused crashes, others traveled to the original ship location, winried's harbor, etc...)
- FIXED: a really serious bug! during battle NPCs kind of 'stuttered', made halt in a second interval when running.
- FIXED: some minor bugs i don't remember...
- you can hire mates that are able to navigate the ship to a known harbor.
- lights inside of the 'curious clara' are switchable by fire and frost.
- activating the ship works from any position now (not only from the water). if you are not on board you get teleported to the deck.
- ANY npc (enemies too!) get teleported with you to the deck if you activate the ship. it's much easier now to get companions on board.
- the cobl version supports water sources now.
- added a new plugin to support 'a bloody mess'.
- added some values to the ini file.

CHANGES since version 0.7:
- there's an ini file in DATA\INI. you can customize the navigation keys now.
- the ship's location isn't shown as a quest target anymore. the map marker is moving now while sailing. BUT: it's updated only if you open the map!!
- you can enter the interior now WHILE SAILING. the ship will move on! (you may have to go into 3rd person view to be able to activate the door.)
- your own ships are visible when distant now. so you can easily see them in the wilderness or watch them sail to the horizon if you jumped from board. but this may cost some performance for old machines. (as a side effect it should be almost impossible now for a ship to disappear like in v0.7.)
- updated interiors and new interior for the 'stoertebeker'.
- support for COBL (alchemical sorter) and antistar's bathingmod.
- many, many minor changes and fixes.