FMA Retexture by Pursinta
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Added: 17/01/2010 - 11:00PM
Updated: 17/01/2010 - 11:07PM

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Last updated at 23:07, 17 Jan 2010 Uploaded at 23:00, 17 Jan 2010

I have included the ESP, so you do not need Pursinta's FMA coat if you wanna play the retexture.

All I did was make a quick, custom "cloth" texture for the coat, and a quick "silk" texture and applied it to the shirt. The original coat--awesome as it may be--seemed a little bit like clay to me, and I always imagined Elric's coat being more...I guess linen-y.

All glory goes to Pursinta for his kickass meshes.


I have great trouble with screenshots. I have had 8000 comments giving advice on why my screenshots all turn out distorted, and I assure you, I have tried everything to fix them. I CANNOT UPLOAD SCREENSHOTS. If you want to see why, check the screens of one of my other mods.

I rely on you guys to upload a good screen for the rest of the community. If you want to know what the coat looks like, go to this: