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Mod: Knights of the Nine Expansion Version 2.4
Game: TES IV: Oblivion
Requires: Knights of the Nine,
Shivering Isles
Conflicts With: Meogron Knights V 1_2 @ http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=27667
Hermys Knights of the Nine Mod @ http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=8148
Unofficial_DLC_Knights_of_Nine_Patch.exe @ http://www.fileplanet.com/hosteddl.aspx?/
Author: Bethesda, David Brasher
Date: 7/6/11
1. Information on the Mod
2. Installation
3. Version History
4. Conflicts, Known Issues, and Troubleshooting
5. Copy Status and Credits
This mod performs some tweaks and adds some additional content to The Knights of the Nine.
You must have purchased and installed a full copy of Knights of the Nine to make this mod work.
Things that are included in this mod are:

(1) One big quest, three small quests, and two mini-quests after you have beaten Knights of the Nine.
Talk to the knights in the priory to find out about most of them. Conditions have been liberalized, and
redundancies added to fight the problem of quests not starting.

(2) A retextured enemy suitable for use as a modders resource with proper attribution is included.

(3) You can now have multiple knights follow you on adventures instead of just one.

(4) The named and generic knights are tougher and make more durable and effective companions now.
They are leveled at player offset 12+ to 16+ and have healing spells.

(5) The knights are better conversationalists now and really have quite a bit to say.

(6) The secret staircase can now be both closed and opened. (What fun is a secret staircase that is
always wide open so that everyone sees what it is?) I am not sure if I got the code right to be retroactive.
If this mod is not active when you first open the secret stairs, they may not close again like in the vanilla mod.

(7) The named and generic knights now ride horses for pleasure and training. The horses become available
partway through the game in three installments. There are nine horses. Every generic and original knight
is assigned one, and there is a horse for you which goes back to home to the priory when it starts feeling lonely
and abandoned.

(8) Minor grid-pathing and object placement fixes to vanilla KOTN made.

(9) The generic knights are now dressed and armed differently with different skills and fighting styles. There
are two heavily armored knights, three standard knights, two knights with bows as well as swords, and one

(10) All containers have been inspected to make sure none of them respawn. So it should be safe to store your
goods in any container in the priory except for the barrel labeled "Respawning Food Barrel." This container was
added because the knights were running out of food and foraging hard before dinner, stripping the priory of food.

(11) A suit of armor that looks like the Crusader Armor is available. This suit has no enchantments or scripts,
so you can wear it just for looks, or enchant it with your favorite enchantments. It is a bit of a mini-quest to
find it though. Start behind the priory by locating an abandoned chest. Hint: when you find containers you
can't open, remember this mini-quest.

(12) The generic knights start with two swords. A beefed-up silver longsword which has stats like ebony, and
a steel longsword for backup. The silver sword and all the armor is scripted to be replaced so the knights
won't run around bare or weaponless for very long. They fix and replace gear when you are not present.
This feature is still buggy. Also the script only deals with their original gear and is not designed for having the
knights be custom equipped by you. So if you reverse pick-pocket or use a mod to give them different gear,
it will not vanish, but the script tells them to wear the original armor. So the added weapons might be used by
them, but the armor may get unequipped next time they replace their armor.

(13) There is a mini-quest to find a powerful magic sword which has been kept at the priory since the time of
the Ayleids when it was used to help defeat them. Search the crypt for a note to begin the mini-quest.

(14) More NPCs added around the priory.

(15) There is an option to have the knights follow you on horseback. Oblivion is really buggy and hard to
work with as far as horses go. If you don't like this option, you don't need to use it. Just have the knights
follow you on foot. Here is how the horse-riding works:
(a) Tell one knight to "Mount up!" and all nearby knights will mount up and join your party.
(b) When you reach your destination, the knights won't want to dismount. Tell one knight, "Time to
dismount!" and within about 20 seconds, all the knights will dismount except the one you talked to. You
can ask one of the cooperative knights, "Can you make that knight dismount?" The computer command
will be issued (and ignored) again, and the knight will give you the advice that if you go inside, the knight
will think he or she is missing the excitement and when you come back out in a moment, the knight will
dismount. Sorry folks, it is ugly and messy and you don't have to use it. But it is sort of fun having a
whole cavalcade of mounted knights following you.

(16) The generic knights are no longer generic. They have names, and when they die and respawn, they get new
random names.

Web Address for this mod: http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=29347
2. Installation
Step one. Back up Knights of the Nine somewhere! Especially if you bought a downloaded version.

Though you have Knights of the Nine on your CD, it is recommended that you back up your vanilla
Knights.esp file for ease of uninstallation should you want to uninstall this mod. Put your backup in another
directory besides Oblivion\Data. You may only run one Knights of the Nine mod at a time, and may not run
the vanilla Knights of the Nine .esp if you are using a mod. Note that all Knights of the Nine mods and the
vanilla .esp have the same name which is "knights.esp." It is important to stay organized and not mix up the .esps.
In the CS, you can read the short description of the mod to distinguish this mod from the others. It will say it is
"Modified by David Brasher" and will say something like"(Version 2_2)." If you get hopelessly confused, you can just
delete all the knights.esp files and decompress new copies of the mod .esps or reinstall the vanilla esp from your CD.

To install this mod: extract (decompress) the .esp file meshes, textures and sounds to your oblivion
directory, the default is: C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data\ Mark the box next to the"Knights"

Alternately, extract someplace else. Then move the esp. to Oblivion\Data\, and the Meshes,
Textures, and Sound folder there also. Merge the new folder with the old. Often you can simply drop
the "Data" file into the "Oblivion" folder Make sure the files go into the proper directories they were in
when you downloaded the mod.

This mod replaces the vanilla Knights of the Nine .esp. Do not attempt to run the vanilla Knights of the
Nine .esp and this mod at the same time by renaming one of the two files. Put your backup vanilla Knights of
the Nine .esp into another directory if you are running this mod.
3. Version History
V 2.4 7/6/11 Adjusted conditions on premature dialog, AI tweaks relating to combat, companion armor repair tweaks.
V 2.3 3/4/11 Fixed door to nowhere bug associated with Shadowcrest Vineyard compatibility fix. More mod-cleaning.
V 2.2 1/3/11 Made it so NPC Knights can open the secret stairway if it is closed and blocking their path.
V 2.1 8/29/10 Fixed problem with local map in Cave of the Lorn.
V 2.0 8/28/10 Fixed landscape tears for compatibility with Shadowcrest Vineyard and Elsweyr Anequina.
V 1.9 8/4/10 Cave entrance moved for compatibility with Shadowcrest Vineyard.
V 1.8 6/1/10 More mod cleaning with TES4Edit.
V 1.7 3/22/10 Dialog text corrections.
V 1.6 3/7/10 NPC AI package fixes, dialog revisions, arrow quantity adjustments.
V 1.5 3/2/10 Fix for problem with quests not starting for some people.
V 1.4 2/6/10 One new quest, one new mini-quest, gear change, more NPCs, horses back, generics named.
V 1.3 1/20/10 Horse scripts mess up everything. Half of horse stuff removed.
V 1.2 1/19/10 Horses, armor replacement, leveling change, unenchanted Crusader armor mini-quest, other.
V 1.1 1/17/10 Fixed it so more knights can use new dialog and help you start the quests.
V 1.0 1/16/10 Initial Release. Most of the mod was whipped out in two evenings.
4. Conflicts, Known Issues, and Troubleshooting
You must have a copy of Knights of the Nine to play this mod. This is a replacement .esp with different
content. This mod does not include all the meshes and sounds and things for Knights of the Nine. This makes it
legal to distribute this mod, and makes it so users have to buy the game if they want to play the mod. Without the
purchased game, textures and meshes will be missing, the game will crash often and you will not be able to interact
with objects and complete quests.

This mod will not work right if you do not have Shivering Isles.

See list of mods this conflicts with near the top of the readme. In most cases you may only use one
Knights of the Nine mod at a time. Most Knights of the Nine mods are replacement .esps.

This mod uses silent lip-synched dialog in addition to the vanilla voiced dialog.

The weapon replacing engine seems to be buggy. Knights might go to bed in their armor or be found
to be carrying more spare swords than necessary.

If you are using an old version of the mod, you might be able to fix your problem by downloading the
newest version. All versions have the same name, and should not hurt your quest progress or make you lose
your new items.

Horse usage buggy.

Combat AI not ideal.

Random CTDs possible if you have too many followers.

The free-spirited knights have minds of their own and do not seem to like to follow orders. You may
have to issue some orders twice.

If a knight dies while following you, the replacement will be using a follow package to follow you
around in a few days when he or she respawns.

There is a 10% chance that a knight replacing a replacement knight will have the same name as the
person he or she is replacing. This does not apply to the original generic knight who replaces the original knight,
or the first replacement replacing the original generic knight. It only applies to replacements after that point.

Triggers for randomly naming replacement knights cannot be set in the ideal and intuitive fashion which
would be preferred. Irregularities anent timing may be observed.

This mod needs more play-testing and updates will released when problems are found.

5. Copy Status and Credits
firefly101 for design concept, quest writing of some quests, and play-testing.
Warhorse for play-testing.
Bethesda for making the game in an open format anyone can mod.

Copy Status:
The rules require that any mods using Knight of the Nine content be structured such that players must
have Knights of the Nine and have it installed while playing the mod or else the mod won't work. If you obey that,
feel free to modify this, share this, or use parts of it. Just include Bethesda and my name in your credits, and
send me a personal message on TES Nexus as a courtesy.