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Oblivion Resource File Sorter
Automated File Sorting
build 360

Requires .NET Framework 2.0 or Greater


The Oblivion Resource File Sorter is a tool that sorts data files (Textures, Meshes, etc) into 2 groups :
  • Files that replace vanilla assets; and
  • Files that don't

I believe it's useful to mod makers who wish to bundle assets with their mods.

It accepts the following command line arguments :
  • Source Directory. All files inside this directory will be sorted
  • Lookup lists. Specifies which lists to lookup when comparing the filenames. Take the same name as the list filenames. Lists are found in the bundled Lists folder and each pertain to the appropriate vanilla BSA (e.g : obmisc - Contains the filenames of the files in Oblivion-Misc.bsa)
  • Optional switches :
  • -verbose - Enables verbose mode
  • -log - Logs procedures to a text file. Implies verbose
  • -help - Prints usage details to the screen
  • -skip <ext1;ext2;...extN;> - Skips files of specific extensions

Usage - ObResSort -source <Source Directory Path> -lookup <Lookup List> [options]

Replacers are moved to a folder called ObResSort - Replacers in the source directory.


Just extract the contents of the archive to a folder and run the app from the command prompt. It is recommended that users try the -help switch first.


Special thanks to :
  • display name is already in use - For the idea and file lists
  • Qazaaq - For request thread's revival

Change Log

Build 360 - Initial Release