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2015-01-06: I'm not giving support for this mod. It's as it is. I was going to remove it, but since there are folks who like what I did here, I won't touch it. Enjoy it!

Name: Better Inns + New Home Owners
Version: 5.0
Date: 7/14/2010
Category: Buildings
Recommended: Oblivion Mod Manager
Author(s): Marcos (Sylar0712)
Source: http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=29333

1. Description
2. Details
2.1. The Inns
2.2. NPCs
2.3. New Home Owners
3. Install
3.1. Manual Install
3.2. OBMM Install
4. Uninstall
4.1. Manual Uninstall
4.2. OBMM Uninstall
5. Recommendations
6. Upgrade
7. Known Incompatibilities or Bugs
7.1. Mods with patches
7.2. Cities Mods
7.3. OOO
7.4. Conflict with no patch YET
8. History
9. Contact
10. Credits & Thanks (Avaiable in the Readme and @ site's link)
11. Tools Used (Avaiable in the Readme and @ site's link)
12. Licensing/Legal (Avaiable in the Readme and @ site's link)
13. TES4FILES V3.34 LOG FILE (Avaiable in the Readme)
14. Modder’s Resources Details (Avaiable in the Readme)

1. Description
This is the evolution of my old Cyrodiil Inns Revised Mod
The goals are:

1- Revised the decoration of most inns. Some had the class changed, other were improved with the use of modder's resources. Also created patterns for ownerships on beds and doors.
2- The inns work as player homes, with safe containers, but the bed and a meal in some cases need to be rented.
3- To make inns busier, I added 140 NPCs that will use that spaces. However, I tried my best to make them dynamic. Several travel to other inns, some are merchants and can barter with the player, and some quests may change how much busier inns will become (Specially MG04Restore for Gold Coast Inns and MQ10, MQ13, MQ14 for Bruma Inns)
4- Innkeepers and staff have a life: they serve in the tavern and sleep at night.

Since I added a bunch of NPCs, I also included another project that I called New Home Owners. During quests, several homes will become empty, so some of my NPCs will pretend to buy the house and can be seem to live there. This is the fifth goal and is totally versatile now. If you don't like this, you can ignore it and nothing will happen. You must set things using the two activators disguised as books that lay in a desk next the front door of the Tiber Septim Hotel. These activators may help you turn on/off the houses, choose which ones you want changed and fix the doors for Open Cities Classic and Better Cities.

2. Details
2.1. The Inns:

To achieve the goals I created, I decided to put a pattern on everything. Inns, beds, and doors are owned by the city faction. All AIs from the vanilla NPCs that use these beds were changed to use any bed, so I disabled most of the persistent referenced beds. This time, instead of "searching & replacing" stuff, I deleted and used TES4Edit to undelete and disable.

The rent scripts were changed too: double beds and inns with two beds will have them added to the PlayerFaction, so even your companions can sleep there (I guess). Also, some inns have meals for the player that are disabled and will be enabled after you rent a room. Of course, if you steal the stuff, nothing will be enabled. If you eat the food, you'll need to wait until the cell resets to have the food again. Because of this idea, some will also have the lights turned off and when you rent it, the lights will be on.

Another important thing is that all bedrooms inside the inns have scripted doors that will close and even LOCK themselves. It really annoys me that NPCs leave all doors open, so now they'll close. Of course, if you enter a room that's not yours, the ghost maid will close it, so prepare your lockpicks. I think it's nice to train your Security skill anyway, just open all the doors, wait them to close and open them again and again. The player's room doesn't have this, so if you want more privacy, close the door yourself. (Learned the script from the Bank Of Cyrodiil)

The following paragraphs list the changed inns and what you can expect from them:

-ANVIL: The Flowing Bowl has very little changes. I added a bed for Maenlorn and switched the beds upstairs to match the dialogue that enables you to rent a room here. Maenlorn will use Foroc's dialogue.

The Count's Arms has three fish tanks, a pattern on the dishware and the reading area became Wilbur's bedroom. Upstairs, I added a chest to the player's room as well as a more interesting breakfast on the table. The two bedrooms next to the player's have single beds.

-BRAVIL: Both Bravil inns have very few changes. Silverhome has only Middle Class beds now and the player's bedroom has two containers. The room in front of the player's is Gilgondorin's room; since people say that he likes to paint I added an easel there.

-LEYAWIIN: The other room in Five Claws have two beds now and Witseidutsei has a bedroll. While the Five Claws shows few changes, the Three Sisters Inn shows more: The basement is a kitchen, I put tableclothes on the tables and used some unique pieces of furniture.

-CHEYDINHAL: Newlands Lodge rooms were changed; the player will use the tiny room while the old player's room has two beds as well as an extra bed in Reynald Jemane's room for Dervera.

The Cheydinhal Bridge Inn was totally reformed. I added tableclothes, a fish tank and sofas. The basement uses a fancier texture - I never understood why someone rich would pay to sleep in a basement, but now it's fine. The layout wasn't changed to avoid more conflicts. The player's bedroom was removed from that cell - now you sleep in a quiet place where you can have a "luxurious dream" sleeping on one of Lady Li's canopy beds.

-BRUMA: Olav's Tap and Tack shows few changes. The player's room has two containers and resembles Raynil Dralas' a bit. Now everybody will use Raynil Dralas' room and it can be unlocked. If you had the problem to not be enough cool to convince Olav to give you the key, try out your luck with a very hard lock or wait for a guest to sleep there.

The Jerall View Inn has a fireplace inside the kitchen, more dishware on the tables, and an extra bed for Hafid and Logvaar. The tapestries were changed to animal skins and Nordic shields to add a more Nordic style. The bedroom upstairs was changed too and will be used by two NPCs.

-CHORROL: There are very few changes to both inns. Make Oak and Crosier cleaner and with a pattern on the dishware.

-SKINGRAD: Two Sisters Lodge shows few changed features. Maybe, after the "Information" quest for the Mages Guild there will be too many guests looking for a room upstairs. The second floor in the West Weald Inn was transformed into a sitting area and the decoration was improved a little.

-IMPERIAL CITY: The Tiber Septim Hotel shows a lot of changes with sofas and tableclothes. There is a piano here, but NPCs don't have the ability to play it.

The Foaming Flask looked like a restaurant that your grandma would go to have tea. I improved the whole decoration and it's the only PUB that remains open during the night. Maybe you'll want to go there to have a drink and see the people dance.

Luther Broad's Boarding House will look a bit more lower class. Here, in The King and Queen Tavern and The Merchant's Inn, I doubled the capacity of rooms upstairs and now NPCs will not sleep in the basement. The All Saints Inn had the basement layout changed, except for the player's room location and upstairs is Willet's bedroom and a kitchen. The Feed Bag was also changed, adding some tableclothes to improve the place.

-ROAD INNS: The Inn of Ill Omen has few changes. Faregyl has a single bed in player's room as well as tablecloths. The Wawnet Inn has tablecloths and more wines for Nerusa's collection. Gottshaw may look the same, but Brina Cross is now a Middle Class inn. I hate the fact that you're forced to sleep in a hole because of the Anvil recommendation, and Caminalda and Arielle didn't look like they belonged to that place. Roxey Inn will use the Anvil's tavern mesh as well but Aleswell may look the same. Imperial Bridge Inn and Border Watch only have safe containers. The Sleeping Mare will look even more empty. The Drunken Dragon Inn needs a special treatment because it's somehow related to the New Home Owners part. Check more info below.

Oblivimonk's bedrolls made them more welcome to sleep, even for innkeepers. Xiamara's wineracks may look weird if you steal the wines, but they'll prove to be great since your character can steal drinks more them once and the NPCs won't drink everything on the racks.

2.2. NPCS

The new Npcs are there to make the inns more alive. They still have things to do, but this time I decided to focus on the inns. Some inns may look more empty than others but it's part of the idea. It became weird to see Manheim been surprised to see you when his inn is crownded. Bruma inns will look more empty during some parts of the Main Quest, while the Gold Coast inns will have people hanging around more offen after you beat Caminalda. Road inns won't have too many regulars and may look empty some days of the week.

I removed the part that integrates too much with the rest of the city to avoid more and more conflicts. Now, only Asgeir will live in Margarte's House and since Chorrol has very few rooms in inns, some characters will sleep in Jirolin Doran's house, the Fighter's Guild and Alberic Litte's house. In Imperial City, Silk shall offer her "services" to Varnado and the Sintavs.

About the Vanilla NPCs, I decided to restrict the changes to the innkeepers that didn't have a sleep package. Now they'll offer services and sleep at night. Kiara, the ostler in Brina Cross, was also included. I removed the part where I created post-quest AIs to NPCs that lay forgotten, again to avoid conflicts. The only ones that proved to be safe to add this are: Roliand Hanus, Arielle Jurard and the guests for the Dinner Party at Leyawiin Castle. What happen is: I created a copy of these characters. When the original is enabled they will be disabled. And all of them are disabled by the game sooner or later. Aleswell staff also have copies - see below.

Yet about the vanilla NPCs, as I already said, sleep packages were changed to use any bed in inns. Logvaar had one of his packages converted to sleep too. The travel pack of Pista Marillin and Wilson was changed to become sleep packages. And the other Imperial City citizens that used to travel had their packages changed to use the inns or visit the market district shops. I did this because I don't like to see them lying around dead and my NPCs do more stuff than them when they travel. Also mine travel every week, while the vanilla one travelled once a month.

Now, about my NPCs, some important things are: Merchants can barter with you all the time. The special thing about them is that they may offer skill books and one unique item that is a quest levelled item. Of course they don't offer all levelled items, like the ones in the Dark Brotherhood questline. I also used Phitt's Roaming NPCs's inventaries as a guide to create the inventaries of mine and a piece of their script. Now, when my NPCs are in the Tamriel World and the player approaches them, they'll stop to be avaiable to barter. NPCs didn't barter while travelling and this is the part of Phitt's script that I learned. Hope he didn't mind about me using this. But if you want Phitt's special wares, download his mod. Another important NPC is Edyta. She stays in Chorrol and is a kind of a fence for bandits. Marius and Tabatha are her couriers while Hides-His-Heart is her bodyguard. There are also three bards that'll perform an act with a small guitar and some NPCs will dance during it.

S'Ndrella, Melian and Leonetto Cappiello can help you to do these Training quests: Restoration, Illusion and Heavy Armor. S'Ndrella now stays in Imperial City and travels to Leyawiin once a week. Melian stays in Bravil and will move to Bruma if you let Iven Beauvais buy J'Ghasta's House. Leonetto stays in Faregyl and has the habit to ride his horse at night. He visits Bravil on weekends to see his daughters.

There'll be more riders and dogs. I guess that'll all about the NPCs.

2.3. New Home Owners

The New Home Owners (N.H.O.) was a project I did for myself. I decided to integrate this because of the addition of the NPCs and the possibility to make them more dynamic. Imagine this: a guy lives his entire life inside an inn while several houses are empty in a city? This mods presents this part in a totally different way, less realistic but more versatile.

First the default settings turn this feature off. You MUST go to the Tiber Septim Hotel and set your preferences in two Activators on a desk next to the front door. I prefer to do things this way because it's more safe than a tokien and I HATE to carry lots and lots of tokiens. Probably, you're not going to be switching homes and fixes all the time.

In the orange book you can enable the N.H.O. or remove them. There's an option to start all quests to change the ownership and if you go to the separate menus and remove a house, that quest shall be stopped. I think it's better because now you can choose which home you want changed. If a home was changed and you need that building for another mod, you can remove the NPC from there. This ownership works differently. Instead of changing the house's interior, I created a new cell and only added a door in front of the original one in the city exterior. While it removes the conflicts with other mods that may change that house, you may have conflicts with mods that change the cities' exteriors. Some were checked and the mod itself provides fixes for these doors: Open Cities Bruma, ALL Open Cities Classic and Open Cities Leyawiin Reborn. You can turn these changes on and off just like the houses. If you have a city design which changed one of these homes and the door is place in the middle of nowhere, just remove it and leave that house empty. You MUST use the books to change things, you're not able to disable a door by clicking in it because they're all related to x-markers. Another advantage of this method is that I had full freedom to change the house's interiors. So, your thief can steal two different homes! And I added lots and lots of expensive goodies in several homes, specially the upper class ones.

Most houses shall change after three days.

List of Houses Changed:

-Aleswell Inn: You're not going to change the whole inn; instead this option disables the Serethi siblings and enables "clones" with a more interesting AI. Diram will barter with you, Urnsi will visit Cheydinhal and Adosi will visit Imperial City.

-The Drunken Dragon Inn: You can upgrade it to a version that uses a Leyawiin style building if Andreas Draconis is alive. When you do it, an Andreas clone will be enabled, but he doesn't do much - he puts his son Pietrus in charge of the inn while he enjoys his free time making wine. This clone has the necessary script for the role he plays in the Dark Brotherhood storyline. IF this script fails OR another mod adds NPCs, you can access the old cell of this inn through a door in the kitchen through the grate in the oven. I decided to do it after playing Open Cities, which enables the player to visit the cities' original worldspaces. If you prefer, you can have the inn upgraded AFTER Andreas Draconis' death. Kill him and wait around 7-14 days.

-Nerastarel's House: If you're tired of having a haunted manor as your neighbor, enable this version. Nerastarel is a Conjuration trainer. The house will change automatically and you'll read a message confirming it. The idea and the start of this came from Davide Domingos.

-Glarthir's House: Once Glarthir dies, Egmardern and his wife will transform it into a store called The Wondrous Emporium. They actually sell one special staff I created: Edoc's Mop Staff (Ice Power) and a Besom Staff (Lighting Power).

-The Serpent's Wake: Actually, it's not the Serpent's Wake. It changes to a ship called the Mary Celeste. Consider that people in Anvil removed the ghost ship.

-Jakben Imbel's House: This will become the Imperial Art Museum. In the galleries, you'll find paintings from Rembrandt, Vermeer, Monet, Altdorfer, Thomas Cole and Willian Turner. I managed to create a buyable version for Vermeer's and Monet's. The original name of the paintings had little changes to pretend that they belong to the Oblivion World.

-Francois Motierre's House+: This is the only house that takes around one day to change. Note that Edyta is a kind of a fence for bandits and her bodyguard is Hides-His-Heart. It's supposed to mean that SHE is the usurper that Francois talks about and with his "death", she takes his property.

-J'Ghasta's House*+
-Arnora's House*
-Jearl's House
-Ungolim's House
-Ranaline's House
-Alval Uvani's House**
-Aldos Othram's House
-Summitmist Manor+
-Bernadette Peneles' House
-Toutius Sextius' House
-Lorkmir's House+
-Agarmir's House
-Eugal Belette's House

*Needs you to enable fixes for Better Cities
** Needs you to enalbe fix for Leyawiin Reborn
+ If you kill Lucien Lachance in "A Knife in the Dark", these homes will change automatically. Sometimes I don't want to be an assassim, so I did this to the scripts to enable new owners to these houses without the need to get into the full DB questline.

3. Install
This archive is distributed in what LHammonds calls OMOD-Ready format. It allows you to manually extract and install like most other mods but it also allows you to use Oblivion Mod Manager and import this archive with all the settings pre-configured for an OMOD file.
Pick which method you are going to use for installation:

Manual Installation
- = or = -
OBMM Installation

3.1. Manual Install
1. Extract this archive to any folder and then copy the contents to Oblivion's Data folder. You can ignore or delete the "omod conversion data" folder.
2. Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, and enable the .esp file(s).

3.2. OBMM Install
Create the OMOD (Do this section only once)
1. Copy archive to (install folder)\Oblivion\obmm\omod\
2. Start Oblivion Mod Manager.
3. Click the Create button.
4. Click the Add Archive button, find and select the archive, then click Yes.
5. Click the Create omod button, then click OK when it finishes.

Install the mod using OBMM
1. Start Oblivion Mod Manager.
2. Double-click the name of the mod in the right-hand side of the OBMM screen.
(icon should turn blue)

4. Uninstall
Pick which method you are going to use for uninstall based on how you installed it:

Manual Uninstall
- = or = -
OBMM Uninstall

4.1. Manual Uninstall
1. Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the .esp file(s).
2. Delete the files/folders associated with the mod.

(Note: I mainteined the folder directory structure of all (except Edoc's) original Modder's resources to avoid duplicates. My custom items are inside the original modder's folder.)

BetterInns + NewHomeOwners.esp

Meshes/Architecture/oblivimonk architecture/
Meshes/Architecture/oblivimonk architecture/Retextured/
Sound/Voice/BetterInns + NewHomeOwners.esp/
Texture/architecture/oblivimonk architecture/
Texture/architecture/oblivimonk architecture/retexture/
Texture/Armor/oblivimonk armor/
Texture/crowd control rope/

Check section 13 TES4FILES V3.34 LOG FILE for details of the files. (Avaiable in the Readme)

4.2. OBMM Uninstall
1. Start Oblivion Mod Manager.
2. Double-click the name of the mod in the right-hand side of the OBMM screen, click Yes. (icon should turn green)

5. Recommendations
You don't need these mods, but my mod was designed to support them without a patch:

-Sensual Walks for Female NPCs: http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=28223 I had permission from Surazal. All rights of this mod to Surazal, Mur_zik and Umpa.

-Better Redguards by Luchaire: http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=10753 Redguards have skin values that will make them look great within this mod.

6. Upgrade
If you used my old "Cyrodiil Inns Revised" I recommend that you uninstall that mod and create a clean save before installing this one. Also, remove all your itens from the chests inside the inns to avoid losing your stuff.

7. Known Incompatibilities or Bugs
Incompatibilities are impossible to avoid, since I changed the inns, creating a pattern, and many mods add NPCs and stuff to them too. For now, I avoided changing too many vanilla NPCs related to quests to make sure that they won't need patches for OOO, FCOM, etc.

7.1. Mods with patches:

-Salmo the Baker (Normal and COBL): Created a patch that fixes "The Flowing Bowl". If you use this without the fix, when you rent the room to sleep there, another door will be shown. The patch also makes Wallace sleep in any avaiable bed inside the inn that belongs to AnvilFaction.

-Clocks of Cyrodiil: There is a patch that fixes the Roxey Inn (the clock needed to be set in other place to avoid it sinking into the wall). I TRIED to add a clock to the New Drunken Dragon Inn, but it seems that it shows the wrong time.

-Black Horse Courier Expanded: Some of the newspapers were placed on pieces of furniture that I removed or added stuff on. The patch will replace several broadsheets and even add some to the houses that change ownership.

-COBL (Common Oblivion): Created a patch to fix small displacementes along the extra bottles added to inns and the Luggages Chests inside the bedrooms. I also decided to add even more stuff using the possibilities of this mod inside the extra cells. Because of the dynamics of COBL, some stores will have some of the new itens displayed inside, just to pretend that those mobile is common in the world. (idea from DavideDomingos)

7.2. Cities Mods

-Better Cities Imperial City and Bruma: For Imperial City you need to make sure that Better Cities "wins", or else Elven Gardens and Talos Plaza will be removed from "Tamriel2" Worldspace. For Bruma, as explained, you need to set the fixes for the doors of Iven Beauvais' (J'Ghasta) and Basia's (Arnora) houses using the in-game activators inside The Tiber Septim Hotel.

-Open Cities Classic and Open Cities Leyawiin Reborn: The fixes for the doors of the New Homes Owners are available in the activators disguised as books inside the Tiber Septim Hotel. There is no support for the other Open Cities Reborn until now. I may do in the future.

I recommend that you put all your city mods after Better Inns, as it's best that they win the load order. This mod doesn't support - and I don't plan to do - fixes for Open Better Cities. Probably, you may need to disable J'Ghasta's and Arnora's houses changes, IF the layout of the cities is similar to the ones in the "Closed" Better Cities. Bravil Blood & Mud also worked well. I guess most conflicts within other Cities Mods will happen in the New Home Owner Doors. If you noticed any, just remove the house and the NPC will go back to the inn.

7.3. OOO

If you find a very big incompatibility with OOO, I may ask you to help me create a patch because I don't plan to spend 9 hours to download this mod. Maybe when my internet connection becomes better.

7.4. Conflict with no patch YET:

I'm having problems to create patches to fix these mods:

-C&C The Blackwood Company: Now you'll have two beds and two doors in the last room at the Merchant's Inn. If my mod wins, probably the guy that stays there won't sleep since his bed was disabled.

-Verona House: The problems are bigger than I expected affecting Faregyl Inn, Silverhome-On-The-Water and Count's Arms. In Faregyl you'll have the double bed from hell in the middle of the last room. In Silverhome you'll have the old beds and doors over mine. In Count's Arms, a chair will appear in Wilbur's bedroom and probably you'll have to trespass it if you want to talk to the guy there.

Maybe, for these mods, you can play the quests living with the issues and once you finish, make mine win and the extra doors and furnitures shall be disabled. I'm not sure though, if I'm wrong, let me know.

-StartChoices by Horny Quintus: If you decide to start in Anvil (Inn), the Count’s Arms room shall not have the food enabled. The huge the problem is to start in Cheydinhal (Inn), you’ll appear in a locked room since the rentable room is the tiny one in the other side of the wall. I don’t plan to create a patch for this.

8. History
-1.0, 08/06/2010: Initial Release as "Better Inns + New Home Owners". Deleted everything in the old file (except NPCs) and started everything from scratch. Decided to add modder's resouces to make things better and tried to avoid the same mistakes that I did in the last file.

----- Old version of this project:

-2.0, 3/18/2010: Fourth release with bug fixes.
-1.2, 2/9/2010: Thirs release, finishing all inns and making it one esp.
-1.1, 1/22/2010: Second release, revising other inns.
-1.0, 1/15/2010: First realease as "Cyrodiil Inns revised" and with separate esps.

9. Contact
Feel free to send comments and bug reports to [email protected] On the official Elder Scrolls forums as 'Marcos Alexandre' On TESNexus as 'Sylar0712'