HGEC - Yet Another Armor Replacer Mod - Iron Armor Redux by MShadowy
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Added: 15/01/2010 - 01:57AM
Updated: 19/05/2015 - 10:51AM

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Last updated at 10:51, 19 May 2015 Uploaded at 1:57, 15 Jan 2010



This mod aims to offer a stylized, somewhat more revealing reinterpretation of the stock Armors, fitted to the Hentai Gentleman's Eye-Candy body.

This is my second go at my first armor release, my old and somewhat ugly Iron replacemnt mesh and retexture; I've significantly improved the appearance overall, hopefully creating a far more pleasing armor to look at. This comes in both "Vanilla" HGEC and in a Better Bouncing Boobs version. And, on the off chance that someone likes the old version better, I'll be keeping that one up as well.

I will be periodically releasing other stock armors, similarly re-envisioned. This work is free for anyone to screw around with, though acknowledgments would be nice.



HGEC Body and skins installed. Also the BBB skeleton and compatible animations if you go for the bouncing version.



Simply drag the meshes and textures folders into the data directory, and overwrite whatever comes up. Easy Peasy.


Locate your Oblivion file, and proceed to data/meshes/armor/iron/f and remove cuirass.nif and greaves.nif; then go to your textures/armor/iron/f folder and remove cuirassc.dds, cuirassc_n.dds, greavesb.dds, and greavesb_n.dss files.


None, inasfar as I am aware. Everything appears to be functioning normally.

But please note that if you want the (perhaps slightly exaggerated) bounce you'll need the BBB mod... unless you want your bubs to all be shooting off into SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE.


Thanks you for your time; I hope this effort meets with your approval.