Black Marsh Hall by Yevic
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Black Marsh Hall v1.4 by Yevic




This mod adds an estate to the depths of the Great Forest, known as Black Marsh Hall. It is one of Cyrodiil's last great estates, one of the last great manor homes. As you walk in, you'll find the butler there to greet you, catch the time on the grandfather clock, or just take in the detail in the wood-paneled staircase. Off this hall is the dining room, and the lounge. The dining room is set for four, and has a fire going, the perfect place for a dinner with family or friends. Beyond this room is the library, containg a rather nice reading corner beneath the window. The lounge contains ample room for entertaining, and plenty of natural sunlight. Beyond this room is a backhall, this hall has an elevator that helps you traverse the two floors. Then you come upon the ballroom and servants' quarters. The ballroom is the perfect place for a small party, and has plenty of wine.

The kitchen is where you'll find the cook, Alga, and down a trap door you'll find the wine cellar, stocked with the finest wines.

Upstairs you'll find 5 bedrooms, all with a little theme, one has a mage theme and has spellmaking and enchanting stations. You'll also find a bathroom with a bathtub.

Outside you'll find the gardens, the hedges have been groomed to perfection and the reflecting pool out back scrubbed, enjoy the view of the countryside off the back porch.

Your guests will be well housed in the spacious guest house, which contains its own bathroom.

You can buy it from the "Imperial Realtor" in the Oak and Crosier in Chorrol.

A Cobl patch is provided which adds for Cobl users the Luggage, Dinner Plate & water source, Food Larder, ingredient sorter, Grinder, and static apparati.


Before updating from any previous version, please move your character & your belongings out of and away from this mod's location. A clean save will be made for you automatically because the plugin name has changed.

The archive may be installed with Wrye Bash, Nexus Mod Manager, or manually as follows:

1. Extract the archive to a temporary location.
2. Copy the contents to your ..Oblivion\Data folder. Skip the Cobl patch if you don't have Cobl.
3. Activate the plugin(s) in the launcher.


Delete the files/folders associated with the mod.


Conflicts with Unique Landscapes - River Ethe. However, a patch is provided here: http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/13834

The v1_0 patch linked above is outdated as of this writing, but still functional with a small tweak; you just need to change the master to the new Black Marsh Hall plugin, which has a different name. This is a trivial task for Wrye Bash users. The exterior ground level will be just a hair off, you probably wouldn't notice if I hadn't said anything. A new patch is underway, thanks Vorians!


Nov. 29, 2009 v1.0 - Initial release


Apr. 4, 2012 v1.4 - Big Fixing & Cleaning

*Re-pathed all resources to unique folders
*Optimized all textures
*pyffi'd all meshes
*Heavy cleaning in TES4Edit
*Removed any remaining extraneous records
*Fixed all AI packages
*Fixed ghost
*Adjusted pathgrids
*Set cell owner to player
*Fixed missing mage altar & nearby lights
*Fixed clock
*Optimized scripts
*Added Northmarkers to cells missing one
*Fixed potential crashing around bathtubs
*Fixed potential crashing when approaching the manor's exterior
*Fixed misbehaving water statics, they look like water now
*New water textures for water statics to reduce pixellation
*Gently nerfed lighting for large FPS gain
*Corrected typos
*Made Cobl patch


I am no longer supporting this mod.
For permissions, you can private message me at the official Bethsoft forums (http://forums.bethsoft.com).


WillieSea for Clocks of Cyrodiil
Oblivimonk for the blocks
Zimnel and Kalikut and Argoniano for the tablecloths
MightyJoeYoung for the curtain mesh
Aisis for the texture I used on the curtains and the wonderful painting resource
Antistar for the Bath resource
Exhilehunter for the Highland Furniture resource
Garak for the booksets
Kalikut for the bed resource
Meo for the hedges and bits and pieces, and modular fireplaces
Phoenixamon for the fireplace resource
David Whitefang for the table settings
Xiamara for the manor bedroom set, pillows, and sofa and chair
Zimnel for more sofas and chairs resource
Umpa for Umpa's animations
Texian for the water statics
Patrick Hoesly for the free-to-use seamless water texture
Mr. Siika for the Griffon Fortress and Castle Seaview architecture and furniture assets, without which this mod would not have been possible!
Vorians for Unique Landscapes compatibility patching
Khettienna for the v1.4 Big Fixing & Cleaning

Tools Used:

The Elder Scrolls Construction Set
Insanity's ReadMe Generator


You may use my resources as you wish but you must credit me for my work.
Please do not re-host this file without my explicit permission.