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Winner of the Oblivion Real Estate Country Homes Challenge. Enjoy a country retreat on a highly interactive farm with crafting and activities around every corner.

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Winner Of The Oblivion Real Estate Country Homes Challenge.

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Name: Millstone Farm
Version: 1
Category: Buildings, player owned home
Requirements: Oblivion Patch
Author(s): Korana


The end to a magical curse has left a fully functional and unique farm in need of a new owner. There is something to do around every corner at Millstone Farm. Crafting, cooking, and even a peaceful picnic under the apple trees await you!

Avenge an old woman held prisoner by a demented mage to gain ownership.


The farm is located on the shores of the Reed River, near the shrine of Vaermina and not too far from the entrance to Muck Valley Caverns.

The quest will begin upon game loading. While it is short and simple, I have included a walkthrough at the end of the readme.


This readme has been designed for you to print out if you need help finding features, or assistance remembering processes. This readme is over 20 pages long, so I suggest you read it in its entirety and then decide for yourself if you need to print out any features and then copy/paste them or select them via page(s).

Before I begin I will tell you that I made everything that you need for crafting/cooking available in the immediate area or you may make it on the premises. Some items needed for the first experience have been provided, but after that you are on your own to make more of them! Most common tools such as pitchforks, shears, or repair hammers I opted to not remove from your inventory if you need them for a task.

When done correctly, you will receive notification via sound, visuals, and/or messages at the top of your screen. When done incorrectly, of if you do not meet the requirements to continue you will be notified by a box. Because of this, do NOT get ahead of yourself or you may miss some messages or sounds. Slow down and enjoy!

Some items used via a scripted function which you had to fill or use an empty version previously (such as bucket of water)
you will get back an empty version of (i.e. an empty bucket) when used during a function!

Dynamic lighting:
Lights, and even the butterfly/firefly in the garden, change from day to night.

You may chop wood at the wood block in the yard, but be careful as you may hurt yourself from time to time!

You may use this wood to light several of the fires inside the house.

You may use the wood at the Carpentry station (located inside the shed) to create the following:
Handmade broom
Empty bucket
Handmade hoe
Pair of handmade oars
Handmade pickaxe
Handmade pitchfork
Empty scoop
Handmade shovel
The bucket and scoop are needed for various other activities. Handmade items are of a higher quality and price than store bought items!

You may also sell the wood itself for a small profit.

Animal Care:
You may fill the troughs with water (use an empty bucket from the tool racks and fill it up at the river's edge for some water!)

You may fill Fox's water bowl and feed him via his food bowl if you have a sheep bone and a mutton chop.

You may feed the Cow if you have a pitchfork in your inventory to move the hay.

You may feed the pigs, who like corn smothered in the remains of the wine making process.

You may also feed the Old Grey Mare, though you may not ride her! To feed her fill an empty scoop with grain from the grain sack nearby, and place it in her feed bucket with an apple and a carrot.

Animal Benefits:
You may milk the cow for a bucket of milk to use in various processes (or drink) if you have an empty bucket

You may collect mushrooms from the piglet if you have a pear to trade him for them!

You may shear the ram for a sack of wool if you have shears.

You may butcher the following animals: Bull (beef), sheep (mutton, bones, and pelts), and pigs (ham). They will respawn.

Birds are always heard, but never seen throughout the game. I decided to expand on this and added a new bird sound to alert you when a bird's nest is near by. You may harvest a cluster of eggs from areas where birds might nest...and even one rather cheeky spot for a birds nest!

You may practice your archery aiming out behind the shed. When you successfully hit the hay targets with a practice arrow, you will be informed. No other arrows hold any tutorial benefits on the targets!

The arrows deal very little damage, and actually fortify your target's health when used on a living creature/NPC. (Enchanted arrows are automatically removed upon hit by the engine, so you do not need to hike to retrieve them if you use them at the archery range! Also, this makes killing your target harder, thus more chances to obtain a bonus.)

Note that you do not level up your skills by hitting the archery targets behind the shed, those are more for people like me who are just starting off using a marksman character and have discovered they miss a lot while trying to run/jump/shoot and would like to have a better way of knowing if they've hit the target
while growing used to firing time vs. running over to the target to look for lost arrows.

The arrows may be used throughout the game on living creatures to help you level up your skills instead of serving as a tutorial.

Hint: Have an animal to butcher? The animals on the farm won't run and do not put up much of a fight. You may find a good spot and aim away! I've also spawned deer in the area for you to hunt.

You may light the forge, located inside the shed, to create additional practice arrows. You must have three metal plates (there are 6 located in the crate near the forge) and a repair hammer, and calipers to craft them. Be careful, if you are not wearing the proper equipment you will get burned! Check the
blacksmith's tool rack for things you may need.

If you need more plates you may purchase them from the shopping service (see appropriate section).

You may repair your weapons at the anvil located here. If you do not have a repair hammer, one will be automatically equipped and provided for you. However, if you do not break it or use it during the repair process it will be removed when you finish.

In order to light the forge, you must have a bundle of wood to use at the bellows.

There is also visual weapon storage located here as well as some weapons. If you find them overpowering, feel free to dump them in the trash pile or leave them be.

There is a disgusting trash heap located behind the pig pen area. Place any unwanted items you have in the trash pile, and when the cell resets (exit the cell and wait 3 days) the items will be removed from the game world for good.

You may harvest the following trees: Apple, Orange, Pear, and Ironwood.

The garden is in a walled area and features many flowers, and most harvestable food crops (except for rice.)

You may place seeds (found inside the house in the gardening basket) in the empty planter to grow the following additional crops:
Assorted flowers

If you choose to plant a different crop or remove one or all crops, simply open up the planter and remove your seeds and/or place the seeds you wish to grow inside the planter! Note: if you place all the seeds inside the container only one will be planted.

There is also a water garden planter provided, which you may plant the water garden seeds in to grow an assorted collection of water plants. Yes, this does include a re-harvestable nirnroot.

Note: The water garden ONLY uses the water garden seeds, and the regular planter does not use the water garden seeds.

The gardening basket respawns the seeds in case you accidentally drop them or forget where you put them.

You may tend to the garden to gain a special alchemy boost if you have the following: a full watering can (again, you may fill this at the river) a rake, a shovel, and a hoe. However, you may not do so until you have learned the knowledge to care for plants by reading the Cyrodiil Farmer's Almanac...which is inside at the writing table.

There is a very small mushroom garden in the shade behind the house (swim around the water wheel) as well.

You may pack a picnic in the kitchen at the empty basket if you have the proper food items.

Once you have packed the picnic, you may take it to the garden and set up a picnic at the picnic table.A container version of the picnic you packed will be available to you then, and it will respawn for future use.

You do not have to pack a new picnic every time, for when you take down the picnic by activating the picnic settings you will get your picnic back! However, if you loose your picnic supplies you may pack a new one at any time at the empty basket.

Hint: all the items you need are in similar baskets!

If you have a pair of fishing waders you may begin to think about going fishing by rowing the row boat (not literally, it's just a door) to the fishing spot. However, you'll find it quite useless if you do not also have bait available to use.

To find bait, you must begin looking for piles of dirt to harvest throughout the yard. The dirt is set up like flora to respawn.

When you are wearing fishing waders and have bait, you may go fishing. Sometimes you may catch a mudcrab, sometimes you may catch a slaughterfish, and sometimes you catch nothing at all. Even if you fail, you still loose bait.

If you do not have fishing waders I have provided some hanging inside the house on the laundry line.

If you fall off the boat and want back up, search for a seat on the edge of the boat. You will be placed back inside the boat.

Hint: If finding dirt is too difficult there is a surplus in it in the old foundation...if you can find the entrance!

There are lutes located in the main room of the cottage and bedroom. You may "play" them. No new animations, just a new song to listen to. Note: If you have any music playing besides default (i.e. combat music) the lute will only restart the current song.

You may light all the fires except for those located in the kitchen and cellar. In order to light them you will need to have a bundle of firewood in your inventory.

If you choose to put them out you will need a bucket of water. If you do not have a bucket, you will burn yourself!

You may harvest ash from the fireplaces.

There are silver tea sets located in the main room (upstairs) and in the bedroom. You may brew yourself a nice cup of tea, but you must complete the entire process!

You may harvest special bergamot leaves from the garden and dry them in the drying rack (located in the cellar) or you may
grab some from existing bundles of drying bergamot. (Both ways will respawn)

You must then grind them in the kitchen at the tea mortar and pestle, so that you have a small sack of tea.

Then, you'll need to boil a bucket of water (the pot for boiling water is in the bathroom)

You will also need to fetch yourself a nice empty teacup from the dish hutches in the kitchen.

You may live the life of an artist! You may paint three different paintings at the painting easel, and then hang them in the empty frame in the hallway.

You must be wearing the painting apron to paint, and the painting palette must have enough paint to continue. You do not need a paintbrush. Hey, finger painting can be fun!

You may find the painting apron hanging on the laundry line in the bathroom.

To start out, I have provided you with enough paint in the palette to paint one of each. However, once gone you will need to collect the required ingredients and mix additional paint which will then be placed in the palette. Each time you mix paint, you mix enough for 3 paintings.

You may then hang your paintings or sell them. To hang them, open up the empty frame and place one inside. It will then be shown.

Note: If you place two or all three of them inside the frame only one will show. To remove your painting or switch paintings, simply open up the frame again and remove or add the paintings of your choice.

You may create several outfits from start to finish. To begin, you will need to shear the ram to obtain a sack of wool.

You may butcher a sheep, and then take its pelt to the tanning rack (located in the shed) to tan the hide. Once the tanning process is complete, you will have a bolt of leather.

You may spin the sack of wool at the spinning wheel. One back of wool produces 10 hanks of wool yarn.

Once you have wool yarn, you may then dye it at the various dye pots if you have the proper ingredients. Each dye use will dye 5 hanks of yarn. You will need to refill the dye pots per use.

You may then weave the dyed yarn into various bolts of fabric at the loom. It takes 5 hanks of yarn to create a bolt of cloth.

Once you have woven the proper cloth, you may use the sewing basket to sew the following:
Fishing waders (blue and tan)
Belted outfit (brown and tan)
Green outfit(brown, light green, and dark green)
Patched outfit (light green, tan, and red)
Shoes (leather)

Several hats are included throughout the property. The fancy hats are not designed to go with any in game apparel; however the other set of hats will compliment the outfits which you may sew. The hats use the amulet slot and will not replace your hair.

You may wash your daily work clothes once you have prepared the laundry basin located in the bathroom.

You will need to fill the basin with a bucket of water and the suds from one bar of lavender soap. Once full, it will remain full for
future uses. You may wash: the baking apron, the painting apron, the blacksmith gloves, and fishing waders.

Once washed, you will be given the wet items to hang up on the laundry line...however; you will need the fireplace to be lit in order for them to dry (which they will instantly).

You may have a quick wash-up at the wash bowl on the dresser in the bathroom. You do not need to fill this or use soap. It will boost your personality temporarily.

You may fill the bath for a nice daily bath to cure yourself of disease and renew your health. You will need to heat a bucket of water at the boiling pot and add a bar of soap.

Once the tub is ready, you may actually sleep in the tub for your specified amount of time. You may only bathe once a day. However, if you have the items to ready the bath for next time and do not wish to carry them around until then, you may do so.

A useable outhouse is included on the grounds. No, I did not include anything too gross here! You may open the outhouse and sit inside.

However, if you haven't made a sheet of handmade parchment inside in the cellar you will not get away clean! Literally. Woops, I gave you worms! (Don’t worry, the bath will remove them.)

You may perform alchemical experiments at the static alchemy equipment on the desk. To use, simply activate. It will equip level based equipment for you and open up the alchemy menu. You do not need alchemy equipment in your inventory to use this, but you do need ingredients! If you have cared for the garden the alchemical boost will serve you well here.

You may create spells at the book of spell making.

You may enchant items at the book of enchanting.

You may control the lighting of the candles in the laboratory as well...as I just couldn't understand leaving candles burning in a small and musty room for too long so you may light them and blow them out as you choose.

There is dedicated storage for various potions, gems, stones, scrolls, and ingredients.

At night, you may use the telescope to receive a magicka boost from the stars.

You may use the Arcane Shopping Network's order form to order several unique items if you have lost them or sold them. You may purchase new baking aprons, painting aprons, blacksmith gloves, watering cans, teacups, and fill the crate in the smithy area with metal plates if you have the gold. All other items you need for the farm have been provided via the crafting service if you need additional items.

The order form is located on the writing table in the main farmhouse.


Fox the dog may be sent to several places by your command.

If you tell him it is bed time, he will go lay on the bedroom floor. Note: I love this feature, I couldn't scrap it. But, sometimes he decides to lie on things or be in the way. If you do not like it, send him elsewhere!

If you tell him to go back in and eat, he will go back to his original spot in the main farm house by his food and water bowl.

If you send him to play with the sheep, he will obnoxiously chase around the ram and nose him around. Note: The sheep also follow the ram so this gets a little fun to watch sometimes!

If you send him to the garden, he will pace happily about on the main path while you harvest, have a picnic, or enjoy a nice quiet moment on the hanging swing.

If you tell Fox to guard the yard keep in mind what companions you may have in tow. When he's in guard mode he's super strong and is not fond of anything that might cause his precious home any harm! Fox will attack on sight any one or anything that is a member of the following factions: Creatures, Bandits, Conjurers, Deadra, Dremoras, Liches, Mauraders, Necromancers, and the undead. He patrols the area from the main gate to the river, but any creature that might have a desire to attack the farm animals or a horse if you leave one there should encounter Fox first. Fox will also go after anything attacking you that does not fall on his attack on sight list..and this includes barnyard animals if you are in combat with them within range.

Note: As some people may know Lucien Lachance and Shadowmere use some of these factions. I have tested, and in no cases did Fox go after either party. You may safely stable Shadowmere with Fox in guard mode. HOWEVER, this only applies while Shadowmere is your active horse. if, by some amazing effort, mount another horse whith shadowmere still at the farm Fox will then attack Shadowmere. The safest bet is to switch Fox out of guard mode if you are expecting Lucien or have Shadowmere in tow.

You may fill a bucket with clay from the river bed and form it into pottery at the pottery wheel located in the cellar. You will need to fetch red and blue paint from the paint palette as well.

Once formed, it will be placed in the hearth in the cellar to cure for several hours.

Handmade pottery is worth more than regular clay pottery and is needed for several other functions.

Soap Making:
You may make more soap for the bath by first harvesting ashes from some fireplaces, or from the old foundation. Ashes will respawn. At times it can be difficult to find the ashes in the fireplace, so just patiently move your curser. The mod was not designed for power play bur rather those who take their time and carefully explore surroundings.

Take the ashes, several lavender, and a bucket of water to the leaching barrel located in the cellar to obtain a vial of lye.

You may then boil this vial of lye in the boiling pot located in the cellar with sheep fat and lavender until it comes up to temperature.

Once to temperature, you must pour it into the soap cooling mold by activating it again. The soap will cool immediately and you may remove it from the mold.

Cheese making:
You may milk the cow for a bucket of milk, pasteurize it at the milk cauldron in the kitchen, and then place it in the aging rack located in the cellar to make various kinds of cheeses.

You may remove the cheese at any time while allowing the
rest of the cheese to continue aging. At 5 days you receive young cheese, at 10 you receive mild cheese, at 15
you receive a cheese wedge, at 20 you receive a cheese wheel, at 25 you receive sharp cheese, and at 30 days
you receive mold cheese.

One bucket of milk provides 1 piece of cheese.

Multiple buckets may be placed in the mold to age. You may remove cheese from the mold at any time past 5 days if multiple buckets of milk where placed in the mold, while allowing any remaining cheese to continue aging. If one bucket has been placed, the first time you remove a single piece of cheese from the mold the mold will be empty again.

Once the aging process has begun more milk may not be added to the cheese mold until it has been emptied.

Wine making:
You may gather grapes from the garden, and then press them in the grape press located in the cellar to begin the wine making process.

It takes 10 grapes to make a bucket of juice. More than 10 can be used, but not more than 19 per bucket. If you put 12 grapes in the press you will only get one bucket, if you put in 20 you will get 2 buckets, and so on so it is well worth saving any extra grapes until you have a multiple of 10. This wine press will press several buckets at one time if the proper amounts of grapes are present.

To operate the wine press, open up the press and place the grapes inside. Then activate the wheel mechanism on top.

When then the press is finished pressing, you may open up the grape press and take your buckets out. You will also receive one bucket of grape pomace inside the press, as well as one bucket of pomace which has drained out of the press and is now on the floor.

Once pressed, place the juice buckets inside the wine keg next to it to begin the aging process to obtain pitchers of wine. At 10 days you may pour a pitcher of "cheap wine", at 20 days "fine wine", and at 30 days a "vintage wine".

At any point during the aging process, pitchers may be filled while allowing what is not taken from the keg to continue aging if there is more than a single bucket of grape juice originally placed inside. If only one bucket had been placed inside the keg, upon first removal the keg will be empty again.

Once the aging process has begun more juice cannot be added until the aging process is complete and the keg has been emptied.

One bucket of juice produces 1 pitcher of wine. You must have handmade clay pitchers to collect the wine once it is ready.

The ale keg had been drained dry previous to your arrival, but you may refill it by gathering wheat, corn, water, and grape pomace.

Once you have filled the keg you may use a handmade clay tankard at the keg to fill up a tankard with bitter corn ale at your leisure.

You may create butter and buttermilk for various cooking needs at the butter churn in the kitchen. You will need a bucket of milk from milking the cow. You will also need a handmade clay plate and handmade clay pitcher to collect the resulting butter and buttermilk.

You may bake several baked goods at the bakery mixing bowl on the kitchen counter. You may bake:
Pumpkin nut sweetrolls
Buttermilk bread
Citrus berry sweetcakes
Strawberry custard
Apple pie

You may bake all these items at various times and have one of each on the hearth at all times if you choose. They will require time to bake before you may take them from the hearth.

You must be wearing the baking apron to bake! It is hanging up in the bathroom on the laundry line when you first enter the farm house.

You may cook various dishes in the cooking pot located in the kitchen hearth. You may choose between:
Beef stew
Ham and cheese chowder
Fisherman’s pasty
Shepard’s pie

You will need to prep the mudcrab and slaughterfish caught from fishing if you choose to cook a fisherman's pasty. There is a crab hammer and a filleting knife located on the kitchen counter which you may use to prep them.

Some dishes may call for wine or ale in the cooking and baking recipes. I have provided you with some in the food locker so you may make your first batch, but after that you are on your own!

You will need 3 handmade clay bowls per each batch of stew of chowder you choose to make.

The dishes require time to cook before you may remove them from the cooking pot.

You may mix a fresh salad at the salad mixing bowl located on the kitchen counter if you have the proper ingredients. You will need a handmade clay bowl to place the salad in.

Each time you eat or drink a potion which is in a container you have made or found specifically at the farm, an empty or dirty version will be added to your inventory instead.

You may wash the dirty dishes at the wash basin in the kitchen to get versions of them which you may reuse in various functions.

To use the wash basin, you will need to fill it with a bucket of water and the suds from a bar of soap. You only need to do this once.

You may choose to have the kitchen table set, or you may activate the table settings to place them in a pile inside the wash basin. This will allow you to set the table with food and dishes from your inventory if you please.

If you wish to place the settings back on the table, activate the dishes in the wash basin and they will be placed back on the table.

Flour Mill:
You may grind wheat into flour at the mill inside the mill house. It will take 10 wheat grain to make a bag of flour.

Paper Making:
You may create sheets of handmade parchment at the mold & deckle located in the cellar.

You will need a sack of wood chips, which you may harvest from the area at the base of the wood chopping block.

You will need to mix these with a bucket of water to create paper which you may use at the outhouse to avoid disease.

Dungeon Lair:
Technically, I gave you two houses. The Sanctuary in Fort Chalman can be used as a player home if you really want to. I included some food, alchemy, safe storage, a spell making book, and an enchanting altar. The body of Illdanara will disappear about 3 days after you've first visited the cell (which is the typical time for cell reset.)


In the Cobl version the following has been added or changed:

A COBL grinder has been added to the attic laboratory's desk. "Grinders convert various miscellaneous items into alchemical materials: bones into bone dust, gems into gem dust, iron ingots into iron filings, etc." Do NOT store anything in the grinder, as COBL grinders respawn.

The ingredient cabinet in the laboratory now uses COBL's sorting scripts. Please refer to the COBL readme for more information.

The Luggage has been added to the upstairs hallway. If you have not found The Luggage in game yet in it's original location (see COBL readme) you will not see it in the hallway. Once found, it will be available for use. COBL Glue is required for the luggage to be in your game.

My eggs and butter meshes and references have been removed. Instead, you will find or make COBL's eggs and butter. This means you may also buy additional butter and eggs with COBL glue installed from various merchants. The butter churn and cooking scripts have been adjusted for the changes. You will no longer need a plate to put the butter on when using the churn, and you will no longer receive a dirty plate when cooking or baking and using the butter.This also means that you no longer have a need to wash a dirty plate, so the option has been removed from the dish washing script. The harvesting of eggs has not changed, except that you receive a COBL egg.

The barrel under the empty basket in the kitchen has been changed to a water barrel to accomidate a COBL-aware thirst mod.. If you are not running a survival mod, the barrel will simply be an activator.

I decided to not include a dinner plate. I usually do in my COBL mods, but lately I've received feedback that people aren't using them, or the mods needed for them to work and are therefore confused by the plate.

Please note that I have in the past received questions about the following COBL features not being included: static alchemy and enchanting/spell making altars. Most of my house mods include these features already in the non COBL versions and there is no point in changing them for the COBL version. Now I know this readme is long, but you should also be able to figure this out in game. Please no more emails. :)

Please read and be aware of the Common Oblivion readme and features:


Name: Millstone Farm Unique Landscapes "Ancient Yews" Compatibility Patches
Version: 1
Date: 1/4/2010
Category: Buildings, player owned home, patches
Author(s): Korana


Included are patches which allow Millstone Farm to be used with Unique Landscapes "Ancient Yews" without landscape errors or obstructions/missing
objects. You may play both mods without the patch, but you'll have a giant log in the path near the farm, quite a few missing or misplaced rocks, and the river to the west
will be quite messed up in a few spots.

The farm sits where the last stretch of river and falls are added by Ancient Yews. That last section of river is removed by Millstone Farm, but aside from that I've left
or rebuilt things to stay within the same style as Ancient Yews.

There was quite a few spots along the river I had to rebuild by hand and there may be many spots where I've missed a landscape texture tweak. Please
send me cell coordinates and a screenshot when bug reporting these or it'll be impossibe to track the spot down!

You will need to download and install either Millstone Farms or the COBL Edition of Millstone Farm, as well as Unique Landscapes "Ancient Yews".
The esp and files are required and without them this is useless. 'Nuff said. :)

1. Extract this archive to your Oblivion directory, or extract to a temporary directory and manually copy
over files if you prefer.
2. Start Oblivion Launcher (Or Mod Manager if preferred), click 'Data Files', place a checkmark beside the .esp

Please use the following load order:

Millstone_Farm.esp ORMillstone_Farm_COBL.esp
Millstone_UL_Patch.esp OR MillstoneCOBL_UL_Patch.esp

You may load other UL files after this, you just need to have it load before Millstone Farm to avoid landscape texture errors!

The game will crash if you attempt to use the COBL patch with the non COBL farm esp, and vice versa. Please pay attention to the esp

Name: Millstone Farm Paintings Compatibility
Version: 1
Date: 1/25/2010
Category: Buildings, player owned home, patches
Author(s): Korana


Included in this archive are meshes and textures for use with Millstone Farm and any painting texture replacer. These are intended to allow the player to paint
paintings which match their titles, icons, and style as originally intended...without conflicting with any player installed texture replacer or overwriting any other
paintings in game.

I decided against including these in the main archives, as players running increased resolution textures for paintings that do not modify their images would be
reverted to lower resolution textures for the paintings.

Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the .esp file(s) Then? Delete the esp(s)


Due to the bed pillow issue being mentioned above, I will not consider making this compatible with any mod which allows you to see yourself sleeping. Please do NOT ask.

This is in theory compatabile with the Haunted House mod, as the only difference should be a landscape texture near the cell border of Muck Valley Cave. However, I do not have SI installed to test. If you play the two of them together, let me know!

I fixed up loads of landscape textures errors in the general area that I noticed, which I believe where vanilla issues. If you view the cell list you may see this. Please don’t come reporting a conflict unless you have investigated it thoroughly!

Natural Vegetation users WILL have a few spots around the shed, barn, and outhouse where some flora clips through things. Because of how Natural Vegetation changes the scale of trees/shrubs/bushes, there is no way for me to easily make a fix without
redoing 8 esps and rebuilding the area around the outhouse to avoid the apple tree clipping into the outhouse's roof. It's your decision if you want to continue using this mod due to those few minor clips, continue using natural vegetation, or ignore the clipping.
I currently have no plans to re-plant several areas.continue using natural vegetation, or ignore the clipping. I currently have no plans to re-plant several areas.[/b]

Additional Notes

- With all the items you may make, harvest, or sell I opted to NOT provide a player owned mount so please do not ask for the ability to ride the Old Grey Mare! Get busy and with enough patience I'm sure you can earn enough money to buy one soon!

- If any of your animals escape their designated areas, they have AI packages which will cause them to return to them. However, you might want to leave the gates open to make this easier for them and try to shut the gates behind you whenever possible when they are in their proper areas. The pigs are the only ones who may have a slight issue returning home, but they have never escaped on me!

-The animals use the sheep's animations, and sometimes bury their heads in the ground. Sometimes it's cute, but other times they may appear to be highly uncomfortable. Most of the time I found it cute, so I've opted to not give them special idles to remove the possibility of it occurring.

- Due to the angle the boat "doors" sit at you may experience compass jumping if you activate them without a direction being directly in the center of your compass. This is NOT a mod
issue but simply the way your have placed your camera.

- I had to make the conscious choice between creating simple collisions which the game handles with the best FPS, or more complicated ones which the game doesn't always like in some cases. Because of this, you may notice if you go to drop something in the dinner settings or on various things such as baskets, that they will not settle right.You can also step through parts of the trash heap. These decisions where based on uses and cell information.

- I did not include optional icons for 50% or 80% resolution. I have in the past, and generally inquired about the use of them and received very little feedback.

- I did make the unwilling choice to move a creature spawn point some ways away from the farm. (Else there would have been a creature spawning under the house!) If you have any issues with
overhaul mods please let me know. However, I left a few so if you get a few stray creatures that is why.
This cuts down on conflicts.

-Due to the game engine's time scale, any timed feature which takes place past 9pm may take shorter than the mentioned time.

-Grass acts differently for everyone and even per load, so if you have a few spots of misbehaving grass…that’s why!

Picnic Basket
Quiver of Practice Arrows
Gardening Basket
Trash Heap (Unless intentional)
Cheese aging rack
Wine press
Wine aging barrel

-If you get bad FPS or your computer blows up, you are on your own. Any emails about "my FPS is poo!" will be quickly sent to the recycle bin. This mod was built with my system in mind, not yours. I could even play this with corrupted video drivers so I really do not want to hear it. Any comments on any mod release page will be met with a response you will not enjoy and there's a lovely post on my blog you should read if you so much as think about making a snide comment.

I am aware that some people on older or more moderate machines may not be able to run well in certain areas. However, I will not change my artist vision and what I really wanted to achieve so when I say keep it to yourself? I mean it.

-If you're inside when the light changes, you might notice the lights changing in a sequence.

-Sometimes, the game engine is a little iffy with the commands used to play music from the lute. In all my 100+ tests it worked perfectly, with only one minor flaw. If you activate the lute in the main farmhouse, the music will not reset when you exit to go outside, but will when you exit the main farmhouse to enter other rooms. I could have scripted the door to trouble shoot this, but I became so accustom to hearing the lute song while walking in the garden with Fox that I absolutely refuse to. It’s an issue I adore!

-If you have a CTD while switching hats and are wearing a wig, it is most likely because of the wig…not the hat. Items used on the head can cause CTDs when not set to trishapes. I usually fix 3rd party wigs to avoid this from the get go so the hats where designed to be loose to be worn with them. If you need assistance in changing the wigs contact me and I can give you a walkthrough.

1/4/2010 - Version 1
1/7/2010 - COBL Version 1.01. Adjusted the water barrel in the kitchen to be an activator to avoid a reported CTD occuring due to the water barrel's modified script from FF Real Thirst COBL causing the barrel's menu to open as well as the thirst menu to open.

1/25/2010 - Paintings uploaded

Patches archive updated accordingly so no load order manipulation should be required by the player. If you are downloading the update to COBL 1.01 the updated patch is included and you do not need to redownload both patches.

3/8/2010 - No version change, only cleaning. Chaky, author of the UL Total Patch Compilation OMOD ( http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=21496 )
cleaned up the UL patches. I, ahhhh, kind of forgot to clean them after I loaded them up to adjust the load order for the COBL patch.

10/27/2010 - Adjusted the patch to work with Ancient Yews v1.4.3. Apparently a pesky additional map marker was causing the crashes between both mods after the Ancient Yews update.