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This mod adds a shop selling mod which Tona made to oblivion.

Permissions and credits
Tona's Mods Store ver2.0 Full
by tona

Thank you for downloading my mod!
If you were able to enjoy it in this mod, I am glad.

I am sorry, but I cannot speak English. Therefore, this sentence uses the machine translation.
I may not understand your words, but please forgive it.

This mod adds a shop selling mod which Tona made to oblivion.

Hobby Collection Ver1--- In Game Title "HC"
Airy-Lily for HGEC Ver1--- In Game Title "AL"
Gradriel Armor for HGEC ver1--- In Game Title "GA"
Anchorite Outfit for HGEC ver1--- In Game Title "AO"
Casual & Quiet Muffler for HGEC ver1--- In Game Title "CQ"
Casual & Quiet Muffler for HGEC ver2--- In Game Title "CQ2"
Clothes And Underwear for HGEC Ver1--- In Game Title "CU"
Clothes And Underwear for HGEC Ver2--- In Game Title "CU2"
Shadow-Walker for HGEC ver2--- In Game Title "SW"
SimpleDress-Armor for HGEC ver3--- In Game Title "SDA"
Traveling Items ver1--- In Game Title "TI"
WhiteSquall-Armor for HGEC ver2--- In Game Title "WSA"

There is the merchant treating an acquisition of the vanilla related low item in a shop.
A room for players is prepared and, in the second floor of the shop, can use the container written as "Player's ****".(never respawns)

Calm Cottage is usable as your house.
You can use the container of "Player's ****" and "Aalchemy ****".(never respawns)
Added take off your clothes Script.
If the equipment does not come back companion,please ring equipped.
You can Bathing Mod.

When you enter your Fitting Room to get the magic Spcial Feather.
Magic and magic effects out of the room and you will be removed.

UpperBody use of HGEC Like A Bab,HGEC C Cup and HGEC AA Cup.
---Bodies are different by the equipment.

HGEC Like A Bab is HGEC of the figure that it modelled on Bab.
---It is Japanese local MOD.
Even if you do not have it, I can use this MOD without a problem.

LowerBody use of HG EyeCandy.
---In this MOD, I worked as some buttocks upward>>Named KMLowerBody(Made by Tona)

Anchorite Outfit for HGEC
---In a small church, you will find the ring.
The ring lets true power of MagicRobe wake.
Leave from an IC northwest.

---When ring and you equipped with MagicRobe pulled a sword, the power exercises it.
Match a color of MagicRobe with the name of the ring.

OBSE Ver0013 or higher

Known Issues;
Anchorite Outfit for HGEC
---MagicRobe holds a book in the left hand, but you can be equipped with Torch, Bow, Shield and Ring.
This MOD does not consider a companion.
When you are equipped with MagicRobe and a ring and do an unsheathed sword, you cannot take off MagicRobe.
Please exclude Ring whether you put a sword.

---This MOD have DLC6 and UL and competition of the ground.
---You can enter the bathroom only to seven.
It limits it with script.
However, it is likely to be able to enter a room according to companion's kind.
Amulet of the tail and equipment are not undressing.

Please see the screen shot.

Extract to your Oblivion/Data folder and check the esp. file. If prompted, allow files to overwrite.

Disclaimer and Terms of Use;
You can modify this MOD freely.
When you revise this MOD and distribute it, please attach a readme file by all means.
And write my name(tona) in the readme file.
Don't forget to put Credits & Special Thanks's names.
And your readme file must write all the credit of the readme file of this MOD.

Changes History(Store);
- 2.0
Added HC(Hobby Colletion)
TI;Added Small Lantarn
Store;Added Fitting Room
Store;Modified Etc...
- 1.5.1
AL;Fixed Meshes
- 1.5
Added AL(Airy-Lily)
CQ;Fixed Icons
- 1.4
GA;Fixed Bug(Script/Weight)
AO;Modified Meshes/Texture
AO;Added HGEC AA Cup Ver.
Store;Added Calm Cottage/Terrace
Store;Modified Etc...
Store;Modified Light
- 1.3.2
GA;Fixed Bug
Store;Fixed Bug
- 1.3.1
Added Meshes/Texture
- 1.3
Added GA(Gradriel Armor for HGEC)
Modified CU2 TIWaistbagDarkBrownSlimT
Modified CU2 TIFootBlackTx.nif
Modified Store Merchant Character
Added Place;Tona's Mods Studio ver.alpha
- 1.2
CU2;Added ShortBoots
- 1.1
SDA;Fixed Registration Onepiece gnd.nif Files
SDA;Deleted Disused Icons
ALL Items;Fixed Icons
- 1.0
Initial Release

Credits & Special Thanks;
Exnem's Female EyeCandy Body Replacer
RAIAR's HG EyeCandy Body
Vanilla Beans's Script
Ookami-Shonen's Script
And All Senior Modders

Thank you!=)