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TANTRIVAYLIA -- Version 1.01

by EdwardNorth

Version 1.01 ESP's have been released -- this fixes the missing merchant and training options that Clanmates offer.


Due to the rearranging of the Master Suite cell and all the different Wall Tower cells, PLEASE take all of your items out of these cells as well as any storage crates/desks/chests/etc and put them somewhere outside of these cells BEFORE you unpack the new files and run the updated version. This will ensure that you do not lose anything, as these areas have been split into 2 different cells each to allow companions to follow you properly within them.

Also, please reference the patch notes towards the bottom of these file details to see what has been fixed and what enhancements have been performed. I hope this addresses the things you guys wanted to see and I hope you enjoy the update! Sorry it took so long to get out to you all.

Now, without further adieu...


You've heard people whispering about it on the streets. When they speak about it, you can hear the sadness in their voices. They say that a small town in
Southeastern Cyrodiil, just getting on its feet, is being preyed upon by dark, unknown forces. People are disappearing and their loved ones are desperate
to find them. It serves as a painful reminder of the troubled times we live in and though it may seem insignificant in the wake of the Oblivion crisis, you
feel compelled to offer your assistance. As you gather your equipment and ready yourself to depart, your mind wanders about the possibilities of the situation.
What will you encounter? Is it a simple case of disappearance by way of misadventure?
Or indeed, are there truly dark and evil forces at work?

Travelling through the forests on your way to the village, you swear you can feel an aura of darkness closing around you. The faint scent of undeath mixed with an aroma of blood lingers in the air, becoming more pronounced as you draw nearer to your destination. You feel as if a pair of evil, powerful eyes has transfixed a gaze upon you from afar and is burning a hole into the back of your neck, yet when you turn around nothing is there. Something definately isn't right. But the question is, what?

Only YOU have the power to discover the truth...


Tantrivaylia is a modification for Oblivion that features a fun and engaging storyline leading up to ownership of a rather unique castle as well as the clan which inhabits it. There are a number of quests involved and they will take you across the eastern reaches of Cyrodiil. This mod combines some elements from a number of fun sources in the fantasy genre and introduces a bit of new lore, yet stays true to Elder Scrolls canon along the way.

ONE IMPORTANT NOTE -- Tantrivaylia incorporates some adult and sexual themes, as well as nudity if you have a nude body mesh installed, and is intended for audiences 18 years of age and older. These themes read and play out more like a steamy romance novel, but there are some very sexual concepts introduced and discussed during the course of the adventure, so if you are under 18 or are offended by this type of thing, please do not play.

No explicit sexual content is included, however.


Engaging storyline - I've done my best to make you actually care about each and every character involved. Well... except for the evil ones maybe!

- Become the savior of a town in need. Discover what happened to those missing and make new friends and companions along the way.
- Discover remnants of a race thought "lost" to Tamriel and learn the dark secret clouding their existence.
- Multiple quests and some nice rewards along the way.
- Dialogue includes empty 8 second MP3 files as well as stock lip files to add realism and immersion to each and every conversation.

Ownership of a unique and nicely equipped castle in a truly beautiful location

- Located in the southern reaches of the Valus mountains
- Unbelievable views, able to see into 4 different provinces of Tamriel.
- Unique and scripted items and devices as well as a few fun secrets to discover!
- Unique and varied areas with lots of storage, display cases, and stands for mannequins scattered throughout.

Become the leader of a fully functional clan with over a dozen unique members

- Fully scripted AI with full and busy 24 hour schedules including work and play.
- Each clanmate has their own horse and can mount/dismount by your command when accompanying you.
- All of them will accompany you at will with no limits. Take the whole clan out for a stroll if your PC can handle it!
- Many interactions with each clanmate from dancing to riding horses.
- Each clanmate can train up to Expert in a specific skill, some trade items.

Become the savior of a town in need and best friends with some of them

- Friends can accompany you the same way clanmates can, and have most of the same features.
- Townsfolk also all have full 24 hour schedules including duties and downtime.
- Fun little secrets to discover if you spend time with your friends or do some snooping after dark.


Tantrivaylia does conflict with locations added by a couple of other mods. The castle location conflicts with a legion fort added by "Myths and Legends", and also with the Griffon Fortress modders' resource that mr_siika and centurion put together, so if you have either of those installed there WILL be issues as it puts the fortress/fort right on top of Castle Tantrivaylia.

Also, the German mod "Der Orden" (The Order) conflicts with the placement of the castle and is not compatible.

The only other mod I've found that puts something closeby the castle is Ogramirads Unmarked Places. That mod seems to be compatible as his small change to the area is still intact with Tantrivaylia active.

The affected areas for this mod are the southern reaches of the Valus Mountains and the southern shore of Lake Canulus.


This mod requires the Shivering Isles expansion pack as well as the Horse Armor DLC. It will likely work fine without horse armor, however some of the horses will be missing Elven and Steel bridles if you don't have it installed. I am also using items from several other mods, of which all required parts are included with the Tantrivaylia download.


To install Tantrivaylia, Unzip the contents located within the DATA folder of this archive into your Oblivion\Data folder. Note however that I have included several Alternative ESP files -- These are based on what you have your TIMESCALE set at, because a certain part of the Castle has custom water which will "sparkle" either way too fast or way too slow if you use a non-standard Timescale. The default ESP in the DATA folder is set to the default timescale of 30, and the 3 alternative ESP's are set to timescales of 5, 12, and 20 respectively. To use one of the alternative ESP's simply take that Tantrivaylia.ESP file from the AlternateESPs\Timescale5, 12, or 20 folder and place it in your Oblivion\Data folder.

After all that is done, be sure to activate BOTH the Tantrivaylia.ESP and TantrivayliaChimer.ESM files in the "Data Files" list or in your respective mod manager and you should be good to go!

Your adventure will begin automatically after loading a saved game -- as with the Shivering Isles expansion, you will automatically receive a new quest and journal entry bringing you up to date on the gossip you've been hearing.


Ver. 0.99 - Initial Release
Ver. 0.99a - Fixed some quest and companion dialogue which was not functioning properly for male player characters. Also made a small adjustment to one bit of dialogue as well as fixed a decoration in the Pub that blocked the PC and NPCs from walking behind the bar.
Ver. 1.0 - Major bugfix and enhancement release


- Missing tub texture -- Changed texture directory from bathmodtant to bathmod to fix issue
- Dialogue regarding master suite explanation - Male characters no longer referred to as "Mistress"
- Bugloss flowers in gardens foating - Planted them down the best I could
- "Googly Eyes" problem with the elves - Created set of alternate ESP files giving them all stock Green eyes
- Executive Desk in master suite respawning - Fixed it to make it safe for storage


- Moved the Master Bath and lower section of each wall tower into separate cells to allow companions to travel everywhere in the castle
- Companions and enemies alike have been modified to level with the player to address 2 things:
...Comments that companions died to easy when player was at higher levels
...Comments that the monsters and boss were too easy to kill for decent player
This should allow all companions in the game to remain useful no matter how high your level, as well as allow the enemies to offer more fun and challenge if
you play the mod with a high level character
- Dancing can now be both started and stopped by Lesser Power spells available on a scroll sitting on the Executive Desk in the master suite:
...Cast "Tantrivaylia - Dance Fever!" to make all Tantrivaylia and Candelshire companions (as well as you, the player) start dancing at the same time
...Cast "Tantrivaylia - Finish Dance" to stop all dancing and reset your player character (useful if you left a companion dancing but don't know who and
your character keeps trying to dance!)
- Due to popular request, the Lace Curtains on both sides of the bed are now movable. They have 3 positions -- Open, Half-open, and Closed. Simply activate
and enjoy!

Ver. 1.01 - Fixed the issue with missing Clanmate merchant and training options


I have included an additional Readme file with this mod that gives a few helpful pointers in making the most out of your new home. PLEASE do not read this until AFTER you finish the main quest of the mod, so as not to spoil anything for yourself ahead of time. I've put a ton of AI and scripting into alot of the interactions your new friends and companions will do with you when the quest is complete, and there are a few peculiarities I want to mention to help you avoid any issues.

A COUPLE FINAL WORDS -- I didn't use quest markers at all since I find them to be immersion breaking. You shouldn't have any problem figuring out where to go or what to do however, as I've done my best to make the dialogue logical and helpful without being TOO helpful. Also, I recommend players be at LEAST around level 25 to get through the mod. There isn't a huge amount of fighting, but at certain points what fighting there is gets VERY tough and the enemies are not levelled. My low 30's character with some rather overpowered gear still finds it to be challenging, but it's fun that way!

Low level characters proceed at your own risk!

Also, with regards to the dancing activity and interaction you can engage in with friends, it works like this -- when you ask them to dance, YOU the PLAYER will also begin to dance after a few moments! To cancel this out you must speak to your dance partner again and thank them for the dance. Otherwise the dance animation will stay as your idle, which suffice it to say, can make thinks a little difficult!

With regards to this mod -- Please do not modify or redistribute it without my permission. More specifically, if you wish to make changes for your own personal usage, that is fine, just don't distribute a changed version without checking with me first please! I'll most likely be fine with it if you ask me first, as long as I am credited as the original Author of Tantrivaylia everything should be fine. This mod is rather personal to me as I've been working on it on and off since 2006, and it is my first real mod for Oblivion. So you'll forgive me if I feel a little protective of my baby! =)

Oh, and here's a word to the wise -- use caution before indulging in a swig of Tantrivaylian Tonic. It has a mighty kick, eh?



I'd like to thank the following people for making their resources available for modders like me to use:

Elys for the excellent stock .LIP file!
Chigga for the amazing Thermae meshes and textures!
Mmmpld for the very intelligent anywhere sittable concept!
Pale_Rider for the awesome Indiana Jones hat!
Antistar for the wonderful copper bathtub!
Phaedra for the beautiful golden eye textures!

And last but certainly not least -- Bethesda Softworks for the amazing worlds they bring to life, as well as help US bring to life!