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Adds kneeling and standing prayer idles to the vanilla NPC AI packages for better atmosphere.

Permissions and credits
Version: 1.01
Date: 6/13/2011
Author: Dwip

Version 1.01 released 6/13/11
Version 1.0 released 12/30/09


If you've ever been in a chapel, you've noticed characters standing at the altars, staring into space. Or maybe you've noticed the endless restoration sounds as characters lunge at the altars for hours on end. This mod aims to change all that.

AFK_PrayerIdles ties idle animations to many of the vanilla AI packages for priests and worshippers in the great chapels of Cyrodiil. Now, when an NPC with the proper AI package approaches an altar, they will choose between kneeling and standing praying animations. The result of these small changes is a much more atmospheric, religious chapel experience.

Installation & Uninstalling

To install, unpack AFK_PrayerIdles.esp into your Oblivion/Data folder.
To uninstall, delete AFK_PrayerIdles.esp from your Oblivion/Data folder.


AFK_PrayerIdles is not compatable with Oblivifall - Losing My Religion, as that mod extensively modifies and replaces vanilla AI.

AFK_PrayerIdles should be compatable with just about anything. However, it does do the following:

  • Adds very small trigger zones to the Bravil, Cheydinhal, and Leyawiin chapels to force idles to play while at the altar with the appropriate AI packages, to cope with the limitations of the vanilla Travel packages.

It also adds idles appropriate to the following AI packages:

  • AnvilDailyWorshipEveningUseAltar / AnvilDailyWorshipMorningUseAltar series
  • AnvilPriestWorship series
  • BravilDailyWorshipEveningUseAltar / BravilDailyWorshipMorningUseAltar series
  • BravilPriestWorship series
  • BrumaDailyWorshipEveningUseAltar / BrumaDailyWorshipMorningUseAltar series
  • CheydinhalDialyWorshipEveningUseAltar / CheydinhalDailyWorshipMorningUseAltar series
  • CheydinhalPriestWorship series
  • ChorrolDailyWorshipEveningUseAltar / ChorrolDailyWorshipMorningUseAltar series
  • DarJeeDailyWorship12x2
  • LeyawiinDailyWorshipEveningUseAltar / LeyawiinDailyWorshipMorningUseAltar series
  • LeyawiinPriestDailyWorship and LeyawiinPrimateSundayWorship
  • SkingradDailyWorshipEveningUseAltar / SkingradDailyWorshipMorningUseAltar series

Known Issues

Because it only adds idles to vanilla AI packages, not all chapels will be affected equally. Cheydinhal and Bravil seem to get a lot of activity, Skingrad and Chorrol not much at all. This is because of how AI was given to NPCs in the vanilla game, and is not an issue with AFK_PrayerIdles.

Licensing and Legal

Please DO NOT redistribute or reupload this mod without my express permission.

Please DO feel free to use anything in this mod you think is worth using as a basis for your own modding efforts. This includes using AFK_PrayerIdles as a base for your own mods (which does not include new versions of AFK_PrayerIdles!). If you have a question, please ask. In all cases I would appreciate being notified and being given credit for my work.


Bethesda Softworks Forums: Dwip
TES Nexus: afk_dwip

Version History

Version 1.01 (6/13/11)

  • Updated readme.

Version 1.0 (12/30/09)

  • Initial public release.