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Added: 20/12/2009 - 11:47AM
Updated: 29/04/2012 - 12:34PM

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This is my Test Page ^_^

Some of my unused and Fun Animation for Walk and Run.

NOT FOR LORE (Please no comment on Lore because I'm Crazy )
NO ANIMATION REQUEST:Sorry. I make only animation from Mocap and I'm not Animator.

I find this mocap and try to use for walk and run (But I'm not really good for make this)

Some of this animations need little fix and no foot sound for all.Modder can fix (if want) and use in his mod.


This animation works only without Weapon

Cool Male Walk - I think this is cool
Sexy Model Walk - Different from my other Sexy mod walk
Sexy Model Walk - Variant 1 with different Arms Movement
Joggin Run - Slow but good for Jogging.
Skip Run - I think this is the same of Seph mod (Same mocap)
Sneak walk - Slow but I think this is better respect my other mod
Rollerblade Run - Fun with Rollerblade ^_^ (Someone can make Rollerblade Mesh)
Walk Jumping - Walk Like a Jumping Crazy Kid

Add Sexy Model Walk - Variant 1 with different Arms Movement

Installation for try:

No mod for this because this is a test Page:

-Choose your Animatione
-Put in Data\meshes\Characters\_Male

All Npc use this animation

Know Bugs/Issues/Compatibility

-No foot sound

When I export this animation the speed is really fast.
I use a little trick and for now work for slow down the animation, but I don't know if this is a problem for crash things.

I use Nifskope and decrease of 1 the Bip01 end time of last Key translation in Nitrasformdata . (If someone know other method tell me)

If someone know how slow down or increase speed with nifskope ,tell me.