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adds a sword with a random sigil stone effect on strike, and a dungeon maze to the game

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this adds a longsword called the Sigil Sword and a small maze dungeon to the game

=The Sword=

the sword is a modified (i tweaked mesh and stuck a sigil stone in it), recolored version of Imperator3's Angel Slayer --> (http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=26928)

the sword is twice as durable as a reg daedric longsword, and does about as much damage as a daedric claymore

i added a random spell script effect to the blade so when you hit someone with it there's
-25% chance of 25 fire damage
-25% chance of 25 frost damage
-25% chance of 25 shock damage
-24% chance of 30 health damage
-1% chance of 5 sec paralysis

=The Dungeon=

the dungeon is a 2 level maze with 3 keyes hidden inside, you must find each key to progress further into the maze

once you find the end of the maze you will have to fight a boss (he's got a LOT of health) to exit the maze with your prize