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A pirate style outfit for HGEC. There are 10 sets available with matching hats.

Permissions and credits
Normally, I do not allow endorsements on clothing mods. However, I'm not keen on the fact that nexus will not generate a comment topic without endorsements being started and user generated comment topics have been deleted on another entry of mine. This said, play nice and I will. None of this "ohhh it isn't my type" or "oooo the boots aren't big enough" or "oooohhh it's only HGEC right now" negative endorsement behavior. You have to download to negatively endorse, and unless you provide a valid (ie technical) reason as to why you're negatively endorsing it you earn a special place in the corner with me.

Name: Captain Molly for HGEC
Version: 1
Date: December 17, 2009
Category: Clothing/Armor
Requirements: Oblivion Patch, Eye Candy Body Textures
Author(s): Korana

This is a pirate style outfit for HGEC. There are 10 sets available
with matching hats.

To obtain the armor, you must enter Anvil's Harborside Warehouse and get
the key to Captain Molly's locked chest. The key is in a sack near Wilhelm
the Worm's sleeping area.

The chest contains 3 of each variant, and will respawn.

The hats are set up as amulets and will not replace your current hair.

While you are tresspassing, I took special care so that the sack that
holds the note and the key and the armor chest will not count as stealing
to open them and armor will not appear as stolen and are yours to keep.

And if you're wondering who Captain Molly was, she was an old Morrowind
character of mine...and crazy as can be.

(Note, brown strap texture on corset has changed since screenshots were
taken...I don't play as much as I used to.)

The outfits are set up as armor for companion use, as I've ran into a few
that refuse to wear clothing at times.

Required mods
* HGEC/Eyecandy body textures
* Oblivion Patch


1. Extract this archive into your Oblivion directory to install the files.

2. Start Oblivion Launcher, Click 'Data Files' and place a checkmark besides the following:

1. Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the .esp
2. Delete the following files associated with the mod.
3. Delete Captain_Molly_HGEC.esp


Known Issues or Bugs
You might get minor clipping in some poses, and major clipping with more extreme
pose mods.

Your head/hair may clip through the hats.

The outfits are high poly and may cause slow FPS on some systems. You have been
warned- I don't want to hear it. I didn't have to share!

December 17, 2009 - Verison 1 released.


You can find me under "Korana" at ORE, nexus, or TESeyecandy.co.uk or http://tesadventures.com
You can email me at the following address: [email protected] but due to some recent
mis-adventures I'd prefer contact via one of the above forums. Thanks for understanding!

Thanks to Bethesda for creating Oblivion.

Thanks to Hentai for the medalion mesh and string, shirt ruffles, and the armor of para which warped
into the hip sash.

Thanks to Xiamara for the HGEC conversion of the dress, the original shop box, and the neclakce jewels and settings.

Thanks to JClyde, AcidRain226, and Nioliv for the Fantasy Figures dress mesh (converted from Nioliv's BB dress mesh)

Thanks to Exnem & Raiar for the the Eyecandy/HGEC body!

Thanks to NPR/RAIAR for top/jacket, pants, and lower boot straps
Thanks to Petrovich for the boots

Thanks to RGM for the belt, belt buckle (etc), and belt loops

Thanks to Oleg87 for the corset, corset straps, corset lacing, corset metal bits, upper leg straps, and
leg buckles. Also, thanks to Xcommand as per Oleg's readme!

Thanks to Speed buster/A-Type2 for the HGEC boots mod, where the shirt laces originated from

Thanks to Mkat101 and SickleYield for all the help they gave me on this outfit. I wouldn't have managed
any outfits without their help. This was the first blender experiment...which I forgot about
until recently! Mkat101 put lots of love into her part of this outfit, thank you so much!

Thanks to the Futsuuno Fuku etude v0.7 mod for the hat. There is no modder name given, but reuse is allowed as
long as the name is given. Also, thanks to apachii for helping me find that out!

Thanks to Kikai for the original neck chain. Also thanks to Luchaire for resizing it.

Thanks to the Nifskope Team

Thanks to the Blender Team!

Thanks to LHammonds for the Readme Generator this file was based on.


You absolutely may not use this or re-upload this without my permission, and then I will possibly send you to
seek the permissions of others as well. I rarely say no, but I'm not a fun person to have angry at you...so ask.