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A small mod that uses an OBSE function to provide horse riding for companions that don\'t offer the option.

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Companion Horse Support


This mod requires the latest version of OBSE (currently 17b)
You can download OBSE here


Version .2

Changed the command message structure when giving orders to an NPC companion. Now you can simply tell the companion which position to follow in without telling them to mount first. This eliminates the need for you to give the mount command, then set the follow distance. When telling a companion to dismount they will revert to a standard no horse follow package at the same follow distance you gave them when they were using a horse.

To remove all packages and factions from a companion given to them from this mod use the release command when they are not riding a horse.


This mod will provide a spell added to the player upon starting the mod, which will allow companions who previously did not have horse support to be able mount horses, follow the player on horses, and dismount horses.


The spell named "Horse Support" can be cast on any horse. A dialogue will open up asking if you want to add the horse to the faction. This faction was created to allow NPCs to have access to the horses you add to it with the spell. Select "Yes" to add the horse.

When the spell is cast on an NPC it will add them to the faction and give the options to have them mount the horse, or release control of them. Release control removes any script packages added to the NPC by this mod (also removes them from the faction), and will cause them to revert to their normal behavior.

Once an NPC is mounted on a horse they will move close to the player. At this time the spell can be cast on the horse and rider to tell them at what distance you want them to follow. The distances are referred to as Positions 1 through 8. The first position is to follow the player at 512 game units which is about 15 feet roughly. Each position after that is an additional 256 units behind the previous, so the mounted riders will form a nice line behind the player. There is also a dismount command which again will remove all script packages and faction added by this mod, and return the NPC to their normal behavior.


This mod is intended for players who already have a companion that will not use a horse. While it can be used to make any NPC follow on horseback, it will not make those NPCs a companion to the player with the functions commonly associated with companion mods.


Put the CompanionHorseSupport.esp in the Oblivion Data folder typically located at C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data. Start the Oblivion launcher, select data files, and put a check next to the CompanionHorseSupport.esp. Start the game from there and open the spells tab to equip the "Horse Support" spell.