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Adds Warglaives and a set of armour (female only, shield not included).

Permissions and credits
Warglaives by Jojjo v1_0

release date 11 December 2009

Category: Weapons and Armour

Author: jojjo

Silverlight Armor by Jojjo v1_0

FEMALE (HGEC) - this initial mod

AND MALE (Robert's Male Body) by AlienSlof - the link is in the CONNECTED MODS section

release date 11 December 2009

Category: Weapons and Armour

Author: jojjo



The latest official patch Oblivion 1.2.416 or Oblivion Shivering Isles1.2.416
The items may not appear ingame if you don't have the patch installed.

7-zip (File archiver with a high compression ratio. You'll need it for the most of the mods)

The SoB version of the Warglaives requires OBSE v0015++ and Visman's "Shield On Back" mod.

Oblivion Mod Manager
This is a utility for managing plugins, and also for packing them for distribution.

I suppose some people will not be interested from both glaives and armor so they are separated.

Warglaives by Jojjo v1_0
Adds to your game a pair of Warglaives.
All the credits for the script and dungeon work of the Warglaives should go to Visman.
There are two versions - regular version and compatible with Visman's Shield On Back mod
Use only one esp. The SoB version requires OBSE v0015++ (link above).

Go to Data\meshes\weapons\JojjosGlaives folder. There are two additional folders - GreenGlaives and RedGlaives. Copy the content of the one you need and paste in the JojjosGlaives folder to overwrite the initial blue meshes.

Silverlight Armor by Jojjo v1_0
Adds heavy and light, enchanted and unenchanted versions of elven-looking armor. The replicas are also in the fort and not to any merchant's chest.
It was intended to be sorceress outfit in the begining but obviously I like armors more (looking at the final result).
The armor includes cuirass (heavy word for this part), boots, greaves, gloves and two helmets - open and closed. As a bonus was included a ring with magical enchantments.


Slofs Silverlight Armour Male by AlienSlof
It is an addon to this mod. Read lady Slof's instructions. Thank you very much AlienSlof!

Silverlight Armor Chainmail version by Darigaz17.

B-cup, LL lowerbody by f00m0nch00.

BBB For Silverlight Armors by GrimReaperCalls.

Silverlight For Wolven Anthros MALE ONLY by tiffawolf.

WARNING! The high polygon count of the models could affect your framerate. WARNING!
If the Lich King's armor is working at your machines, these will work too. The Warglaives are considerably "lighter" than Frostmourne.

The Warglaives (enchanted) and Silverlight Armor (enchanted and unenchanted) are located in Fort Blueblood (South-East of Leyawiin).
There is a brand new door in the bridge chamber of the second level. The glaives replicas could be found in some shops. Roxanne's for example.
If you are at lower level don't use the narrow corridor to exit of the Fort. There will be trouble. Better loot the large chest in the bridge hall for the armor's replicas.

1. Extract the archives (7z link above). Take the folders meshes, textures and the esp file you need and place them into your Oblivion\Data folder. "Yes to all" when asked.
2. In Oblivion Launcher, click "Data Files" and place a checkmark beside the Warglaives by Jojjo v1_0.esp and Silverlight Armor by Jojjo v1_0.esp.
I recomend you to use Oblivion Mod Manager (OBMM) for proper install - the link is in the Recomended section above.

1. Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the Warglaives by Jojjo v1_0.esp and Silverlight Armor by Jojjo v1_0.esp file.
2. Delete the files/folders associated with the mod:

Oblivion\Data\meshes\armor\Silverlight folder
Oblivion\Data\Textures\armor\Silverlight folder
Oblivion\Data\Textures\menus\icons\armor\Silverlight folder.

Oblivion\Data\meshes\weapons\JojjosGlaives folder
Oblivion\Data\Textures\weapons\JojjosGlaives folder
Oblivion\Data\Textures\menus\icons\weapons\JojjosGlaives folder.

None I know.

Known Issues or Bugs
Use the armor as a set. Combining other greaves with the boots will cause some cuts.


Thanks to Visman for the script and the additional dungeon where the Warglaives are.
Thanks to Selene310187 for the RigidBodies of the glaives and for my favourite Ancient Elven Sorceress.
Thanks to RAIAR and Madcat221 for the beautiful HGEC bodies.
Thanks to AlienSlof for converting the armor for Robert's Male Body.
Thanks to Hentai for allowing me to use one of his beautiful gloves.
Thanks to Bethesda for the best games and the oportunity given to us to mod'em (The Construction Set in this case).
Thanks to Blizzard for the whole conception of the glaives.

This mod is free for using and converting only here on TesNexus when it comes to Oblivion. Not for Skyrim or especially not for OTHER SITES!
If there would be such mod in Skyrim, I'll do it. Or not. My Rusty English but I know you got it.