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45 custom High Resolution loading screens.

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2048x2048 Alternatives

These 2048x2048 square texture loading screens were created from
1920x1080 sources with RAEVWD on and Streamline and other various
performance tweaks off. This is what I use now, and have tested at
1680x1050 and 1920x1080. They should work at any other resolution, but
if you notice AR skewing you should use the older versions.

I made the alternative versions using a personally compiled version of
the nvidia texture tools. I chose this over ATI's tool after carefully
comparing the results of both tools. It would seem that no matter what
quality settings I choose, nvidia's tool just seems to produce better
results. It took quite a bit longer since I don't have a CUDA device, so
take that in to consideration if you intend to make your own.

This update also includes 6 additional loading screens that you may use for anything you like.


I made these because all of the loading screens I've seen on here were
either created from low res sources or compressed at 1024x512. Mine are
2048x1024 and made from 1680x1050 screenshots. These are the first
textures I've made using ATI's Compressonator, so if you experience
problems let me know. This should work fine for any resolution.

Tested at 1680x1050, 1920x1080, and 1024x768.

Wanna make your own? Read my Oblivion Custom High Resolution Loading Screen Tutorial