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Firstly, an introduction. On the Hermaeus Mora daedric quest, you get a scripted spell to cast at people to trap their souls for Hermaeus Mora. Unfortunately, the spell glitches if you cast it at two people at once, and won't work on any other people, preventing you from trapping any more souls and completing the quest. After looking at the scripts for the spell and trying to work out the cause (and thus, a fix) for this, I found that this happens because when the first casting of the spell ends, it zeros all the variables while cleaning up, and when the second casting ends, it gets stuck cleaning up because the spell is marked as being finished. When you cast the spell again, it immediately cleans up as if the spell had worn off while the person was still alive, and when that casting ends, it gets stuck again. This happens with all castings after that. It is possible to temporarily make it work by casting the spell on two people after, and then (while both castings are still in effect) killing the one whose soul you want to trap, but this is makes the quest very hard to do (I should add that I have not tested this, I am going off a forum post saying this worked, and my own reading through of how the scripts would work).

This mod prevents it cleaning up after a second casting of the spell onto a different person, which isn't needed as no variables are set on that second casting, and thus removes the cause of the bug so it will work correctly. It also includes, for those who have already been affected by the bug, an extra part added onto the cleanup script which checks to see if the variables are in a 'stuck' position, and if they are, zeros them so the spell can work again.

This mod alters the scripts for the Hermaeus Mora quest (specifically, DAHermaeusMoraSoulsSpell and DAHermaeusMoraStaff), and them alone. It should be compatible with any mod that doesn't change that quest. On the other hand, if a mod does affect the spell and the adding of the entries for each trapped soul, it probably will be incompatible. A technical description of the cause of the problem and the solution is with the change to the DAHermaeusMoraStaff mod, for any who are interested.

The 'fix' part of the mod will take effect immediately on loading. It would be quite possible to simply load the mod in, load the game, resave the game, and remove the mod to fix the bug, if it has already happened. However, this won't stop the bug happening again in the future or correct other errors in how the spell handles being cast at multiple targets.

I hope this fixes the problem for you, it has fixed it for me wonderfully.

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