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Wreaths, Ornaments, Decorations, and Gifts for your holiday projects

Permissions and credits
The following files were conversions of old models I had, which I was previously
using in a holiday project. When my project idea changed, I decided to finish these
up a resource. So what's included:

-Wreath with bow
-Plain wreath

The wreaths are designed with no collision, but if you choose to give them some type of
inter-activity (such as a named activator, etc) you may. However, the main reason I set
them up this way was to allow you to set up wreaths and decorate them on doors without
any obstruction to the player activating the door. (Note, though a wreath with decor
is shown, it's only an example..you need to decorate your own!)

-Wreath swag (not pictured)

This is intended to be used as a garland on mantles, furniture, stair rails, or anything
else you can think of. Same collision format as the wreaths to not interfere with activation
of any furniture it may be on.

-Glass ornaments

There are ornaments available in several formats: Decor format has the same style collision
as the wreaths mentioned above. There is also static format, and havoked versions. Havoked
versions come in regular size and small.

-Star ornaments

There are gold and silver stars. Same collision formats: decor, static, and havok.

-Pine Cones

There are 4 pine cone variants included, and one has snow on it. Again, same collision formats.

-Candy Cane

Same collision formats again for decorating or eating. ;)


There are 4 variants of stockings included: a read holly print, red velvet, green velvet, and
green plaid. They work rather nicely as containers.


There are 48 gifts included. Yes, you read that right! This gives you the most freedom over
piles of gift variations. In each color format there are a crinkly bow variation and a decorated
variation. Each variation also comes in 4 different sizes/shapes.

These are set up with only static collision as I think they work best as containers and don't have
the time currently to create havoked versions to include in this archive. However, I
have included a blank template for creating havoked versions if you so choose. Instructions on
how to use the templates in nifskope is included.

Note: the crinkly effect on the bows was stumbled upon by accident when I didn't update tangent
spaces. So if you modify the mesh and want to keep the crinkle effect, don't update all tangent

Screenshots included in archive.


Knowledge of the CS is required for you to add these items to your project! If you are new to
the CS and need assistance please begin by reading tutorials available here:


Icons for havoked items have been included.

Known Issues or Bugs
These were quick conversions of older models. I did spend some time re-working them, but I don't
consider any of them to be perfect.

Some are high poly, you should use sparingly on older systems.

I didn't do much with these, besides a quick hop in game to look at them once. If there are any
issues please contact me. Thank you.

The wreaths have some dark spots. It's a pain to fix, and actually I quite like the dark spots.
No like? No use, or fix.

December 9, 2009 - Initial release


You can find me under "Korana" at ORE, nexus, or TESeyecandy.co.uk or http://tesadventures.com
You can email me at the following address: [email protected] but due to some recent
mis-adventures I'd prefer contact via one of the above forums. Thanks for understanding!

Thanks to Bethesda for creating Oblivion.
Thanks to Hentai for the bow on the wreath
Thanks to Xiamara for the original box I used as the base for the gifts
Thanks to Robearberbil who originally helped me with the pine cones for me long ago for a game called Morrowind.
Thanks to the Nifskope Team
Thanks to the Blender Team!
Thanks to LHammonds for the Readme Generator this file was based on.
Thanks to the original creator of the candy cane, gift bows, and stocking parts. I based them off of free for use models when they
were first made.


This is a resource, you may use freely as long as credit is given. Also, I prefer that you do not use my directories
to avoid mod uninstallation conflicts and instead place them in a directory specifically named for your project.