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Name: Guards of Cyrodiil Redux Episode 1



Guards of Cyrodiil Redux is a mod build mainly around the lore of the return of the Swamp Moth Legion from the Blackmarsh province and a special faction i invented which are part of the Imperial Legion called the Nightblades.

The Blackmarsh legionnaires have moved inside a special base and are posted at several parts of Cyrodiil. You might encounter them in your travels or play the quest which starts in their main base called Fort Hist.

The Nightblades have settled inside a new headquarters seventy years ago. There is a special person around who can take you to their base. You can also purchase a book called "The life of Ulunesu Sendal" in several bookshops which will reveal the location. This module allows you to join their ranks and complete a series of quests for them.

"Even at this time of writing the Tower is slowly consumed by mist. Perhaps inhabitants of Cyrodiil will one time forget about Ulunesu Sendal and the Tower. Only time will tell."

There's more than twenty quests implemented at this moment. Varying from retrieving a simple "vase" for one of the Nightblade operatives or stopping a mad mage returned from the dead causing harm to the world.

Due to the size of this project i have decided to release this as Episode 1.

Fort Akatosh is made by the same team and comes highly recommended.


Version History:

1.01 Fixes a number of bugs. Important list:
Kvatch Aftermath created a warehouse causing incompatibility. Ma'krash storyline halts at some point. Making it impossible to continue with the quest.
Hotfix Imperial Nightblade Shavir would sometimes switch to an artificial intelligence package permanently following the player around.
The entire Fort Hist which is displayed in the older versions is completely removed and a replacement has been found in an old fortress with the same name. Ulunesu's Tower is completely moved to a new worldspace called Gallow Isle. Making it more mysterious.
Fixed a few visual glitches and a number of typing errors. Quest-items handed out twice or more shouldn't happen anymore through dialogue. Vampire Mariah has her own tent. Cleaned out the module some more with tes4edit.
Fixed an issue where three invisible bandits spawn without proper quest context. Very annoying bug.
Fixed a small bug where one of the spells gathered during a quest pops up as a starting game spell.
Fixes a number of gamebreaking issues, which stopped the player from progressing in the story or even worse get stuck.
Fixes a possible landseam when used with other modules which modify landscape near Old Bridge.
Fixes one of the camps being swallowed whole by the module Shezries Towns at Pell's Gate.
Fixes compatibility with "the boatman" and Shezries Towns.
Applies some tweaks to a sergeant near Cheydindal and also updates quest he's involved in.
His tent and his AI should now be fully compatible with Better Cities Cheydinhal.
Provides forward compatibility with Kvatch Rebuilt 3.0 which is still in experimental phase. Moves Tomb of the Nightblades to the west.
Changes duplicate painting in Fort Hist, moves a cart and hay for compatibility and changes some soldier ai.



Please follow the Load Order instructions.

Please also read the current requirements for the Tamriel Resource Pack.

There are two locations which are important to the quest progress which are moved outside the boundaries of the Vanilla worldspace. So you need to install a module or edit the oblivion ini to remove the game borders.


Load Order:

Load Guards of Cyrodiil Redux first, followed by any other mod which alters the landscape. For example Unique Landscapes. This also includes modules like Better Cities.



After downloading the complete Tamriel Resource Pack:


Unpack to Oblivion\DATA

After downloading the resources for Guards of Cyrodiil Redux:

Unpack to oblivion\DATA

Apply the correct load order using WryeBash/OBMM



Keep close to the readme files included in each mod package.

Since not every npc has voice-acted dialogue; You should install the Elys Universal Silent Voice module;




A special thank you goes to Onra, Misnomer, Euther, Lalwende, Pickers101, Kosh, Yu-gi-oh-fan, DarkRider, WhoGuru, Cobb for support or voice-acting while i was making this mod.

Bethesda Softworks for making The Elder Scrolls:IV

Elminster, TeamGecko, name generator used in the Tamriel Rebuild project, all the people who provided and updated the Elder Scrolls Construction Set Wiki, everyone who made their resources included in the Tamriel Resource Pack, The Elder Scrolls Nexus for hosting all modules and the people i forgot to mention!


Personal Notes:

I really hope you will certainly enjoy all the new content in this module! Due to unforeseen personal issues i haven't been able to update this module. I apologize for
any issues this might have caused.