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Fixes the HGEC Noble Plate Greaves and Cuirass so they work seperately.

Permissions and credits
EDIT: For those of you interested in an Hcup/LL combo, I've just released a much better (in my opinion) version here:


It's an Ebony mesh but Noble plate is just a retex, so it will work if you change the textures in Nifskope.

HGEC Noble Plate Armor

Originally Created by Ulath
Converted into HGEC and made Sexier by Ehrlich
Greaves converted to HGEC M and Cuirass Converted to HGEC Ecup by Razorpony
Boots also edited to fix clipping with new body mesh by Razorpony

So what's included??
Noble plate Cuirass MESH ONLY
Noble plate Greaves MESH ONLY
Noble Plate bootsMESH ONLY


These are only the fixed meshes, which means you still need to have the Noble Plate Armory mod http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=11885 for textures, OR you could edit the .nif and use the stock ebony textures, whichever.

1. Extract all the files
2. Cut and paste Mesh folder.


Ulath for Creating this awesome armor and LHammonds for bringing it to the Tesnexus
Erhlich for converting it to HGEC body and giving me a permission to bring it to the US community
Exnem for creating original EC body
RAIAR for creating HG Eyecandy Body and Hellknight for bringing HGEC body into the US community
Ramy for panties textures
Thank Bethesda Softworks for making this wonderful game
Thank all the TesEyecandy forum Families
Thank to all the Elderscroll Naver Cafe Families

Things to keep in mind:

1- OK, yes the Cuirass still clips a bit around the buttock area, it's a very tight fitting mesh and I didn't take into account the various positions such as sneaking where it's most noticable. I plan on fixing this in the next release.

2- I decided to redo the meshes from this mod http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=16935 in order to teach myself Blender3d. I'm not a master mesher and I'm still not up on all the ins and outs of Blender. I modified these meshes by moving all the vertices around freehand, I don't know if thats the 'correct' way or how the pros do it, it's just what worked for me. Some of the meshes are a little bit bumpy or angular (nipples are the bain of my existence) but they seem to smooth out alright when rendered ingame.

3- I kept the original panty mesh on the greaves, yes it looks a bit funny from the back but at least it doesn't clip. If you wear them with the Cuirass you won't see it anyway. This might possibly be fixed in a future release as well.

4- "Will you make this mesh fit 4 different bodies in 8 different sizes and 10 color comnbos?" No, probably not. I made it to fit the body I play (HGEC) in the standard Ecup size. I chose the M lowerbody because it fit the Greaves with the least modifications. I haven't tried it yet but I'm sure the L and LL body will require more modifications to the Cuirass as well. Probably won't happen unless I get bored and want more practice.