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A modders resource made by request for Kieranfoy. . . Its playable. . . and it involves cannibals...

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Name: Kieranfoy Flesh Robes Modders Resource - V. 0.90
Version: 0.90 - IT IS NOT A BETA THOUGH!


Alright this is a small quest that I made by request for Kieranfoy. At first this mod just added the robes, but then I decided I'd add in some other things and make it a Quest. The quest is very short and (should be) bug-free, it is a VERY SHORT quest though, so keep that in mind. Nearly everything in the mod is a Modder's Resource that you can use in whatever mod you like As long as you have given proper credit, you do not HAVE to PM me before you use it, although it would be good to know that you are using it in a mod, the mod also comes with a hidden surprise :D, no spoilers here

The mod includes the following:

Flesh Robes - Modders Resource

Butcher Knives - Modders Resource

Butcher Aprons - Modders Resource

Imperial City Butchery/The Whole Building - Modders Resource

Imperial Civilian Heroes Ring - Modders Resource

Powerful Warhammer - Modders Resource

Small Display Cases - Modders Resource

Included Dungeon Music Files - Modders Resource

And even the retextured Signs I made are a... - Modders Resource

Also there are scripts added to the Powerful Warhammer that make it so there is a 15% chance to knock the target off their feet, and a 5% chance to knock the target and everyone within 10 ft off their feet. - Modders Resource

Oh, and the hidden surprise is also a - Modders Resource :D

So basically the whole thing is a Modders Resource, except for the blood and guts I borrowed from Deadly Reflex,

~ The Flesh Robes don't seem to show up correctly in-game, I'm working on fixing this now.

No more bugs I know about, I'd appreciate it if you report them to me if you find any.


- Most of the size in the file is just the five music files included.

- I would apprectiate it if you gave feedback/constructive criticism for the mod after you play it.

- If you like this, then try out my other mods:
(Those are from a while back and they are kind of sloppy, don't worry though I've improved quite a bit IMO)


~ SkyCaptain (
Blood and Gut textures and body plugs

~ Trollf (
The model for the Cannibal Leader's Warhammer.

Note: I did not make the model for the butchery knife, so if you are the person who made that then tell me and I'll add you in.

No others, if you've been left out PM me and I'll add you in, thank you.