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This mod adds a twist to Absorb and Drain Attribute and Skill spells. If you are stealthy enough, and skilled enough, you can now cast these spells without being detected!

Permissions and credits
Stealthy Absorbs and Drains v 1.0
ATTENTION: The original version of this mod is incompatible with OBME. If you are using the OBME script
extension, please use the OBME version of SAaD, kindly provided for you by migck who discovered the
incompatibility and created the solution. (Bug inquiries should still be directed to me, though. :) )

Requires OBSE v 14+
If you are using the OBME version, you must also have the latest version of OBME installed:

This mod makes Absorb and Drain Attribute and Skill spells non-hostile if your skill in the corresponding
school AND your sneak skill are both higher than the casting cost of the spell. This makes it possible to do
things like absorb a merchant's mercantile skill to get better deals when buying equipment or a passing NPC's
luck to get better odds at the arena without alerting anyone and causing them to go on the offensive.
This is a small mod intended to add a little bit of variety and usefulness to some otherwise pretty useless
spells, and to make quests in the city a little more interesting for stealth-type characters who use magic.

Because the power of the spells that the player can employ discreetly is limited by at least two skills, it
does so without affecting the balance of the game significantly. These are the kinds of effects I would
expect any competent occult swindler to be able to employ as a routine part of their trade and I added them
primarily because I find them more realistic and immersive than the vanilla variants.

Note that this mod does not affect Absorb or Drain Fatigue, Health or Magicka which will continue to behave
like ordinary attacks.

This mod adds one script and one quest which runs every 5 seconds and should not noticeably impact your
framerate. The script only updates when you change spells, so if one of your skills has changed that will
affect your ability to cast one of these spells undetected you may have to change your spell to update the
script. (Done intentionally to reduce the processing overhead.) If the spell you equip can be cast without
detection, you will be given notice via a message on screen; so if you don't see a message, don't cast the

The script is set to test your lowest skill score against the actual magicka cost of the spell. If you want
to adjust this amount you can tweak it in-game via the console command 'aaStealthyAbDr.detectMult x.xxx'
where 'x.xxx' is the multiplier you would like to use. The default is 1.0. Setting it to 2.0 will double the
skill requirement; setting it to 0.5 will halve it. Once you have a number you like, you can open the mod in
the CS and change the line 'set detectMult to 1.0' to the new number. (Sorry, no .ini file for a single
variable. :P ) If you don't change the number in the plugin you will have to set the value via the console
command every time you play, but 1.0 should work for most people.

Place the StealthyAbsorbsAndDrains.esp OR the OBMEStealthyAbDr.esp in your data directory and select it in
your mod list.

Delete the StealthyAbsorbsAndDrains.esp OR the OBMEStealthyAbDr.esp from your data directory and deselect it
from your mod list.

Known Conflicts
OBME changes how the hostility flags work on magic effects. If you are using OBME, please use the OBME
version of this mod. Other mods that change the hostile/non-hostile status of these four magic effect types
may also conflict.

None known, but please contact me via the official forum post at the Bethesda Game Studio Forums if you
encounter any. This is version 1.0, so it hasn't been tested very thoroughly.

Possible Extensions
I may make the disposition of NPCs go down a little after you covertly cast a spell on them. Even if they
don't consciously detect your action, your presence may make them feel uncomfortable for reasons they 'can't
quite put their finger on'.

migck for the OBME version of the mod.
LoginToDownload for a post from a couple of years ago on the TESNexus forums that was extremely helpful.
All the great modders who make this game the best.game.ever.
Bethesda for giving us the canvas and the paints. You can fault the games, but not the awesome.

Version History
1.0 Initial release