Fullmetal Alchemist Coat by Pursinta
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Added: 18/11/2009 - 08:57AM
Updated: 18/11/2009 - 08:59AM

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Last updated at 8:59, 18 Nov 2009 Uploaded at 8:57, 18 Nov 2009

After some meddling around and personal mods, this is my first "released" mod. I hope it's up to satisfaction!

This is, quite simply, the coat worn by Edward Elric in "Fullmetal Alchemist" for Vanilla and Robert's male (as long as you still have a working malenupperbody texture.) As a bonus (and to offset some clipping issues) I've added "Fullmetal's Automail" -- which is currently worn on the hand slot. IT IS NOT A FULL ARM -- it only covers the right fist, and will only appear correctly when paired with the coat. I only added it because the coat clips with most of the in-game hand equipment, and the Automail made an interesting alternative. I thought it would be fun and applicable to add an Alchemy bonus to the coat, so have fun leveling your alchemy while wearing this! The arm adds some hand-to-hand bonus, I thought that fit best.

You will find it from a very special enemy in the second level of the Rickety Mine east of Cheydinhal.

Installation: It should be a basic extraction, if you're used to installing mods. If not: In your Oblivion/Data directory, the folder found in textures/clothes/fmacoat should go in textures/clothes/fmacoat. The folder found in meshes/clothes/fmacoat should go into meshes/clothes/fmacoat (it should extract automatically, otherwise create the respective fmacoat folders and place them yourself.) Usually you can just extract the files in your bethesda softworks/oblivion/data directory if you use 7zip, and it all falls into place. The mod itself is added using fmacoat.esp -- activate this before starting your game, and you're set!

As stated, the coat clips with some things worn on the hand slot, such as chainmail gauntlets. The included "automail" should pair better with it.

There really shouldn't be any conflicts with other mods, since it only adds a few items and an enemy. As mentioned, this coat is male only. It uses the vanilla mesh, but I use and have tested it on Robert's male and I see no issues.

License: Use how you wish, but if you decide to re-release it in any nod, just let me know and give me credit! If someone wants to make a female version, go ahead. I'm not confident enough in Blender yet to mold the coat over a female form and have it look that good.