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This is a story-centric medium length quest full of action, adventure, mystery and challenging battles. Completing the quest rewards players with a customizable companion.

Permissions and credits
1. Removed a comma in the SDMemoriaPortalS script that was keeping a boss from showing up.
2. Added nifs and icons to the Drunk Dragon key.
3. Edited some of the Quest text to give a better idea what to do.

1. Removed redundant scripts from a mis-clicked Recompile-All.
2. Edited some of the Quest text to give a better idea what to do.


"North East of Leyawiin is a small village of Argonians, Refugees from Black Marsh and the discrimination of Cyrodiil society. What seems a safe haven for the people of the root, instead harbors terrible secrets and a dark curse. Take heart when stepping into this village, and entering the lives of its inhabitants. For even the most noble warrior will find Sin at the depths of his dreams."

This is a medium length quest constructed around a small village of Argonians, as well as two dungeons. This is the second mod I've created for Oblivion and the first I've released for public enjoyment. I've designed it to be story-centric with challenging gameplay. I've put a lot of effort into the story and characters, and I hope you find them likable. The gameplay consists of some light puzzles and battles that remain difficult at any level but not impossible without cheats. All enemies are leveled, either through the game's system or some custom scripts of my own.


Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE):
Elys's Universal Silent Voice:

These aren't technically required, but without them, the dialogue I've made for the quest will skip by too quickly to read. There's also too much dialogue to create silent MP3s for, without seriously bloating up the size of the download. Elys's Universal Silent Voice is the best and easiest way to get around this problem, and it's quick and easy to instal. Beyond that, the mod does not use any OBSE functions.

Contact Information:

Drop me an email at [email protected], or catch me on AIM as 'Bahumot' as well.

Feel free to email me if you have any feedback, it would be much appreciated!