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Beta version of the Falcon set (currently includes a bow, bracer/glove, and \"garb\" - upper/lower body and boots).

Permissions and credits
Falcon Set v0.62

This version of the Falcon Set currently includes a bow, bracer/glove, and the "garb", which is upper and lower body clothing, as well as boots.

I do not use any body mods at present, so this works with the vanilla bodies.

- Reincluded the Falcon Bow, which I stupidly managed not to include when I added the garb.

- Corrected the health of the bow, garb, and bracer, as it was much too low.

- Added the garb.

- Initial release, including the bow and the bracer/glove.

OMOD installation
If you have OBMM installed, you should be able to create your OMOD from the zip, since it is OMOD-ready.

Manual installation
Download and extract the file to a directory which is not your Oblivion directory. Inside the extracted files, copy the folders named "meshes" and "textures" into your Oblivion/Data directory. When prompted to overwrite files of the same name, click "Yes to All".

When you start up Oblivion (or your mod manager of choice), be sure to enable Falcon_set.esp!

At present, the equipment is located in A Fighting Chance in Imperial City. I might find a place to put the items in the future, but I am more interested in creation at the moment.

Nicoroshi - Nico gave me invaluable assistance as I struggled through the bow morph and various vertex weighting problems on the bow and bracer/glove. Top-of-the-line individual, he is.
Paul Spooner - Also instrumental in this project, Paul is responsible for the basic mesh structure of the garb and much more than the basic structure of the sword.
- Be sure to visit his website: http://www.peripheralarbor.com/gallery/v/CG+Art/
- If you have a hankering for some models of your own, he would be happy to oblige: http://www.peripheralarbor.com/commission/index.html

A sword is on the way, as I get around to it.

*** If you are interested in helping me to find a place to put these items and a reason for their existence, let me know. Otherwise, I am primarily interested in the modeling.