About this mod


Meogron Knights is true expansion to Oblivion. This mod adds many new creatures and items such as armors, weapons, clothes, potions, spells and 11 new dungeon including extra bonus levels in vanilla dungeons. It also fixes some game bugs like Mora Quest.

Permissions and credits

Installation: Just copy files into your Oblivion data folder.


This mod requires Oblivion latest patch, DLC Horsearmor, DLC Spelltomes, Knights of the Nine and Shivering Isle. (Horsearmor and Spelltomes DLC are not really needed to play this mod if you don't want to use them - THEY ARE OPTIONAL ONLY KOTN IS REALLY NEEDED WITH SI)

Meogron Knights is meant to be a real expansion to Oblivion by adding new content to the game. This mod adds to game many new things from other mods such as Oscura, Martigen Monster Mod, Oblivion Warcry, Creature diversity, New potions by Tealpanda, BAB, 0kfclothes, Stormcaller horse textures, Midas, Asharas Sirens and Tritons etc.

Most of the new meshes and textures have been created by authors of those mods. But there are some textures that have been made by me like knight lord sword and crusader plate etc.

SPECIAL: Made a patch/update so it can be used with OSCURO`s OBLVION OVERHAUL. Current special Meogron Knights 2.8 esp is meant for OOO 1.34. In order to play it you need full OOO and all its files including OOO esp and esm file just make sure my mod is loaded after OOO esp.

VERSION 2.9: adds 2 new creature, fixes wrong ancient ebony shield lvl in leveled list and does some other minor changes.

VERSION 2.8: adds 2 new set of weapons (mithril and ancient ebony), 2 new set of armors (royal elven and ancient ebony), rebalances some items, fixed minor error with few arcane magic gems, increased getting their chance via loot.

VERSION 2.7.1: adds one new version of Armored Minotaur, one new torch version, fixed bug which made some capes/cloaks unplayable and makes them possible to buy from Divine Elegance in Imperical City market district (average chance that she will sell them)

VERSION 2.7: adds 4 new creature, fixes idiotical gargoyle behavoring getting stuck between the ceiling, changes some skeletons/armors by giving them bit different look, improves some leveled lists, adds Imperial Dragon armor cape(same place where you get that armor, after you have finished main quest) 

VERSION: 2.6 adds 3 new creature, adds some magical and nonmagical items including even more powerful magical gems for enchanting, fixes some mod bugs as well few game bugs and changes little bit some of my dungeons.

VERSION: 2.5 adds 1 new creature called Death Hawk, stronger version of Magic Gems, changes some items including minor rebalance.

VERSION 2.4: adds melee staves, legion dragon shield (same place where you will get the armor), gives fine elven weapons bit different texture, made Dungeon of Misery Lvl 3 bit bigger and some minor changes elsewhere.

VERSION 2.3: adds some new items such as magical gems (weaker version of sigil stones can be found inside boss chests), changes some spells appearance and casting sounds.

VERSION 2.2: adds 1 new creature, new set of fine steel and studded leather armor and gives a bit different look to fine dwarven cuirass and greaves, Nerastarel House in Skingard has now a reason of undead presence, some marauders and bandits will be able to carry lower level equiptment even at higher levels such as fur and iron etc.

VERSION 2.1: adds 2 new creature, 1 new bonus level, makes even more spells look different, gives lich staff unique look, changes some previously made dungeons a bit.

VERSION 2.0: adds 6 new creature, adds 1 bonus level to Fort Vlastarus, adds a little dungeon in Hackdirt Caverns (Lair of Deep Ones), changes Forgotten Dungeon/Fortress levels a bit, 1 new dungeon which should be the last, makes Ayleid boss chests look different than regular ones, gives spells more visual variety and adds some items.

VERSION 1.9: adds 1 new creature, adds 1 new bonus level to Xavara (SI), adds new mage/sorc robe plates and some new armour pieces, also gives enemy mages more spells (bigger variety/selection - such as fortify health and mana).

VERSION 1.8: Crystal spider no longer appear in Fort Blueblood level 2, instead he appears in level 3 in his own level. So he would no longer make Leyawiin mage guild quest harder to complete for pure mage.

VERSION 1.7: adds 2 new creature, 1 new bonus level to Underpall Cave, adds 1 dungeon level to Dragon Tower and 2 new items.

VERSION 1.6: adds 1 new dungeon, 1 new creature, fixes ancient vampire faction problem, changes ancient lich and Royal crusader gauntlets textures also makes Nightmare of Darkness lair in Fort Sejanus bit cooler.

VERSION 1.5: adds few items, changes some dungeons bit, fixes missing gem twinkle texture, gives new look to Animated Armour.

VERSION 1.4: adds 1 new creature, 1 new dungeon, +1 new level to Crowhaven, some Knights of the Nine should look bit different - stronger and fixed the bug with elemental armour tome (not giving the right spell).

VERSION 1.3: adds 3 new creature, 2 new dungeon, +1 new bonus level (Fort Caractacus), 1 new exploreable site, 1 new special enemy, adds the missing Nirn Doomstone to game and few new items.

VERSION 1.2: adds 3 new special enemies, few new creatures, few items including new artifact, few spells, +1 new bonus level (Fort Redwater).

VERSION 1.1: adds 2 new special enemies, 1 new dungeon, magic crystals, diadems, missing expert/master level spells + new spells by spell tomes, missing leveled list items (like Tempest - Ebony Claymore), potions, more enemies and fixes some more game bugs. And few things more.

VERSION 1.0: adds to game many new items, monsters, npc-s, potions, few spells and 4 new dungeons + 1 extra lvl to Fort Hastrel. Also it fixes some game bugs such as Mora quest award.


The normal/vanilla Oblivion leveled lists are changed by adding there new creatures and items. All the orginal monsters and items still appear at same levels. Minotaur lords and ogres still appear at lvl 18 like usually, but before them you can meet slimes, ancient wisps and gargoyles etc. So generally it doesn´t change the game as Oscura or Martigan mod, but it adds things in normal leveled lists. (such as weapons, armours, clothing, creatures, scrolls, spells, potions and even sigil stones/magical gems)


New Creatures are: Greater Slaughterfish, Huge Mud Crab, Bat, Ice Bat, Vampire Bat, Winter Wolf, Shadow Wolf, Werewolf, Giant Spider, Giant Scorpion, Sabertooth Tiger, Dark Unicorn, Lamia ( water creature npc),Death Hawk, Dungeon Slime, Minotaur Warrior, Ancient Wisp, Nymph (npc), Greater Troll, Ice Troll, all four Elementals (fire, air, ice and earth), Gargoyle, Ogre Warrior, Hill Giant, Armoured Minotaur Lord and Dragon. Dragon appears at lvl 25 the chance for dragon is 1/4. He appears in 12 dungeons. (for example Fort Coldcorn/Horunn, Moranda, Sideways caves etc. - try dungeons where you normally would see minotaur lords and big rooms)

New Goblins are: Goblin Scout, Goblin Guard, Goblin Assassin, Goblin Knight, Goblin Longbowman and Goblin High Warlord (at lvl 25 goblin boss).

New Undeads are: Haunting Skull, Bone Warrior/Archer, Ghost Wolf, Tormented Soul, Skeleton Fighter, Skeleton Mage, Skeleton Hero with hammer, Skeleton Marksman, Skeleton Lord (npc), Ghoul, Mummy, Zombie Lord, Animated Armour (npc), Spectral Horror, Spirit Warrior (npc), Specter, Ancient Vampire (npc) and Ancient Lich. Ancient Lich appears at lvl 25 chance for ancient lich is 1/3.
New skeletons also appear in Shivering Isle including Spectral Horror/Spirit Warrior.

New Daedric Creatures are: Demonic Scamp, Greater Clannfear, Greater Daedroth, Arcane Atronach, Armoured Xivilai and Demon (at lvl 24 daedra boss).

New SI creatures are: Greater Baliwog, Eye of Madness (boss), Dark Shadow and Ancient Spirit.

Some vanilla creatures look different like skeletons and dread zombies also some quest specific monsters may look different.

New NPC enemies:

Vampires: Vampire Knight Lord (more like boss - they have always extra chest near them usally mythic dungeon chest). Vampire avatar, champion, cleric, warlock, arcane archer.
Fallen Angels (boss) they can be found in 10 dungeons: Fort Hastrel/Fort Redwater/Xavara bonus level, Forgotten Dungeon, Forgotten Fortress, Tower of Madness, Dungeon of Misery and Lost Halls of Ayleids(50%), Dasek Moor (little special place - 50%) and little chance in Dragon Tower.

Bandits: Sharpshooter and Brigand.

Marauders: Marksman and Fighter.

Conjurers: Summoner (boss) may summon everything including lich.

Necromancers: Keeper of the Deads (boss) looks like Anubis

Heretics: Heretic Wizard (boss lvl 25 - has always staff) - SI

Zealots: Zealot Master (boss lvl 25 - dual wield) - SI


The Fallen Crusader - Crowhaven (at lvl 35 he may give best loot including his cape - in level 3 now)
The Eye of Beholder - Fort Horunn (deadly spell caster - good loot)
Crystal Spider - Fort Blueblood ( deadly foe against spell casters - in level 3 now)
The Balrog - Fort Scinia (powerful version of demon with unique powers)
Sir Creiswin - Lord Vlindrel Tower (outside)
The Cursed Lord - Lord Vlindrel Tower (inside - skeletal remains of Lord Vlindrel)
Goblin King - Fort Ash (likes blocking lot)
Ice Dragon - Fort Nomore (powerful dragon that uses ice instead fire)
Adriane the Summoner - Fort Aurus (Special spell caster can summon all, best loot at lvl 35, gives always magic crystals - cloth shield)
The Mistress of Bow - Fort Cuptor (at lvl 35 she may give best loot - full ranged enemy)
Nightmare of Darkness - Fort Sejanus (special horse with magical powers)
Arch Lich Meandor - Knotbone Chamber (SI - gives always sigil stones)
Spirit of Death - Wenyandawik (scythe wielding wraith)
Ancient Fallen Angel - Castle Earthstone (special version of fallen angel)
Guardian of Ancestors - Dungeon of Ancestors (powerful melee monster)

NEW ITEMS: There are some new artifacts in game such as Staff of Enlightment (shield), Staff of Dominion, Helm of Dragon Knight, Diadem of Knowledge, Mjölnir, Bow of Ice Storm, Cape of Conqueror, Ring of Heavens and Amulet of power (may appear at lvl 30-35)
Armours: Full set of Crystal armour, full set of Black Daedric armour, full set of Royal Crusader armour, full set of Keeper armour, full set of studded leather, fine chain, fine steel, fine dwarven armours, royal elven and ancient ebony armours defensive staves, block weapons and few more.
Weapons: Keeper Staffs, Knight lord weapons, two-handed black daedric weapons, new dragon staffs, full set of fine elven weapons, mithril weapons, ancient ebony weapons, halberds and some more.
Clothes: Mage Crystals (shield), bracelets, diadems, Wizard hats(SI) and capes.
NPC bosses that wear capes may give them as loot which is unenchanted version, but they wear enchanted version. Different color means different enchantment.
NPC bosses have one powerful healing potion - best quality at lvl 50 - heals 200 HP Max.

Few creatures may give Sigil Stones like Ancient Lich, Demon and Dragon + some special enemies. (25% chance). Even some very unique chests may give sigil stones. Also I added few new sigil stones too. Beside that this mod adds magical gems which act like sigil stones usually they tend to be weaker than sigil stones. (can be found from boss chests)


1) Forgotten Dungeon is populated by undeads, vampires and vampire beasts - it consists many different types of dungeons.
2) Forgotten Fortress is populated by vampires and undeads. (Version 2.1 adds a new special bonus level in level 3)
3) Ancient Ruins is populated by undeads, daedra and mythic creatures - at level 30 the final boss is always dragon (bit stronger than usual dragon + better loot)
4) Lord Vlindrel Tower is populated by skeletons, mainly by special skeletons like warriors, knights and halberdiers.
5) Lost Halls of Ayleids is 3 level dungeon which is populated by daedra, undead and few vampires. Final boss is either Dark Knight Lord or Fallen Angel.
6) Tower of Nirn/Ancient Tower is populated by monsters, animals and goblins - at level 30 the final boss is always dragon (bit stronger than usual dragon).
7) Castle Earthstone is populated by marauders, undeads and some vampires. If you want to recieve Halstein`s special items I advice you to kill him at level 25 or 30. (he is in level 2 - non respawning)
8) Dragon Tower - is special type of dungeon which is more like exploreable site, it is populated by marauders. 1.7 adds dungeon level, it is populated by undead and creatures. (has random boss at the end, which means it can be from bandit to dragon)
9) Tower of Madness is populated by different types of monsters and npc-s (although they have been divided by different domains). Final boss is Fallen Angel. It is good old style dungeon where you must use switches in order to proceed.
10) Dungeon of Misery is populated by different creature faction types of enemies like animals, mythic monsters, goblins, vampire beasts and vampires.
11) Dungeon of Ancestors is populated mainly by undeads, vampires and few necromancers, mythic creatures. Each level is made of different style.

Horse armour Esp will change some horses and imperial cavalry. They will be with new armours and horse armours. White horses use new textures from stormcaller horse mod.

I added 6 songs as bonus. Enjoy.

Also I fixed few game bugs like Mora quest award. Now it gives +10 willpower as it should, also path of steel gives now +10 Str and End instead +10 Str and speed. Cameron staff has been fixed too and also it looks different and many other easy fix game bugs.


This mod won`t work with big overhaul mods such as Martigen, OOO (unless you use Knights-OOO version), Francesco's, Oblivion Warcry, that changes existing leveled lists(well it actually works but it overwrites most of the vanilla leveled lists but not all - so you might still see some OOO and MMM content). Also it won`t work mods that uses Knights esp file.
Lost Halls of Ayleids dungeon location conflicts with a location from the Gates of Aesgard mod.
Dragon Tower dungeon conflicts with Smuggler's Outpost location. Castle Earthstone conflicts with Fort Baltsine location. Dungeon of Misery location conflicts with Daedric Shrine Ruins mod.
This mod conflicts with Blood Illusion and Arcania armor mod - something in Fort Blueblood does not match.
Has a small conflict with Dremora companion my mod have to be loaded after that mod in order to work well.
Conflicts with Badass Mannimarco mod, KORE - Umbra Blood Drinker mod, new potions by Tealpanda, Castle Seaview, Double Melons Wardrobe location Temple of Melon.

Enjoy the game!