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Name: Acolyte Of Kynareth For HGEC & UFF
Version: 1
Date: October 7, 2009
Category: Armor
Requirements: Oblivion Patch, Eye Candy Body Textures (or FF)
Author(s): Korana http://korana.elricm.com

UFF Version by Spirited Treasure (arms are different)

Roberts Male and Female version located here:


Long ago, Kynareth had a great temple complex where her Acolytes worshipped her. The complex
was thought to be completely destroyed in a massive earthquake, but someone discovered the
secret and awoke the last Acolyte of Kynareth.

Travel to the Abandoned Camp, south east of Fort Black Boot (map included) to learn the whole
story, and obtain the forgotten armor of the Acolytes of Kynareth. Come prepared for a fight...

There are 40 sets of armor in this mod, 20 each of 2 variants. The skirted version's texture
warps considerably in certain poses, so skirtless versions have been provided. You may find the
armors in Ayelid coffers within the temple complex. The coffers will respawn.

Once you've fought your way into the Lost Temple, seek out the last Acolyte. She will yeild her
place among the servants of Kynareth to you, awarding you the actual title of the Acolyte of
Kynareth. You may also receive daily blessings from the altar. Please note that you cannot use
this altar to gain quicker advancement with Knights of the Nine, I've taken consideration to avoid
that possibility.

Required mods
* HGEC/Eyecandy body textures (Or FF)
* Oblivion Patch


1. Extract this archive into your Oblivion directory to install the files.

2. Start Oblivion Launcher, Click 'Data Files' and place a checkmark besides the following:

1. Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the .esp
2. Delete the following files associated with the mod.
3. Acolyte_Of_Kynareth_HGEC.esp

None known.

Known Issues or Bugs
You might get minor clipping in some poses.

October 2, 2009 - beta
Octover 7, 2009 - v1

Updates to Version 1: Fixed up a hand material issue that caused the hand to be a bit too light,
adjusted Spriggan AI, fixed a texture that had an abnormal mip map issue, and changed the water
type in the temple since it was requested.

If you have the beta installed, return to where you downloaded it for update instructions and update


You can find me under "Korana" at ORE, nexus, the official forums, TESeyecandy.co.uk,
or http://tesadventures.com You can email me at the following address:
[email protected]

Thanks to Bethesda for creating Oblivion.
Thanks to NPR/Raiar for so many things on this outfit: corset, boot laces, panty,
gauntlet, & neckpeice
Thanks to A-Type2 (AKA Speed Buster) for the boots, grieves, leg straps, & buckles
Thanks to Eyren for the skirt and skirt belt peice. Also for the arms and arm straps on the UFF Version.
Thanks to ThrottleKitty for the aegis
Thanks to Gizmodian for the gold sets
Thanks to Ozmo for the double belt
Thanks to Hentai for the arm wraps
Thanks to JCClyde for the glove and the countless hours spent fighting this in blender.
Thanks to Cethegus, Grumplepunk, and Taylor for the leg pouch
Thanks to Exnem & Raiar for the the Eyecandy/HGEC body!
Thanks to MKat101 for more blender work.
Thanks to the Nifskope Team
Thanks to the Blender Team!
Thanks to LHammonds for the Readme Generator this file was based on
Thanks to Obsidian Dawn for the brushes that were both tools and inspirations for an empty mind!


You may not use or distribute this without asking for permissions first, which I will send you to seek
permissions from NPR and Eyren.