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******************************* The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion Kumiko Manor | V2.15 By: Shawn Dworshak of S & G Productions A.K.A Academician Nwahs ******************************* 1. INSTALLING THE PLUGIN ******************************* 1- You MUST have the latest Oblivion patch is installed! 2- Run KumikoManorInstaller.exe which w

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The Elder Scrolls IV
Kumiko Manor | V2.15

By: Shawn Dworshak of S & G Productions
A.K.A Academician Nwahs

1- You MUST have the latest Oblivion patch is installed!

2- Run KumikoManorInstaller.exe which will place all files correctly.

3- When launching the game, select data files and click
on KumikoManor.esp.


1- Fast travel to a location away from the manor and save your game.

2- Make sure to back up your Save Game, some changes may cause
you to lose valuable items in possibly removed or edited containers!

3- Run the installation program, either Hotfix or Full Install.

4- When launching the game, select Data Files and click on

2. Mod Description

The original homes in Oblivion just not doing it for you? Looking for a place that has it all, and more? Well look no further! The prestigious Kumiko family has decided to leave Cyrodiil for their summer home in Morrowind; and their manor at Topal Bay must be sold! Academician Nwahs, Professor of Alchemy at the Cyrodiil University is in charge of the sale; and for a mere seventy five thousand gold this illustrious home can be yours. Feel free to view the flyers placed around Leyawiin for more information. The Acedmician himself is currently down at the house managing the estate and awaiting a buyer.

The manor is located about one mile south-southeast of the town of Leyawiin, follow the main road east out of Leyawiin and take the cobblestone path that branches from it. You shouldn't encounter any dangers along the road until you near Tidewater Cave which has its entrance nearby. You will be greeted by an expansive island with lush vegetation and a well kept landscape.

The back yard is completely circled in an impenetrable wooden fence and secured by a gate tall enough to keep even acrobats out. As you enter you will find to your left the unique and unsurpassed Kumiko Alchemic Laboratory. It has enough storage space for every ingredient in Tamriel as well as a unique set of apparati. Activating them begins your alchemic experiment immediately without need of any apparati in your inventory. Included as well is the Alchemy Ingredient chest, it can hold up to two different ingredients and over the weeks time the locals will gather a large quantity for your use. Unlike those greedy mages in the Arcane University, these ingredients stay in the chest forever, though a friendly reminder alerts you once a week has passed and his ingredients are gathered.

To your right you will see an amazing replica of a priory that acts as the Kumiko's private alchemy garden. Outside is a selection of all the choice food ingredients for everyday consumption. While on the inside is a selection of all ingredients all over Tamriel, even ingredients normally only found in Oblivion can be found here growing for your collection. Across from the garden is the elegant backyard deck of the manor, with an amazingly intricate brick paved porch. The deck has an afternoon sitting table to relax in the hot sun of Topal Bay.

On the small island to the west is a mage tower to rival any in all Cyrodiil, inside you can find a collection of supplies for any number of spell and enchantment creations. A library with every book that you could ever want is also present along with a stock of useful scrolls, items, and soul stones. Through the portal behind the desk you will find yourself high above the Kumiko estate, with an amazing view and seating for any number of friends. It truly is a mages paradise. For those of you who find your talents best used on the sea than on land there is a small boat docking facility complete with a lighthouse attached to the island. The lighthouse can be turned on and off at your will!

Onto the interior of the glorious manor itself. The first floor contains a magnificent dining hall to the west for any number of guests. Two storage rooms near the front contain supplies for any such gathering and any needs you may require. In the east wing there is a small merchant shop, though currently unmanned hiring a new servant for the job would be possible. Also in the east wing lies the door to the basement which serves as a servant quarters, perfect for any house guests or servants you may hire.

On the second floor you will find an armory as well as a state of the art training facility. The armory has enough display cases and chests to hold any number of weapons and armor sets as well as anything else you may find the need to place there. The local weapon seller from Leyawiin stops by every few days and refills the large chest in the back room that contains a supply of Daedric arrows for your use. Across the way in the training room you will find a small sparring room to your right, though that is not nearly half the fun. Once the training arena has been unlocked you can enter and pull the lever for an experience the likes of which cannot be found elsewhere. Choose a combat level, but be wise about it. Based on your choice a small band of leveled skeletons will appear and attack you. You are automatically given a special training heal which lasts for 2 minutes, and a small quantity of superior healing potions.

Following the trap door down in the training room leads to the ultimate challenge, the archery range! Choose from any of six stations with stationary targets. The two middle stations also have the ability to start the moving target practice, watch as your skeleton target runs across the room time and time again for your hitting pleasure. Notice that each skeleton you kill in either the arena or the archery range earns you training points, which can be turned in for gold at the chest upstairs.

Moving on to the third floor we find to the east a strange door which leads to the amazing Kumiko study. It is a nice and cozy room designed to relax the soul while a fire provides soothing heat. It has plenty of storage space for those must-have unique collectibles. Finally across from the study we come to the piece de resistance, the Kumiko master bedroom. Inside is a small array of display cases and desks for your personal items that you would not wish to place elsewhere. In one of the display cases you will find the legendary Daedrofaer, left by the Kumiko family when they departed. In the chests above the bed on the windowsill you will find a heavy and light armor set the likes of which cannot be found elsewhere in Tamriel. Each set is well balanced and is perfect for any adventurer.

If you purchase the home please take the time to read through the various guides throughout the manor placed by the Academician. He will give you more information about the home and its functions. The home really is worth the price tag, and you should go buy it before the Academician goes insane!

3. Version History
2.15 Sixth Patch 6/29/2006
-Fixed Aeliyah AI problems, should no longer glitch when in house, etc.
-Aeliyah will now sleep outside using a bedroll which will disappear after 8Am.
-Aeliyah now ports to the player if she is too far away while following.
-Vindred no longer follows the player around the map if told to go home.
-Fixed bug that allowed player to purchase house for fifty thousand gold.
-Updated startup message and tower end reminder message.
-Compressed all textures, sounds, and meshes into a BSA file.
-Added a FAQ to cut down on questions in the forum.
-Added installer program to easily and quickly install the mod.

2.1 Fifth Patch 6/21/2006
-Fixed Brego saddlebag error which resulted in lost items.
-Fixed K'laran Morsaw, who now attacks if the player gets close.
-Removed Aeliyah reporting her Encumbrance, as it was always incorrect.
-Fixed tower oblivion gate, it is no longer possible to bypass the fire killzone.
-Added reminder message to end of tower, reminds player to turn off border regions.

2.0d Fourth Patch 6/6/2006
-Fixed all known conflicts with other mods.
-Fixed bug with static alchemy script not functioning.

2.0c Third Patch 6/6/2006
-Fixed bug with Brego being unridable by the player.

2.0b Second Patch 6/5/2006
-Fixed various/serious issues with the Aeliyah Companion npc.

2.0a First Patch - 5/31/2006
-Fixed various spelling and grammar errors throughout the mod.
-Added message box to alert player of mod requirements on initial load up.
-Added all topics to NPCs at initial load to fix issues of them not appearing.
-Removed Heart ingredient from all npcs and creatures.
-Added in system to extract hearts from dead npcs/creatures for vampires.

2.0 Second Release - 5/29/2006
-Reduced manor exterior lag and lag inside Alchemy Garden.
-Fixed missing alchemy lab containers.
-Re-scripted static apparati to be leveled to playher alchemy skill.
-Added boat dock to mage tower island w/ lighthouse.
-Added Vampire Den to crypt with red lights, can only enter if vampire
-Added new dungeon in crypt, accessed via new quest after hiring npcs.
-Added NPC servants: 1 Maid, 1 Butler, 2 Guards, 1 Alchemy Sorter.
-Added in custom meshes/textures for weapons and armor.
-Added new buying system for manor using Academician NWahs NPC.
-Set manor price to seventy-five thousand gold.
-Added Coca-Cola drink to the game.
-Lowered railing on mage tower balcony.
-Revamped saddlebag system for Brego.
-Added in purchasable pet dog named Vindred.
-Added NPC pathing for NPC servants, now fully working with no crashes.
-Added NPC Companion acquired via the new quest.
-Fixed Archery Range door infinite loop bug.
-Fixed Daedrofaer Major enchant bug.
-Fixed bug where external doors were not all locked.
-Replaced fence with newer, taller one.
-Added trashcans to manor for item destruction.
-Added Keyring with box to contain keys remotely, not complex.
-Fixed well quest start error, now starts properly if inside manor entry.
-Fixed Brego's saddlebag, now fully works.

1.5b Fifth patch - 4/21/2006
-Fixed Brego's auto-follow ai package, he now follows at a small distance.
-Capped the ends of the cave-in tunnels of the abandoned well.
-The backyard gate now automatically closes after the player walks a small distance.
-Moved deer, mudcrab, and imperial forester spawns farther away from the manor.
-Added backdoor with roofed deck and brick paved porch.
-Removed storage drawer in kitchen with scale placed on it to make room for door.

1.5a Fourth patch - 4/19/2006
-Removed NPC Pathing to fix the crash issue, game now functions properly.

1.5 Third patch - 4/18/2006
-Reduced lag inside house to minimal, house runs smoothly in all rooms.
-HDR Detection script modified to remove extra lighting from windows.
-Daylight detection added to deactivate fireflies on mage balcony and turn off sunlight inside.
-Added balcony to mage tower with seating and dinner table.
-Pathing for NPC's has been added, all companions and animals should work fine now.
-Archery Range added into training room, accessible via the trap door.
-Training supply chest in archery range restocks with arrows and bows for use with the range.
-Arena skeletons slightly improved.
-Training Points system added, kill mobs, get points, turn in for gold.
-Fixed missing alchemy chests and added missing ingredients to alchemy chest script.
-Minotaur of Tidewater made slightly stronger.
-Skeletons in the Minotaur of Tidewater area no longer stand lifeless until hit.
-Rewards for the Well Quest reduced, Sarias Amulet cheat item replaced with dumbed down version.
-Fence now encircles Minotaur of Tidewater area to keep player from escaping.
-Ambient music and water in well changed; fires now with smoke columns.
-Floating rocks on the path to the house have been fixed, as well as making the path less "fake."
-Kumiko Family Cemetery added to the mainland on a hill to the east.
-Added ambient life to the yard to create realism.
-Map marker now has to be found, not immediately visible from plugin first load.
-Side gate to the house now opens inward.

1.25 Second Patch - 4/12/2006
-Reduced lag in manor to bearable levels for both HDR and non-HDR users.
-Included script which checks for HDR active and disables lights that cause lag.
-Included script which detects if it is night, and turns off daylight from windows.
-Added more clutter to home in some open spots.
-Fixed bug with cave-ins in well not going off fast enough.
-Fixed bug with Well quest beginning if you fast traveled to the manor.
-Added a stable to the back yard with fence and gate.
-Added alphabetically ordered chests for each alchemy ingredient at the lab.
-Reduced days until well quest starts to 10 days due to popular request.

1.1 First Patch - 4/11/2006
-Reduced lag in manor entryway and yard successfully.
-Added slightly more clutter around the house (art, books, etc).
-As a result of lessening the lag, ambient light is slightly less.
-Added new room across from the bedroom, a study, hope you like it.
-Fixed bug with last two minotaur in the well not dropping down on player when detected.
-Fixed spelling errors in quest entries.
-Added fireplaces to both top floor rooms w/ flickering ambient light.

1.0 Initial Release - 4/10/2006

4. Contact Info

Questions/Comments and fellow modders welcome to contact me at
-email- or -email-

5. Known Bugs/Issues

To complete the new dungeon you must set the setting bBorderRegionsEnabled to 0 in your Oblivion.ini
which is located in your My Documents\Games\Oblivion\ folder.

To avoid crashing issues you MUST install the latest patch for Oblivion.

The containers in the side closests of the manor entry do respawn, do not add items to them.

6. Companion Notes

The companion NPC like most does have lag between stages due to scripting, especially
on initial config choices. Please allow 5-10 seconds for your choices to become valid.

If you choose Swordsman as her class, give her the longsword and claymore and then switch
her combat syle twice via the dialogue option to get it set correctly.

If you chose Swordsman and gave her the bow, she will use it until the enchants run out.

If you give her the Ring of Shadowfax, she will ride a summonable horse when you ride one.

She can use Varla and Welkynd stones, however the Varla Stones only effect the default
weapon set given to you in the dungeon. She can also use Coca-Cola to heal herself to full.

For best results always use her default gear, though she will use pretty much anything.

7. Credits
Mod Designer & Creator:
Shawn Dworshak a.k.a Academician Nwahs

Design Assistance:

Silk Robe for servants: