The Vampire Hunter by Sultericdrums
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The Vampire Hunter

The Vampire Hunter is sort of a prequel to Viconia DeVir – Return to the Underdark, The Underdark Saga Part III. You are not required to play any of the other Underdark Saga parts at all or in any particular order. You can play this alone, never having used any of the other Underdark Saga mods (both involve Viconia). This can be a completely stand alone mod.

This mod introduces Stoker Wolff, a former assassin whose father was once a Crimson Scar and is thought to have been killed in the first purge of the Dark Brotherhood. Unknown to Stoker, his father is still quite alive and making enemies in the Underdark.

Still unknown to the citizens of Cyrodill, Lolth’s banishment of Viconia has opened portals between The Underdark and Tamriel. Meet Stoker Wolff, a former assassin. Learn the history of Stoker’s father and the Crimson Scars. Go on a epic quest to find Stoker’s father before he finds you and Stoker. Explore the second level of the Underdark, the Middledark, even more dangerous than the Upperdark regions.


• Over 100 stages in length!

• Another multi-part quest into the Underdark.

• Hundreds of lines of voiced dialog!

• Two threads, use Stoker as a friend and companion or romance him.

• Explore new deeper levels of the Underdark that feature epic creatures!

• Lay waste to the vampires of Tamriel and even get paid for it if you hook into the Roland Jenseric quest.

• Be guided through new creatures and a whole new level of the Underdark.

• Receive a powerful new weapon!

This mod requires The Underdark v0.59 or later.

This mod is currently in Beta form for testing purposes. All bugs have been fixed as far as I know but there may be minor things I'm not aware of.

Version 0.7 Fixes:

- Atmospheric sayings and flirts are fixed so that romance based sayings will NOT happen if playing him as a friend and only happen if playing him as a romance interest.

- Removed the Book of Lolth from the player and give it to Stoker when found.

- When Stoker says the Book of Lolth is missing it is removed from his inventory.

- When the player returns the sword after dealing with Stoker's dad, she will take the sword and the new sword has better enchantments.

- Flirts now change over sooner (Now at stage 55 vs 135).

Still need to do:

- If the player is playing as a friend there will be added friend based sayings.

- Fix lip synching in some stages.

- Better quest logs.

- It should be noted the latest patch uses the new face, not the old one. I cannot support both going forward.