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Parry attacks with a timed block and Cancel power attacks into a block or parry.

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This MOD uses OBSE! Download and install OBSE before using this mod.


Uploaded a video showing off what is possible with the Parry and Cancel mod.

At first you can see that early or late blocks will not cause any special effects other than taking damage from an attack.

At around 12 seconds into the video, i start getting aggressive. Attacking and successfully executing a parry. It's hard to see in the vid, but under normal lighting conditions you would see sparks fly out when parrying.

Normal blocking would still cause some damage, but with this mod(and good timing), you can nullify all the block damage.

And towards the end of the video, i try to charge and land a power attack, but noticing that Baurus was about to land a hit, i canceled the power attack into a block which turned into a parry due to the timing of the cancel.

If you watch the health bar you can see it drop and rise when a parry is made.

Unzip files to your Oblivion/DATA folder

To parry an attack(arrows, zero-duration destructive magic, and melee) press block as soon as you get hit, but not before.

If the parry is successful, sparks will fly out and all block damage will be nullified.

To Cancel a power attack press block during the power attack animation. When done correctly, the player will cancel the power attack into a block. A block which can then be used to parry an incoming hit.

Thanks go to:

LoginToDownload - for the help with the script

Cancel Attack code by documn