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Makes vampirism a lot more interesting by redesigning its implementation almost from the ground up. The plugin is highly modular, allowing users to fine-tune it to their own preferences through an in-game menu.

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[size=20]*Requires OBSE v0014 or later*[/size]

LTD Vampire Overhaul

This mod will no longer be supported. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I simply can no longer get Oblivion to run, no matter how many rings I jump through.

This plugin aims to make vampirism a lot more interesting by redesigning its implementation almost from the ground up. The plugin is highly modular, allowing users to fine-tune it to their own preferences through an in-game menu.

Extract the archive to Oblivion/Data. If you use Elys' Universal Silent Voice, which I highly reccommend, the "Sound" folder in the archive is unnecessary. Activate SpreadingVampirism.esp using Oblivion Mod Manager (OBMM) or the Oblivion launcher's Data Files section. If you experience annoying thumping sounds when using this mod, also activate ScriptEffectSubduer.esp.

IMPORTANT: If you deactivate this mod normally while you're a vampire, it may leave a mess behind on vampiric characters. To avoid this, please type "set vampire.UninstallMod to 1" into the console and save your game anew before deactivating.

Vampire's Disease
Porphyric Hemophilia is changed to actually be threatening to a poorly prepared aventurer. As soon as contracting it, your Fatigue will begin draining until you pass out. After that, you wake up as a vampire at midnight. It can still be cured with little difficulty by an experienced adventurer, but is actually a danger instead of being a yes/no button.
Alternatively, Porphyric Hemophilia can incubate at midnight, or after the three-day period of Vanilla Oblivion.

Every two days, or successful vampire quest completion, you gain a level in one of three classes of vampire powers. All are designed to give you more options during aventuring and combat, and the game's nine active abilities can be accessed with hotkeys to avoid interrupting the flow of the game. With no vampire quests, it's 24 days from infection to complete maturation.
Alternatively, hotkeys can be disabled and the abilities can be accessed with Lesser Powers.

Default Abilities:
Bite: Drains blood from the target, healing you and damaging them. If used on a lucid opponent, requires an ability check to avoid being shoved back instead. Neither you or the victim can move while biting, so it can also be effective at killing lone opponents.
Hypnosis: Causes the victim to follow you, not aware of much of anything. Useful for feeding. Requires a Disposition vs. Willpower roll to work.
Night Vision
Monstrous Form: Conceals or displays your vampirism. When developed, Monstrous Form later grants ability boosts.

Advanced Abilities:
Shadow Jump (Shadow Level 2): A short-range teleport while in darkness.
Shadow Meld (Shadow Level 5): Makes you very fast, Immune to Normal Weapons and Frost (Vulnerable to fire), and unable to attack. Regenerates Health, Magicka and Fatigue.
Bat Form (Monstrous Level 3): Immune to normal weapons, unable to sneak, and capable of flight. Automatically bites any beings next to you, draining blood if applicable.
Wolf Form (Monstrous Level 3): Transforms into a large black wolf, with all the advantages and drawbacks that come with such a form.
Mist Form (Monstrous Level 4): Immune to normal weapons and Frost (Vulnerable to fire), always sneaking, and capable of flight. Can't attack.

Vampire Hunters
Instead of hunting you down omnisciently, vampire hunters will only be an issue if you leave witnesses and evidence around. They can track you down effectively if you remain in the same city as them, but you can dodge them by staying out of the town in question until they leave. A careful player will never need to encounter one, or an aggressive and cunning one can kill them until there aren't enough left to hunt them down.
Alternatively, vampire hunters can be disabled entirely.

By default, sun exposure will severely weaken you in normal form and damage you in Monstrous Form. This can be changed to weakness in both forms, damage in both forms, or nothing at all.
Hunger has four individually togglable effects. At half blood, you become unable to sleep. At less than a third blood you're weakened. At less than a fifth blood you're forced into Monstrous Form. Running out of blood can mean death, but this effect is toggled off by default.

If the one who infected you survives, they will have six optional quests for you if you talk to them. The end reward is a powerful, unique artifact, and one vampire level per quest completed.

Known Bugs/Conflicts:
-This mod doesn't work with the Deepscorn Hollow vampirism cures. A compatibility patch by LLJKTechnogeek can be found here.
-Any mod that changes the vampire age offset should be loaded *after* this mod, which sets it to 0 (Vampires don't look any older or younger than before). Age Offset effects are added when one's vampirism increases but not removed when it decreases, so an age offset in either direction eventually results in reaching the maximum or minimum age.
-This mod should be loaded after any that change the cell 20,28 (A small bridge between Bruma and Cheydinhal) and surrounding cells. It might still look ugly, but its functionality won't be affected unless it's loaded before.
-This mod does nothing to remedy the Vampire Face Bug, though it does allow you to bypass it by toggling vampiric appearance off and only saving outside of Monstrous Form. It should work with any Vampire Face Bug fix that works with vampire overhauls in general.
-This mod will conflict with any mods that change VampireFaction, Order of the Virtuous Blood, or VampireScript. If VampireFaction or the Order is changed, the trouble depends on what the other mod does with the information. If VampireScript is changed (though only other vampire overhauls should do this), one of the mods will likely be unworkable.
-NPCs will, occasionally, walk forward while being bitten. I have no idea how to resolve this, but it shouldn't affect the game. If I ever get around to incorporating new feeding animations, that should solve this too.
-Wolf Form and Shadow Jump can, if used to move right into corners, get you stuck in geometry or go through walls. This shouldn't happen in the course of normal play.
-Switching in and out of flying shapeshifted forms quickly may prevent you from flying properly until you enter a new area.

Special Thanks:
Bethesda Softworks for, you know, this and that.
Darth Scorn, Zorak Ramone, SaidenStorm and a vast many other inspirations and scripting sources I can't recall. Especially SaidenStorm, who I ripped an entire script/invisible model from. Very sorry to all the others who deserve to be mentioned here.
The community behind the Elder Scrolls Construction Set Wiki. My modding ability is still entirely dependent on the wealth of knowledge they maintain.
The victims of this mod's first releases were oustanding about reporting the vast many bugs in it. I previously listed a few names here, but with more and more people chipping in I decided that there are too many to list, and listing only some would be an injustice to the rest. Still, many thanks.
Raferu for figuring out how to fix the most crippling of this mod's bugs. I never would've been able to work it out on my own.

Console Cheats
set vampire.DarknessLimit to X: A number between 1 and 100. The higher it is, the more light darkness-based powers will work in. Defaults to 40.
set vampire.LevelingUp to 1: Increases your vampire level by 1. Don't use after maxing out.
set vampire.FeedMe to 1: Restores your blood level to maximum.
set vampire.MySire to "NPC ID": Sets a new NPC as your sire, in case you want to access the vampire quests and the one who infected you is dead. To get an NPC's ID, open up the console and click on them. Their ID (a seven-character string beside their name) should appear at the top of the screen. Make sure you enter it in quotes. Note that Janus Hassildor and Vincente Valtieri CANNOT provide the vampire quests if they infect you ordinarily due to plot reasons, but you can get them to by using this console command.


V1.25b: September 7, 2011
-Forgot to add the blood bottling topic properly. Fixed.

v1.25a: September 7, 2011
-Fixed the MySire console command (again) when used on respawning characters.
-Returned the Script Effect Subduer to the archive.
-Improved the hypnosis "wait" AI in hopes of getting the victims to behave properly.
-Accidentally marked a technical-use-only race as playable. Fixed.
-The stat-buffs from Level 4 Shadow Affinity weren't adding properly in darkness. Fixed.
-Added an optional ability to bottle blood from a hypnotised target at Mind Control level 4. Enable it by typing "set vampire.BottlingBlood to 1" into the console.
-Decreased the fifth quest vampires' aggression so they won't attack civilians on-sight.
-Changed the flight script so switching in and out of a flying form repeatedly won't cause you to lose the power of flight.
-Added the vampire.FatigueIncrement variable so people with really high Max Fatigue can pass out from the disease faster. See console cheats.
-If you fail to bite someone by a large enough margin, you will now be knocked down.
-Fixed a bug where, if you bite a target repeatedly in rapid succession, the player plays the wrong idle animations when sitting or otherwise playing idle animations.
-Added a clumsy little fix for the “punch yourself in the back as a wolf” problem. It isn’t elegant (gives the player an unenchanted staff they can’t deal damage with), but I can’t see to get disabling the attack function to work here.

I am completely unable to get Oblivion to run. The last three things on this list are untested. Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

v1.25: July 29, 2010
-Clarified the fourth vampire quest a bit.
-Allowed those using Lesser Power abilities to cancel biting by pressing the "cast" button (Thanks to tnu)
-A whole slew of bugfixes.
-Changed the tutorial "witness warning" message so it won't bother you if you're not in town.
-The "pulsing" screen effect accompanying severe thirst will no longer occur if both weakness and death thirst effects are turned off (I can't find the comment that mentioned this, so this is an undirected thank-you).
-Added some options, obstacles and polish to the fifth vampire quest.
-Falarel (The female High Elf vampire in the fifth quest) will now sell spells properly if she survives.
-You can now hypnotize helpless targets, even if they're technically in combat with you.
-Fixed the MySire console command. Note that the ID needs to be entered in quotes.
-Tweaked the method of enabling/disabling controls when shapeshifting to avoid bugs. Many thanks to Sarel Fox for info and testing, since it wasn't replicating on my side.
-When in mist form, the player can now seep under any closed door that doesn't Need a Key. This includes both Teleport and Animating doors, as well as portcullises and other door-like objects.
-If the player's natural Fatigue regeneration can beat Porphyric Hemophilia, the disease will adjust itself accordingly. The disease, however, takes a fair bit longer to knock the player out by default.
-Improved the shapeshifted Wolf Form's eyes. Not that anyone will see it...
-Using vampire powers during an Arena match is now a suitably terrible idea.
-Removed the Mind Control level 4 ability to stop bite victims struggling entirely. It just wasn't a good idea.
-Added an "UninstallMod" console command to clean the mod up properly when uninstalling.

v1.1a: October 30, 2009
-I missed a couple of compatibility crashes that occur when becoming a vampire. Fixed now.

v1.1: October 29, 2009
-A vast many bugfixes. This includes the OBSE v0017 compatibility issues, thank the gods.
-Now properly updates the PCVampire variable for increased compatibility with other vampire mods.
-The new default hotkey for Shadow Form is now M. This change will not come into effect for savegames that already have a previous version of the plugin installed.
-Members of the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood will no longer kill the player if they suspect they're turning into a vampire. The Mages Guild still will, though they become more tolerant if you manage to wake up.
-Added a tutorial message discouraging the player from using the old-fashioned VampireFeed system.
-Vanilla "Human Blood" potions will now restore some blood if drank by a vampire.

v1.0c: October 22, 2009
-Added a Flying mesh I forgot to include in the initial release. Hopefully this will let Bat and Mist Form fly properly.

v1.0b: September 28th, 2009
-Fixed sunlight effects not always occuring.
-Stopped the player's humanoid body attacking alongside their wolf body when in wolf form.
-Stopped tutorial journal updates playing when the tutorial was disabled.
-Updated VampireFaction specifics so, if you kill a fellow vampire, others will attack you on sight for the remainder of the day.
-Vampiric players are now removed from the Order of the Virtuous Blood to prevent other vampires attacking them on sight, and will be re-added upon being cured.

v1.0a: September 26th, 2009
-Raferu dealt with a bug stopping the mod from initializing properly.
-Mass Hypnotize wasn't working properly. Fixed.
-Fixed a bug where sleeping victims would vanish if bitten from too far away.
-Removed an old debugging messagebox for accessing a hypnotized victim's inventory.
-Vampire hunters will now stop hanging around near their headquarters' entrance when they should be going in.
-Added Journal updates to the first vampire quest.

v1.0: September 23rd, 2009
Initial release

Anyone can use anything in this mod for any non-commercial purpose, provided they don't try to pass the resources off as their own.