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Name: Cutter's Estate
Version: 1.6
Date: 26.12.2010
Author: Lametrie


The mod adds a miniquest. You get a message that the Crucible Smith Cutter has a house for sale.
It is a small player home with some custom pictures, some secure containers and a great view over
the village Hale and the bewitching landscape around.

I have fallen for this spot and had to get a house here :)

In the house you will find a scroll to customize your new home if you got an companion. Containers that are called »secure« in any way do not respawn, the others will.


Oblivion and Shivering Isles with latest patch (1.2.0416)

Installation Instructions

- This is an OMOD ready archive, so import it into OMOD and give the question on importing Data a yes.
- Or extract the archive into your Oblivion/Data folder

Uninstallation Instructions

- Deactivate the mod in OMM and delete the OMOD.

- Or delete the files of the mod in your Oblivion/Data folder.
That should be:
- The "CuttersEstate.esp" in the Data folder.
- The folder "CuttersEstate.esp" in the Data/sound/voice folder.
- The folder "sepaintings" in "Meshes/clutter/".
- The folder "sepaintings" in "Textures/clutter/"
- The "key.nif" in meshes/clutter/key/
- The "" and "" in textures/clutter/key/
- The "" in textures/menus/icons/clutter/key/
- The "" in textures/menus/icons/quests/


Incompatible with mods that change the same spot at Hale.
Others not discovered yet.

Known Issues

Not at the moment.

Change Log

1.6 As I've got a comment about someone who is unhappy because there is no additional place to sleep for his companion, I've added a little scroll. With it you can customize your home and solve that problem. Rhianna can be happy again :-)

1.5 This one merges both versions into one new designed mod. I tried to have some of both versions concerning the deal with Cutter.
Additional I put into the Estate some Path Grids for your companions.

1.46 / 1.36 fortotten to delete the old topics in the topic list and therefore a new version... ;-)

1.45 / 1.35 got a bug message about a mixup of topics. changed the topic names to some more unique ones to avoid that.

1.42 / 1.32

Sorry, did it the wrong way!
Now the condition is in the script where it should be and the
whole thing works again :)

1.41 / 1.31

Only change: You first get the message about the Estate when you enter the Isles after defeating the Gatekeeper.


Has the canges and additions from 1.3 but has the same problem as 1.2 - that Cutter gives you the
Estate for less money or Madness Ore than she wants - to still have that strange Dementia character...


I promised not to have an other update - but it was an opportunity to learn a bit more about
scripting and modding - so i've done it nevertheless ;-)

And thanks to the team at the (german) TES-ScriptWiki (
- many thanks to those who do that great work there! - i've solved my little problem
in version 1.2:
that Cutter accepts less gold or madness ore if you haven't got the sum she wants and gives you
the Estate key.

In version 1.3 Cutter gets what she wants, but - of course - the whole bargain is not longer
so good fitting into Dementia as before...

Gives some flesh to the bony miniquest making it a real bargain with topics and voicefiles.

Adds nif and icon for the Estate key and an icon for the quest.

Initial release.


As all the assets are vanilla the first thanks go to Bethesda for a really great game!

Thanks to keris from egg-of-time for the script I modified to get the customize scroll! (see:

And a lot of thanks to the many modders that work on tutorials - could'nt have done it without them!


See the Credits and permissions Option! - No commercial use allowed.

You are free to use the mod or parts if you give credits.